What Is Medical Device Sales? Exploring the Industry

Navigating the realm of medical device sales can seem complex and confusing. This industry is a critical component of healthcare, driving the advancement of treatments and services.

Our comprehensive blog aims to demystify what exactly defines medical device sales and the responsibilities that come with it.

Key Takeaways of What is Medical Device Sales?

  • Medical device sales is a job that sells health tools to doctors and hospitals.
  • People in this work need to know about healthcare, be good at selling, and keep up with new medical tools.
  • They earn good money from set pay as well as extra for each sale made.
  • A bachelor’s degree helps you get started in the field of medical device sales.
  • To do well in these jobs, you need skills like being able to change fast and showing your brand right.

What Is Medical Device Sales?

Medical device sales involves selling medical equipment and products to healthcare providers, hospitals, as well as private practices. This field requires a deep understanding of the products being sold as they are often complex and highly technical, making it vital for representatives to be able to accurately convey the benefits and uses of these devices to potential customers.

The responsibilities include educating healthcare professionals about their product offerings, developing extensive knowledge on medical technologies trends, building relationships with customers while maintaining an ethical and professional demeanor.


Medical Device Sales is about selling medical items. These can be tools or machines that doctors use to help people with their health. Different kinds of these sales are orthopedics, cardiovascular, surgical, and diagnostic.

This job also includes promotion of the devices to people who work in healthcare centers. It’s not just about selling, but also teaching how to use these tools right and fixing any tech problems they might have. People who do this job get money from a set pay as well as extra money for each sale they make.


Selling medical supplies is one core task of a medical sales representative. They must show, explain, and sell medical equipment to hospitals and clinics. This job often takes them to different parts of the city or state.

Another duty is keeping track of orders and records. They also need to stay on top of new items in their field. It helps to know about any new trends or tools in healthcare. Medical device sales reps may check what clients think about certain products too. The goal is always to meet the needs of healthcare providers with the best devices possible.

Educational Requirements

Typically, a bachelor’s degree in a scientific or business-related field is necessary for a career in medical device sales, while an advanced degree such as an MBA can enhance job prospects.

Bachelor’s degree

A bachelor’s degree is very important in medical device sales. Most people who sell medical devices have this degree. Often, these degrees are in technical fields like engineering or fields linked to healthcare. This education gives them specialized knowledge needed for the job

This education gives them specialized knowledge needed for the job. If you want to start a career in selling medical devices, getting a bachelor’s degree could be your first step!

Advanced degree (optional)

You don’t need an advanced degree to sell medical devices. Still, some firms favor sales reps with a master’s degree. This could be in fields like health science, life science, or business.

People with these degrees often move up faster in the company. They take on bigger jobs with more pay and respect. Yet, getting there takes time and hard work at each job level along the way.

Required Skills and Experience

In order to excel in the field of medical device sales, certain skills and prior experience are crucial. These often include having previous sales experience with a proven track record, possessing an extensive knowledge of the medical field, and holding relevant certifications or training related to selling healthcare products.

Sales experience

Sales experience is a must for medical device sales. This job calls for strong talking skills and the power to sway others. People who have sold medical items in the past are ahead of the game.

They know how to form and keep good ties with others. They also do not get lost when they have many tasks at once. The work setting is fast and full-on, so they need to think on their feet.

Knowledge of medical field

Knowing the medical field well is key in selling medical devices. It helps you understand and speak about these products with ease. This knowledge can take many forms. You may need to know medical terms, or how certain equipment works in a healthcare setting.

For example, if you’re selling a heart monitor, it’s good to know how it checks heart health. Previous sales work in this field can also be very helpful for these jobs.

Certifications (optional)

You might not need certifications to sell medical devices. Yet, having them can boost your career. Some jobs in medical sales focus more on skills you can use in different roles. But a certification shows your knowledge and skill set in a clear way.

It tells others that you are serious about the job and know what you’re doing. This could make you stand out when looking for work or trying to get ahead in your job.

Average Salary for Medical Device Sales Representatives

Medical device sales representatives play an essential role in healthcare by providing information about medical equipment and services to healthcare providers. These professionals are rewarded handsomely for their skillset, with salaries varying based on factors such as experience, industry, organization size, and geography.

Role Average Salary Medical Device Sales Representatives $139,000 annuallyPharmaceuticals Sales Representatives $122,107 annually Medical Device Sales Representatives in 2023 $59,086 annually. Medical Sales Representatives with Master’s Degree $97,395 annually Medical Sales Representatives with a Doctorate Degree Higher than those without advanced degrees. Medical Device Sales Representatives in 2019 (Including Benefits) $165,716 annually Medical Sales Representatives in the United States$74,079 annually or $36 per hour.

These figures highlight the earning potential and financial rewards that await those who embark on a career in medical device sales.

The Importance of Medical Device Sales

Medical device sales play a critical role in the healthcare sector, ensuring that hospitals and clinics have access to cutting-edge technology for diagnosis, treatment, and patient care.

These sales professionals act as a bridge between manufacturers and healthcare providers, not only facilitating transactions but also imparting crucial knowledge about product usage and advancements.

Promotes medical equipment and services

Selling medical devices is not an easy job. It calls for deep product knowledge and fine skills in talking to doctors. With the right words, you can make doctors see how a device helps them care better for their patients.

This makes hospitals and doctor’s offices buy more tools from your company. You get to be the link between healthcare facilities and the makers of medical equipment. The goal is simple: sell high-quality goods that help people feel better, faster, at prices that are good for all sides involved.

Provides crucial information to healthcare providers

Medical device sales reps share vital details with healthcare providers. They tell about the uses and benefits of medical tools. These experts also explain how to use devices in a safe way.

A lot of times, they teach doctors and nurses on new equipment. This helps make sure patients get the best care. Having ready access to this data aids health professionals in making sound decisions for their patients’ well-being.

Medical device sales reps play an important role in keeping our healthcare system running smoothly by giving key information when it is needed most.

How the Sales Process Works

Medical device sales are a vital job. Here is what they do:

  1. They reach out to healthcare providers at clinics and hospitals.
  2. They tell them about the medical testing tools they sell.
  3. They show how their medical devices can help with patient care.
  4. They talk about new medical products that they have.
  5. With knowledge of specific needs, they suggest the right product for each provider.
  6. Every now and then, the sales rep visits the healthcare provider to keep good ties.
  7. If they find a new device or drug, they share this with the provider.
  8. They always try to get more people to buy their medical devices by building strong bonds with them.

Tips for Success in Medical Device Sales

Adapting to varying situations, presenting brands excellently, and carrying through sales promises are key strategies for achieving success in medical device sales.


In medical device sales, being able to change is key. The field always has new things and reps must roll with them. This job needs people who can shift fast when there are changes in the market or tech world.

They have to learn new skills all the time and stay on top of industry trends. This high level of adaptability can lead to success and make work more satisfying because it keeps things fresh and exciting.

Excellent representation of brands

Showing your brand in the best light is a big deal. It can make you stand out from other medical device companies. Good branding means more than just having a catchy logo or name. It’s about making sure people know what you provide and why it matters.

You need to keep telling all good things about your brand at all times, everywhere. This helps build strong bonds with healthcare providers for long-term success and repeat business.

Doing this right can lead to an increase in sales growth through effective promotion and marketing strategies.


Follow-through is key to success in medical device sales. It is about honoring agreements and staying true to your word. A good sales rep is one who keeps promises, meets obligations, and upholds responsibilities.

In this field, customer satisfaction matters a lot. To ensure it, you need to be reliable and professional at all times. Delivering on assurances also forms part of follow-through.

Steps to Becoming a Medical Device Sales Representative

To embark on a successful career as a Medical Device Sales Representative, one must pursue relevant education and certifications, gain substantial sales experience particularly within the medical field, and develop an in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry.

Education and certifications

Selling medical devices needs the right education and certifications. Most people have a bachelor’s degree for this job. A higher degree can help but is not always needed. Some helpful degrees are in business or health-related fields.

There are also special courses for selling medical devices that you can take to boost your skills. Certifications make you look good to employers too. They show that you know about the industry, products, and sales methods.

Gaining sales experience

You need to get sales experience for this job. You can start with an entry-level position or a sales internship. This kind of work gives you important skills. These skills help you do well in the medical industry.

A lot of people who work in medical device sales did sales jobs before. It’s a good step for your job growth and career development.

Experience in the medical field

You need to work in the medical field before you become a sales rep. This helps you know how healthcare works. You will talk with doctors and nurses about what tools they need. The more you already understand, the better.

Working in medicine also helps grow your people skills. These are key to make good relationships with clients. With time, you learn how to solve problems and help others do their jobs well.

Key Skills and Responsibilities of Medical Device Sales Reps

Medical device sales representatives play a critical role building relationships between healthcare providers and technology manufacturers. They require a specialized blend of product expertise, clinical knowledge, and consultative selling abilities.

Core Responsibilities

  • Conduct product demonstrations and presentations to physicians and hospital clients
  • Possess in-depth knowledge of product lines to address client questions
  • Maintain and grow existing client accounts through consistent engagement
  • Develop new business opportunities with prospects
  • Stay up to date on regulatory requirements affecting products
  • Report sales data and provide feedback to improve training and support

Essential Skills and Traits

  • Ability to grasp highly complex medical technologies
  • Consultative sales approach focused on solving client problems
  • Relationship-building and networking abilities
  • Persistence and resilience to keep prospects engaged
  • Organization and time management skills to juggle a busy schedule
  • Professionalism to build credibility and trust

Success requires blending people skills with tenacity, strategic thinking, and niche healthcare expertise. Top medical device sales reps provide immense partnership value to both clients and their employer.

Frequently Asked Questions about What is Medical Device Sales?

1. What is Medical Device Sales?

Medical device sales is a job where you sell equipment like machines, tools or devices that doctors use to help patients.

2. What do People in Medical Device Sales do?

People in medical device sales talk to health care providers about their products and show them how those items can be useful for patient care.

3. Do you Need Special Training for this Job?

Yes, you will need training on the specific devices you are selling and maybe even general knowledge about medicine or healthcare fields too.

Conclusion and Summary of What Is Medical Device Sales? Exploring the Industry

Medical device sales representatives play an indispensable role in healthcare innovation by bridging cutting-edge technologies with patient care. They combine deep product knowledge with consultative selling skills to drive adoption among physicians and hospital administrators.

Success requires tenacity, strategic thinking, and unwavering customer focus. Top sales reps act as true partners, guiding healthcare providers to solutions that deliver better outcomes. They build relationships rooted in trust through persistence, integrity, and consistently adding value.

The most effective reps blend empathy and emotional intelligence with clinical insights and business acumen. They help clients navigate a complex world of changing regulations and technologies. Their product expertise and passion for improving lives opens doors to long-term partnerships.

In a dynamic field focused on care breakthroughs, talented medical device sales teams spur growth for manufacturers and providers alike. They ensure life-changing innovations make it from the lab to the bedside, transforming care through human-centered advocacy.

Marty Stewart