Review Growth Index™ (RGI) by Doctor Marketing, MD™

The Review Growth Index™ (RGI™) by Doctor Marketing, MD™ (DRMMD™) is more than just a well-researched review ranking system; it’s revolutionizing plastic surgery reviews through a comprehensive evaluation tool designed to encapsulate the entire spectrum of patient experiences with cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery outcomes.

By aggregating public data from multiple review sources such as Google Reviews and RealSelf Reviews, RGI™ offers a data-driven unbiased, holistic view of a plastic surgeon’s performance based on the total number of patient reviews and their star rating. 

Concept Behind the Review Growth Index™ (RGI™)

The Review Growth Index™ (RGI™) serves as a vital resource for prospective cosmetic patients looking for highly-qualified experienced plastic surgeons, helping them navigate the often daunting task of deciding which surgical practice to choose to schedule an initial consultation at, with confidence and clarity. 

For the plastic surgeons, board-certified plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons and medical support staff, the Review Growth Index™ (RGI™) stands to recognize the leading healthcare professionals, medical practices, medical spas, and clinics that have the highest number of reviews, ratings, and patient satisfaction, which recognizes their skill, care, and commitment to excellence.

Innovative Benchmark for the Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic, MedSpa, and Aesthetics Industry

RGI™ represents a pioneering approach to quantifying the excellence and reliability of plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons across the United States. By meticulously compiling review data from esteemed platforms like Google Reviews and, RGI™ establishes an industry standard that promises to redefine how surgeons are evaluated and chosen.

Data-Driven Methodology

Patient Review Analysis for Accuracy

The methodology behind RGI™ is meticulous and data-driven. Our team gathers reviews and ratings data from leading platforms, including Google Reviews and, ensuring a wide and representative sample of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedure patient feedback.

Holistic Evaluation of Plastic Surgery Review Criteria

Criteria for evaluation encompass various facets of patient care, such as total number of patient reviews, average star ratings, patient satisfaction with procedure results, quality of pre- and post-operative care, communication skills, and overall service excellence. This data is then analyzed using advanced statistical methods to produce an accurate and comprehensive quarterly ranking of surgeons.

Benefits for Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Surgery Patients

Recognition and Growth for Plastic Surgeons

Inclusion in the RGI™ rankings is a mark of prestige and excellence for plastic surgeons. It not only boosts their visibility in their competitive local market but also fosters trust and credibility among potential new clients and patients. Moreover, the feedback loop created by RGI™ allows surgeons to continually improve their cosmetic services based on patient experiences, driving the entire industry towards higher standards of care and professionalism.

Informed Decision-Making for Patients

For patients, RGI™ is a research time-saver of reliability and assurance. Choosing a surgeon for a life-changing cosmetic procedure can be overwhelming; RGI™ simplifies this decision by providing a curated list of top-performing surgeons. This accessible resource empowers patients with the information they need to make informed choices about their care, ensuring they receive the best possible treatment and results.

Accessible Review Rankings and Top List Recognition

RGI™’s flagship feature is the creation of the curated Top 10, Top 5, and Top 3 plastic surgery awards lists of plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons, updated quarterly. These awards and rankings lists are readily accessible on the website, offering an easy-to-navigate interface for users. Covering every major city and state in the U.S., RGI™ ensures that no matter where you are, top-tier surgical care review research is at your fingertips.

Spotlighting Aesthetics Excellence in Patient Care

Our rankings highlight surgeons who demonstrate consistent excellence across a range of evaluation criteria:

  • Total number of Google Reviews.
  • Total number of RealSelf Reviews.
  • Patient satisfaction with surgical and cosmetic procedure results.
  • Quality of pre- and post-operative care.
  • Bedside manner and doctor communication skills.
  • Overall service and administrative support staff excellence.

By spotlighting plastic surgeons who excel in these areas, RGI™ provides an invaluable guide for patients seeking the best of the best in the highest quality of satisfaction and care.

Transformative Impact on Plastic Surgery

Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Hear directly from patients who found their ideal cosmetic surgeon through RGI™’s rankings. Our testimonials section showcases inspiring stories of positive outcomes and life-changing results. These first-hand accounts speak to the power of RGI™ in matching patients with the best healthcare provider for their needs and goals.

Plastic Surgeon and Cosmetic Success Stories

RGI™ has not only guided patients towards top performers, but also helped exceptional surgeons achieve new heights. Our awards and case studies highlight plastic surgeons who have accelerated their careers and practice cosmetic surgery practice growth after being recognized by RGI™ for their standard of care. Their success stands as further validation of RGI™’s profound impact.

Long-Term Positive Impact on Creating Profitable Surgical Practices and Clinics

While RGI™ provides immense value to patients in the short term by connecting them to top plastic surgeons, the long-term impact on the cosmetic surgeons themselves is arguably even more profound. By distinguishing the highest caliber of surgical skill and patient care, RGI™ has supported and elevated top surgical talent in unprecedented ways.

Plastic surgeons and cosmetic practices recognized by RGI™ have experienced accelerated growth and credibility. Their medical clinics  expand exponentially as more prospective patients seek out their services after seeing positive reviews. 

Many have opened secondary locations to meet demand or upgraded to state-of-the-art offices and technology. Some have even attracted investors and launched lucrative medical spas showcasing their aesthetic expertise. On an individual level, these surgeons report renewed passion for their work and satisfaction in helping growing numbers of satisfied patients.

Additionally, as leaders in their field, top-ranked plastic surgeons showcased by the Review Growth Index™ pay it forward by training the next generation of cosmetic surgery talent. They lead conferences, author academic papers, pioneer new techniques, and foster innovation across the entire industry. The rising tide of excellence lifts all boats, as knowledge transfers directly from the cream of the crop.

By giving merit-based validation to truly patient-centric surgeons, RGI™ creates cascading positive effects on the individual, practice, community, and eventually, specialty-wide levels for years to come. Its impact stretches far beyond just reviews.

Top ranked surgeons recognized by RGI™ raise the bar for the entire cosmetic surgery specialty sectors. They invest time and resources into advancing the field, driven by passion to continue improving patient outcomes. Many devote themselves to research studies, seeking to expand the boundaries of current plastic surgery techniques. 

Others take leadership roles in academic programs, instilling strong ethical principles and rigorous standards in surgeons-in-training. Some pioneer innovative new technologies and procedures that their peers soon adopt. The excellence spotlighted by RGI™ reviews creates a rising tide that elevates the whole medical specialty market, as knowledge and best practices disseminate rapidly from these top surgical performers.

Future of Patient-Centric Care

By continuously improving its data-driven research approach, RGI™ aims to lead the charge in advancing transparency and care quality in the plastic surgery industry. Patients remain at the heart of this mission to refine, perfect, and redefine how plastic surgeon excellence is quantified. 

We welcome you to help shape the future of patient-centric quality care through your insights and experiences, contact us today.