Top Medical Device Sales Company This Year

Choosing the right company for a career in medical device sales can be challenging. In 2023, this ever-evolving industry carries exciting growth opportunities with companies like Medtronic and Johnson & Johnson leading the pack.

This article provides invaluable insights into the top 10 medical device companies to consider working for, factors you should take into account while making a choice, how to land your dream job in these organizations and why picking a renowned firm matters.

Key Takeaways of Medical Device Sales Company

  • Medtronic is the top medical device company in 2023. It has great sales and makes workers happy.
  • When picking a job, look at how well the firm treats staff. Also, see if they offer good pay and benefits.
  • Being part of a big company means using new tech every day. This makes work easier and helps you do your job better.
  • Workers can go far in their career when they join big names like Johnson & Johnson or Abbott. These firms offer ways to learn more about your job and grow.

Top 10 Medical Device Companies to Work For in 2023

“In 2023, the top-notch medical device companies attracting the best talents are Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson MedTech, Siemens Healthineers, Philips, Medline Industries, GE Healthcare, Stryker, Cardinal Health, Abbott’s medical device segment and Baxter.”


Medtronic stands out in the list of top 10 medical device firms. This company is a giant in the global medical device field. In 2023, it made over $31.2 billion! Sales were up by 5 percent from last year.

Medtronic also thinks about its workers. It ranks high for job satisfaction and career opportunities. So if you want to sell or market top-notch devices, think about Medtronic! It stands strong as one of the best places to work in this sector in 2023.

Johnson & Johnson MedTech

Johnson & Johnson MedTech is a top medical device company. In 2023, it ranks among the best places to work. It made huge sales in 2022. The total was $27.43 billion! That’s a growth of 1.36% from before.

This company beats many others in the market with its high profits. Siemens Healthineers and Medline Industries earn less than Johnson & Johnson MedTech did in 2022. This big company leads the global medical device industry with great innovations too! Employees love working here because of its strong job opportunities and its good name as a top employer.

Siemens Healthineers

Siemens Healthineers is a top company in the medical device world. They sit proudly on the list of the best places to work in 2023. The company has its main office in Germany. Known for its smart medtech solutions, they stay ahead with new and cutting-edge technology.

Their team works hand-in-hand to craft health tools of tomorrow. These help doctors save more lives each day. At Siemens Healthineers, workers score high on their job love scale. Plus, they enjoy great benefits that make working there a real joy!


Philips is a top-notch medical device company. In 2023, it bagged a spot in the top 10 companies to work for. Forbes gave Philips high marks too! The brand is known around the world.

People see it as number 12 among the best global medical device firms in 2023. Employees love working at Philips because of its great name and focus on new tech. It also offers ways for workers to grow and get better at their jobs in the sales industry of medical equipment.

Medline Industries

Medline Industries is a big name in the healthcare field. They make, sell, and deliver many things that keep us healthy. There are over 300,000 items to choose from! Teams of experts help with ordering and delivery for clients.

In 2022, Forbes said Medline was a great place for young people starting work. It ranks in the list of top ten medical device firms to join in 2023.

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare holds a strong place in the global medical device market. The company sits on the 7th spot among the world’s biggest medical device firms. In 2023, it made $18.46 billion in sales, marking a high point for its revenue growth.

This firm is loved for fresh and smart healthcare solutions. It designs top-notch devices and tools that help doctors do their work better. These innovative technologies have made GE Healthcare a top pick for many healthcare professionals around the world.


Stryker is a top-notch place to work. In 2023, it’s the 8th biggest medical device firm in the world. It’s on Fortune’s list of Best Companies too, at number 78. This firm has changed how we do some surgeries with its cool tech.

The Q Guidance System they made helps doctors in spine surgery cases. More than 2,400 people have had this system used in their surgeries already! With Stryker offering such great tools and being a top place to work, you can see why so many would want to join them.

Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health is a big name in the medical device market. This company is based in the United States and sells healthcare products all over the world. In 2022, it made a lot of money – 15,544 million USD! It has the honor of being one of the top ten places to work for those who sell medical devices in 2023.

Cardinal Health gives workers good chances to grow and does well in sales each year.

Abbott (medical device segment)

Abbott is a big name in the medical device industry. In 2023, it saw sales of $4.3 billion from this segment alone. This was an increase of 8.5% to $3.9 billion from past years. Most of these sales were for glucose tracking items used by people with diabetes.

One item that sold well was the Freestyle Libre, a device to help manage diabetes better. Abbott is known around the world as one of the top makers of medical devices.


Baxter is a top-notch player in the field of medical devices. This company has shown strong sales performance, beating Wall Street’s hopes for its second-quarter sales in 2023. Their main products like parenteral nutrition therapies are doing well in markets worldwide.

In 2022, Baxter shared amazing results for both the fourth quarter and full year. The company sits amongst the top 30 global device makers due to their high sales in 2021. Baxter makes great contributions to the healthcare industry with their excellent range of medical tools and aids.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Medical Sales Company Job

Selecting the right medical sales company for your career hinges on several key factors. These include the organization’s reputation, its work culture, opportunities for career growth and advancement, as well as benefits and compensation packages.


People trust companies with a good name. A medical sales company’s reputation shows if it is a top place to work at or not. The best companies in 2023 will be those that people regard highly.

They are known for paying their workers well and giving them nice benefits. So, before picking a job, look at the firm’s standing first. This helps you know if they treat their staff right or not.

Company culture

Company culture can make or break a job. It impacts how people work and feel at the company. A good one will make employees happy and loyal. They will stick around and do their best for the firm.

Good cultures applaud new ideas. They know that change brings growth. This is true in medical device firms too! A big name like Cisco knows this well it’s on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list! Doing good work gets rewarded there, not just rank or time spent in the company.

Career growth opportunities

Medical sales jobs offer bright career growth opportunities. There are spots for new sales reps and room for current workers to climb the ladder. These roles can lead to high income if you do well.

Flexibility is a part of many medical sales rep jobs. This makes these roles great for people who need control over their schedules. MedReps is a good site to find listings for these types of jobs, and shows that there’s a healthy demand in the field.

Benefits and compensation

Good pay is a key part of any job. For medical sales jobs, that means more than just base salary. Sales reps can earn extra money through bonuses and incentives. Top workers often make over $400K each year! The average person makes about $155K per year in this field.

Companies also offer benefits packages to their staff. It’s not just about how much you earn in cash, it’s also what else you get like health care or paid time off. So when picking a company to work for, look at their compensation package closely.

The Importance of Working for a Top Medical Sales Company

Working for a top medical sales company offers invaluable opportunities for professional growth, access to cutting-edge technologies and healthcare innovations, along with an extensive network of industry professionals and resources.

Professional development

Growth is key in any job. In medical sales, it’s all about professional development. Top companies like Medtronic and Johnson & Johnson offer this chance to all workers. They give many ways for workers to learn more and get better at their job.

This may be through classes or training sessions. It could even be a talk from an expert in the field. Workers can learn new skills, boost their knowledge, and move up in the company because of these chances to grow.

Access to cutting-edge technology

Being part of a top medical sales company means using advanced technology each day. These tools make work easier and help in forging strong bonds with doctors and nurses. Devices that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) lessen the distance between people working in different places.

Having new tech also helps companies make better choices. It can lead to new ideas that change how things are done. Plus, it makes customers feel special when they get personalized service.

Another cool thing is wearable medical devices. They can monitor patients without the need for costly hospital stays or visits to the doctor’s office. For these reasons, having access to state-of-the-art technology is very important for anyone wanting to work for the best medical device sales company in 2023.

Strong network and resources

Working for a top medical sales company opens doors. It gives you chances to meet vital people in the industry. You get to build strong links with these experts. These contacts can help you do your job well and grow your career too.

Having a good network boosts your job prospects also. Besides that, such companies offer rich resources for learning. You get access to deep industry facts and sales skills training which are key in the medical device field.

Hence, being part of such firms is great for success in medical sales.

A Day in the Life of a Medical Sales Rep

A medical sales rep starts the day with research. There are always new devices, drugs, or products to learn about. This job is all about knowing and understanding what is for sale.

Medical sales reps often meet with doctors or other healthcare professionals throughout the day. At these meetings, they talk about how their products can help patients.

Selling is another big part of the job. A medical sales rep must be good at making deals. They need to know how to set up a contract that works well for everyone. The goal is always to sell more products while keeping strong ties with buyers.

Top Paying Jobs in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, many jobs pay well. These roles are vital in selling and marketing medical devices. Here is a list of high-paying careers in this sector:

  1. Hospital Sales Representative: This role involves selling medical supplies to hospitals. These sales reps often work with top companies like Medtronic and Stryker.
  2. Pharmaceutical Specialty Representative: These professionals focus on unique areas of medicine. They offer special devices that can change lives.
  3. Surgical Device Sales Representative: This job is all about selling surgical tools to doctors and hospitals. Big players like Abbott Labs and Boston Scientific need these sales pros.
  4. IQVIA Sales Rep: IQVIA has many high-paying sales roles. They offer a great chance to make a lot of money while helping others.
  5. Medtronic Sales Careers: At Medtronic, sales reps have the chance to sell some of the best medical devices around.
  6. Boston Scientific Sales Jobs: Another big name in health care, Boston Scientific rewards its sales team with high pay rates.

How to Get Into Pharmaceutical Sales

Entering the field of pharmaceutical sales takes education and drive. Here are the steps to start your career:

  1. Finish your high school: A diploma or a GED is a must.
  2. Get a college degree: Many sales jobs need more schooling than high school.
  3. Take extra classes: Many jobs ask for more learning in fields like business or health science.
  4. Earn certs: You might need to become a certified national pharmaceutical representative.
  5. Work as an intern: Gain relevant skills and learn about the pharmaceutical industry while on an internship.
  6. Gain experience in sales or marketing: This can help you stand out from other job seekers.
  7. Start networking: Reach out to healthcare providers and attend events where you can meet people in the field.
  8. Know that the pay is good: Pharmaceutical sales jobs offer competitive salaries once you meet all necessary qualifications.

The Largest Medical Device Companies

The healthcare sector is full of big medical device companies. These firms make top-notch medical tools and devices. Here is a list of some of the largest ones:

  1. Medtronic: Medtronic tops the list in 2023.
  2. Johnson & Johnson MedTech: This company also ranks among the world’s top medical device firms in 2023.
  3. Siemens Healthineers
  4. Philips
  5. Medline Industries
  6. GE Healthcare: It takes its place among the world’s top 10 medical device companies in 2023.
  7. Stryker
  8. Cardinal Health: This company makes it to the list of top ten in the world in 2023.
  9. Abbott Laboratories: Abbott is a big player in the global medical devices market, which will hit $671.49 billion by 2027.
  10. Baxter

Tips for Landing a Job in a Top Medical Device Company

To secure a position with a leading medical device sales company, it is crucial to focus on extensive networking, acquiring relevant experience and skills, as well as meticulous preparation for your resume and interview.


Making professional connections is key in landing top medical sales jobs. Many people get good positions through their business relationships. In fact, about 85% of all job openings are filled this way.

Industry contacts can let you know of new job opportunities. They also give helpful tips for your job search and bring you to networking events where you can meet more people in the field.

But keep in mind these interactions have to be real and honest for them to work best for career development.

Relevant experience and skills

In the world of medical device sales, having key skills and experience matters. It’s good to be able to juggle many tasks at once. Skills like being goal-oriented and adaptable are prized.

Good communication helps a lot too. A strong work ethic lets companies know you’re serious about your job.

Experience in healthcare or pharmaceuticals gives you an edge for these jobs. If you have succeeded in selling goods before, even better! Certifications show your commitment to learning more about this field.

Know the products well that you will sell as a sales rep for medical devices. Your potential bosses will want to see all these skills on your resume when hiring new people.

Resume and interview preparation

Get your resume ready. Show the things you can do well. Stand out from others with strong sales skills and a good head for problem-solving. Make sure to go over the job description and mark key skills needed.

This way, you will know what employers want from a medical device sales rep.

Once that’s done, prepare for your interview. Practice answers to common questions asked in such interviews. Showing that you understand the world of medical devices will help your chances of getting hired.

Leading Global Medical Device Companies Making an Impact

There are several large, innovative medical technology companies headquartered around the world that are industry leaders in developing solutions to improve healthcare. These global medical device companies offer a diverse range of medical products and services across various medical specialties.

General Electric has a thriving medical segment that creates cardiovascular devices, emergency medical equipment, and advanced imaging systems. Their products span medical imaging, healthcare IT, life sciences, and more. By focusing on improved patient outcomes through their health technologies, GE Healthcare aims to deliver better patient care.

Medtronic is a global medical technology company recognized for its medical devices and solutions for chronic disease management. Their products cover cardiovascular, diabetes, respiratory, and surgical care needs. With a portfolio of advanced therapies and dedication to creating better patient outcomes, Medtronic improves how healthcare is delivered globally.

Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices offers a broad range of innovative medical products across orthopedics, surgery, vision care, diabetes, and more. Their diverse medical technologies include surgical navigation systems, diabetes management tools, orthopedic implants, and vision care solutions. As an industry leader, Johnson & Johnson is creating the next generation of medical device advancements.

Boston Scientific Corporation manufactures less invasive medical devices used in a range of interventional procedures. Their products span cardiovascular, endoscopy, urology, neuromodulation, and more. By focusing on delivering pioneering medical solutions, Boston Scientific aims to reduce risk, trauma, cost, procedure time and the need for aftercare.

Fresenius Medical Care provides dialysis equipment, dialysis care services and support, and additional medical products for patients with chronic kidney failure. As a leading dialysis company, Fresenius Medical Care strives to continuously improve healthcare delivery across the globe through their innovative technologies, patient-centered care model, and focus on superior outcomes.

These global medical device companies are pioneering new innovations to solve pressing healthcare challenges, ultimately advancing quality of care and improving patient lives around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Device Sales Company

1. What Makes a Medical Device Sales Company Great to Work for?

A great medical device sales company offers good pay, benefits, training, a supportive environment and opportunities for growth.

2. Do I Need Special Skills to Work in a Medical Device Sales Company?

Yes, you need strong communication skills, an understanding of medical devices and the ability to sell products.

3. Can I Work from Home as Part of a Medical Device Sales Team?

It depends on the company’s rules but some allow their employees to work from home while others require on-site presence.

4. How can I Find Out Which is the Best Medical Device Sales Company in 2023?

You can look for lists or rankings online that compare different companies based on their employee reviews and overall performance.

5. Is it Hard to Get a Job at the Best Medical Device Sales Company?

It may be tough due to high competition but with proper qualifications and determination, it’s definitely possible.

Conclusion and Summary of Top Medical Device Sales Company This Year

Choosing the right medical device sales company is crucial for starting a successful career in this field. The top medical device companies like Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific, and Abbott offer strong professional growth opportunities, allowing employees to learn about cutting-edge healthcare technologies. These industry leaders also provide access to extensive industry networks and resources.

When evaluating potential employers, consider factors like company reputation, culture, advancement prospects, and compensation. Aim to work for an established, innovative firm that values its employees and invests in their development. Gain relevant sales experience and skills before applying. Network extensively within the medical device community.

With diligent preparation and focus, you can land a coveted position with one of the premier medical device corporations. This will open doors to an exciting and lucrative career where you can leverage the latest medical advancements to make a real difference in patient lives. The medical device industry offers a wealth of options for ambitious professionals seeking to build expert knowledge and have an impact.

Marty Stewart