The Best Medical Device Sales Companies

Navigating the dynamic field of medical device sales can be overwhelming, especially when choosing a company that offers not just competitive salaries but also excellent work culture.

Considering that top-performing representatives within this industry can earn over $400,000 annually, it’s crucial to find the right fit for your career path. In this blog post, we will explore the best opportunities in medical device sales companies from market leaders like Medtronic and Johnson & Johnson Medtech to emerging challengers.

Stay tuned as we give insights on how to evaluate these companies and land a job in one of healthcare’s most lucrative fields.

Key Takeaways of Medical Device Sales Companies

  • Medical device sales is a field with top workers making more than $400,000 per year.
  • There are many types of medical devices. These include tools for surgeries, items to track health data and gear to help people move around better.
  • Many big companies work in the medical device industry. Leading ones are Medtronic, GE Healthcare and Johnson & Johnson MedTech.
  • Dental equipment, wound care items and home health tools also fall under medical device sales. This market keeps growing due to high demand.

What is Medical Device Sales?

Medical device sales is the selling of health equipment. Sales reps show doctors and hospitals the worth of their devices. They get a base pay plus extra money for each product sold.

This job can bring in over $400,000 per year for top workers and even more for bosses. These sales people sell to many buyers such as single doctors, big health groups, and hospital networks.

They must prove why their item is better than others on the market so that clients will buy it. Thus, they act as bridges between medical firms and our health system.

Types of Medical Devices

The medical device market is diverse, ranging from basic instruments like stethoscopes to complex machines used in surgeries. Some common types of devices include diagnostic equipment such as MRI scanners and ultrasound machines.

Surgical tools like forceps, retractors and sutures are indispensable in the operating room. Monitoring devices can track patient vitals while orthopedic devices help patients regain mobility after injuries or surgery.

Dental instruments ensure oral healthcare, with laboratory equipment playing a pivotal role in disease diagnosis and medical research. Wound care products aid healing while rehabilitation devices support recovery.

Home healthcare gadgets make life easier for patients managing chronic conditions at home, whereas ophthalmic tools assist eye-care professionals maintain ocular health. Dermatology devices enable skin treatments varying from acne elimination to skin tightening procedures boosting aesthetic appeal.

Diagnostic Equipment

Doctors use diagnostic equipment to look inside the body. This is a very important part of medical device sales. These devices let doctors see health problems early, before they get worse.

Some types of this equipment are x-ray machines, ultrasound scanners, and MRI machines.

Working with these devices can make your company grow. More doctors and hospitals are buying them each year. Selling diagnostic equipment brings more opportunities for success in the medical device field.

Surgical Instruments

Surgical tools are key in many medical processes. They help doctors do their work well. These tools can be simple or very complex. In all cases, they must be very safe and work right every time.

Sometimes the people who make these tools have to pay doctors to use them. This is part of how the business works, even though some people don’t know about it. The world of medical tools is always changing with new ideas and ways to do things coming up all the time.

Because of these changes, care for patients keeps getting better all the time too.

Monitoring and Patient Care Devices

Monitoring and patient care devices are a large part of medical device sales. Smart tools like Fitbits and smartwatches provide data on health stats. They play a key role in remote patient management.

These devices let doctors track patients’ health from far away. This helps them step in quickly when needed. These tech items also boost how fast staff can work by tracking patients, workers, and gear all at once.

As a bonus, more chances for sales will pop up as telemedicine grows bigger in the future.

Orthopedic Devices

Orthopedic devices are a key part of medical sales. These tools help fix bone breaks and other body issues. Some orthopedic devices manage skull and face conditions. Joint replacements also make use of these types of tools.

There is high demand for orthopedic devices all over the world, making this a great area to focus on in sales!

Dental Equipment and Instruments

Dental equipment and instruments hold a big part in the medical device sales world. In 2022, this full market had a value of USD 10.6 billion. This is not small money! And it will keep growing at a rate of 6.2% each year.

U.S. makers should take note: there are many chances here for them! Dental tools do more than just help dentists do their jobs well; they play a big role in shaping how the industry works and what rules need to be followed.

Laboratory Equipment

Lab equipment is very important in making and testing medical devices. Companies lean on these tools to check the safety of products. Each piece has a job in creating various medical aids.

Lab tools also test how well a device works and if it’s safe. They help build new medical devices too. This gear makes sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish. So, lab equipment plays a big role in all parts of the process – from coming up with an idea to checking that it works right.

Wound Care and Dressings

Wound care and dressings are key parts of the medical device market. Products like gauze dressing, bandages, and sutures help wounds heal faster. They also cut down on times patients have to go back to the hospital.

A good way to pick out the right supplies is by using clear notes from doctors. The wound care market makes a lot of money because people need these items often. It was worth $21.5 billion in 2023 and will grow to $28.6 billion by 2028! There are lots of new products coming because demand is high for them.

Rehabilitation and Mobility Devices

Rehabilitation and mobility devices are key tools in healthcare. They help people with movement issues get around on their own. Items like wheelchairs, crutches, and walking frames fall into this group.

Many older adults or those with long-term health problems use these devices. As more people age or deal with chronic illness, the need for these items grows larger.

Sales reps in this area work closely with a range of clients. Doctors, hospitals, rehab spots, and patients all need advice on the best device to use. The market is full of different companies trying to sell their products.

Mobility aids such as prosthetic devices boost the quality of life for many users. Other rehabilitation equipment provides support during recovery from an injury or surgery. Crutch alternatives give another option for those who find standard gear tough to use.

Home Healthcare Devices

Home healthcare devices are on the rise. These items can be used in places like homes, schools, and stores. People can manage their own health from where they feel most at ease. Tools for home care must be easy to use but also very good at doing their job.

There is a big chance for companies that sell medical devices here. They need to make tools that are new and easy to use for home health care. Services not only include selling, but also supporting buyers after the sale.

A lot of study goes into creating these things so they work well and meet laws and rules as well.

Ophthalmic Devices

Ophthalmic devices play a big part in eye care. They help doctors find and treat problems with eyes. These tools are used in both optometry and ophthalmology fields. Gaush Medical Corporation, for example, makes over 120 different types of these tools.

Eye diagnostics equipment checks for eye diseases or other issues. Surgical devices are used when an operation on the eye is needed. Vision correction tools and appliances help people see better if they have trouble seeing.

The need for these devices keeps growing as more old people get eye diseases.

Dermatology and Aesthetic Devices

Dermatology and aesthetic devices are in high demand. They are tools used for cosmetic procedures to change or improve a person’s body. These devices have changed the field of dermatology.

Now, doctors can give customized treatments to their patients. The want for these types of machines is getting bigger each day. More people now seek cosmetics treatments than before.

Because of this, experts think the global market will be worth $18.8 billion by 2030! Companies that make and sell these devices should ride on this growth wave right now!

Top 10 Medical Device Sales Companies

This section will delve into the profiles of the top ten medical device sales companies worldwide, shedding light on their market cap, revenue, R&D investments and why they are leaders in the industry.


Medtronic is a big name in the medical device industry. This company leads the world in revenue, making $30.12 billion in 2022. It offers many chances for sales and makes devices that help with all sorts of health problems.

This firm has four kinds of tools or solutions for sale. In 2023, it made more than $31.2 billion from selling these items. Many people think Medtronic is one of the best places to work in medical sales.

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare earns its place in the top 10 list for medical device sales. This company makes tools to help with exact health care needs. They are famous for their work with medical pictures and data.

In 2022, GE Healthcare made a stunning $18.01 billion in sales! This puts it among the biggest global firms making medical devices.

Johnson & Johnson MedTech

Johnson & Johnson MedTech is a big name in the world of medical device sales. In 2022, this company earned $22.95 billion. This makes it one of the largest companies selling medical devices! Even better, Johnson & Johnson’s total sales grew by 1.36 percent from the year before to reach $27.43 billion.

What does this company sell? Many things! One key area is orthopedic trauma devices. These are tools doctors use to help fix broken bones and other injuries. With its large size and wide range of products, Johnson & Johnson MedTech leads in global market share for healthcare devices.


Stryker is a big name in the medical technology world. In 2022, they made $5.2 billion from sales alone. That was an increase of over 10%! At the same time, their organic sales shot up by more than 13%.

For all of last year, Stryker brought in a total of $18.40 billion dollars. This was an increase of 8% from the past! This company makes many different types of medical items and uses new tech for them.

They have a large part of the market because they always look for ways to improve.


Teleflex makes its mark in the medical device sales world. This top-ranked company boasts a spot on MedReps’ Best Places to Work 2023 list for big businesses. A sixth year win shows they are a strong leader in this field.

A closer look at Teleflex proves why it’s one of the best companies to be part of. Not only does it stand among the top 40 for yearly sales, but it also shines for how it treats team members.

The company creates warm work spaces, pays well, and opens doors for workers to move up. All these make Teleflex an ideal choice for those seeking growth in their career.


Conmed is a big name in the medical device industry. People all over the world work for them. In fact, they have more than 3,000 workers! This company tries to make its sales reps do well and grow.

It has one of the top rankings among companies that sell medical equipment. Frank Williams was their first sales rep. Today, Conmed stands proud as part of the Top 10 Medical Device Sales Companies list.

Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories leads in medical device sales. They have the biggest team with over 115,000 people worldwide. In 2022, they sold more diagnostic tools and healthcare devices than planned.

The start of 2023 was awesome for them too. They made $4.3 billion from selling their medical equipment then alone! Their diabetes tool Freestyle Libre did well too—it brought in $1.3 billion.

Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific is a big name in the medical device world. This firm sits among the top 10 global leaders in this field. The home of Boston Scientific is right here in the United States.

In terms of money made, it shines as one of the best too. Boston Scientific makes devices that help doctors care for patients all around the globe!

Siemens Healthineers

Siemens Healthineers is a big name in the medical device sales industry. It ranks as one of the top global companies. This giant is based in Germany and known around the world for its devices.

They sell many kinds of items like diagnostic equipment, surgical tools, and more.

The company is set to make $27.40 billion by 2023. That will put them as number four on the list of richest medical device firms globally. Many people want to join their team because they know it’s a good place to work.

Siemens Healthineers leads with strong sales and offers lots of chances for staff to grow and learn.

Zimmer Biomet

Zimmer Biomet is a big name in medical device sales. It sits among the top ten in the world. The company sells its devices in over 25 countries. They have made their mark in the field of orthopedic devices, leading this market area.

One key to their success lies in how they grow. Zimmer Biomet uses both new growth and buys other companies to stay at the top. This has earned them a spot on the list of top 100 medical device companies based on money made, size, and spending on research and development.

Why These Companies are the Best to Work for

Top firms like Medtronic and Stryker have many things that make them good places to work. They care for their workers well. Employees get good pay, even more if they sell a lot of devices.

There are other perks too – health plans, paid time off and help with education.

But it is not just about money or benefits. These companies want their staff to grow in their jobs and do better each day. They give training to new workers so they can learn fast.

Also, there is job safety because these firms are big and stable ones in the healthcare space. To sum up, working at such firms means not just earning well but also enjoying one’s job.

Career Opportunities in Medical Device Sales

A lot of jobs can be found in the field of medical device sales. Jobs as healthcare sales representatives are one. Here, you get to work with cool new medical tech every day. The role is very important.

They make sure that companies who create drugs and tools for medicine have a way to reach hospitals and doctors. A huge number of people who do this job are happy with it – 82 out of every 100! You also have good chances to move up in your career if you start here.

Right now, more jobs keep coming up in this field because it is growing fast. Lastly, the pay can be really high even if you just got started! Some people earn $95,057 within their first two years on the job!

The Role of a Medical Sales Rep

A medical sales representative acts as the vital link between healthcare providers and manufacturers, introducing cutting-edge medical devices while seamlessly navigating a complex sales process.

Read on to learn more about their day-to-day operations, essential qualifications, and unique skills required in this dynamic industry.

Day in the Life

A medical sales rep’s day is full of tasks. He or she meets with healthcare pros for talks. Their aim is to make them use their company’s devices. They must reach their sales targets.

That means they have to sell a lot! It’s important they know all about the devices they sell too. This helps answer any questions about how the device works or why it’s better than others.

The job also brings cool benefits! Medical reps often get a car and phone from the company, and meals covered during work. These perks add more fun to each day.

But working in this role isn’t just about getting great stuff; there’s also lots of change and ways to grow your skills every single day. 

Required Skills and Qualifications

Medical sales rep jobs need many skills and qualifications. Here is a list:

  1. Salesmanship: It means being good at selling things.
  2. Negotiation skills: This is about making deals that work for everyone.
  3. Product knowledge: You have to know the medical devices very well.
  4. Sales techniques: These are special ways to sell things.
  5. Customer service: This means being nice and helpful to customers.
  6. Relationship building: You have to be able to make friends with people who buy things.
  7. Presentation skills: This is about showing a product in a clear way so people want to buy it.
  8. Problem-solving abilities: You have to find ways to fix issues that come up.
  9. Time management: This means doing things quickly and on time.
  10. Teamwork: This is about working well with others.

How to Land a Job in Medical Device Sales

Securing a lucrative position in the medical device sales industry involves identifying suitable companies, forming strategic relationships, and acquiring relevant experience and education.

Stay tuned for an in-depth analysis of these critical steps towards breaking into this dynamic field.

Identifying the Right Company

To find a job in medical device sales, you need to know the best company. Look at companies like Medtronic and GE Healthcare. They are top companies with many opportunities in this field.

But don’t just pick any famous name. Think about what is important to you in a job. Do you want good pay? A nice place to work? What about how the company treats its staff? Does it offer good perks?.

Take time to research different companies. Read about them online and talk to people who work there if possible. This way, you can make sure that the company is right for you before applying for a job.

You should also look at the worst ones so that you can avoid them. If one pays poorly or does not treat their workers well, then it might not be worth your time.

Networking and Building Relationships

Networking and building relationships is key in the medical device sales field. As a sales rep, you need to make strong ties with doctors and other health care experts. This trust leads to good business deals.

Most jobs in this field are found through networking. So, skills in making connections are vital for success. Good relationships can lead your career forward fast. They also open doors to top-notch job chances at medical device sales firms such as Medtronic or Johnson & Johnson MedTech.

Gaining Experience and Education

A bachelor’s degree is the key to a job in medical device sales. Any four-year course can work for this role. Some people start with only a high school diploma. Medical device makers like to hire these folks as associate sales reps.

They gain field experience this way, which is very valuable. You can even get into this field without any prior know-how or skills.

The Future of Medical Device Sales

The medical device sales field is changing fast. It will soon use both in-person and digital sales methods. This new way of selling is due to changes in how buyers act within the healthcare industry.

Medical sales companies are now on the lookout for top-notch candidates who can fill their jobs right.

Sales reps have a big job ahead of them too. They must teach medical professionals about the best products for each patient’s needs. And they must get better at ‘relationship selling’.

This means making more personal ties with clients so business stays strong.

The future also sees more use of personalized ads and content in medical device sales. With the help of connected health systems, these efforts become even stronger.

But remember! The FDA has a loose idea of what counts as a ‘medical device’. So, it’s important to make sure you’re staying inside legal lines while promoting your goods to healthcare providers.

Leading Players in the Global Medical Device Industry

The medical device market spans countless companies worldwide. However, a select few industry titans lead the pack in terms of revenue, reach, and innovation.


Founded in 1949, Medtronic is the largest global medical device company today. Headquartered in Ireland, it generated over $31 billion in 2022 across four key business groups: cardiovascular, medical surgical, neuroscience, and diabetes.

Medtronic develops life-changing solutions for over 70 medical specialties. Its extensive portfolio empowers healthcare professionals to improve outcomes for millions of patients daily.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson stands out as one of the most diversified medical device and pharmaceutical companies. Its medical device segment alone totaled $27 billion in sales in 2022.

Spanning orthopedics, surgery, vision care, and interventional solutions, J&J delivers breakthrough innovations used across the healthcare spectrum. Its unwavering commitment to R&D ensures continued leadership.

GE Healthcare

Born from a long lineage of pioneers, GE Healthcare enables precision health through intelligent devices, data analytics, and innovative technologies. This medical technology company crafted solutions for over a billion patients in 2022.

Backed by over a century of experience, GE Healthcare equips providers worldwide with imaging, monitoring, cell therapy, and lab equipment. It invests $1 billion annually into R&D.


Since 1888, Abbott has been shaping the future of healthcare through life-changing technologies and products. Headquartered in Illinois, this leading global medical device company reported $43 billion in total sales for 2022 across diagnostics, medical devices, nutritionals, and pharmaceuticals.

Abbott’s medical device offerings span critical care, heart devices, diabetes care, and neuromodulation. Its continued growth reflects its commitment to helping people live fuller lives.

Siemens Healthineers

Siemens Healthineers empowers healthcare providers across the globe to increase value by expanding precision medicine, transforming care delivery, and improving patient experience.

With over 70,000 personnel worldwide, this pioneer in medical imaging and lab diagnostics generated €21 billion in revenue in 2022. Its mission to drive progress through medical technology benefits over a billion patients annually.

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Device Sales Companies

1. What is a Medical Device Sales Company?

A medical device sales company sells health-related tools and machines to doctors, clinics, and hospitals.

2. Who can Work in a Medical Device Sales Company?

Those with good communication skills, understanding of healthcare products, and a strong desire to help people can work in a medical device sales company.

3. Are There Good Job Opportunities at Medical Device Sales Companies?

Yes, these companies often have many job openings as they need folks to sell their products to hospitals and clinics.

4. Can I Grow My Career at a Medical Device Sales Company?

Absolutely! Many workers start off in entry-level roles but quickly move up based on performance and hard work.

5. Do I Need Special Training or Education for Jobs at These Companies?

Having some knowledge of the healthcare field helps but most companies will provide you with needed product training.

Conclusion and Summary of The Best Medical Device Sales Companies

The global medical device industry is propelled forward by market leaders like Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, GE Healthcare, Abbott, and Siemens Healthineers. These pioneering companies develop revolutionary technologies and therapeutic solutions that advance healthcare worldwide.

With portfolios spanning surgical equipment, patient monitoring, diagnostics, implants, and more, these giants enable greater precision, improved outcomes, and enhanced care efficiency for patients. Through unrelenting R&D investments and a commitment to bold innovation, leaders like Medtronic and J&J continuously raise the bar for life-changing medical advancement.

Yet myriad emerging and mid-size medical technology firms also make valuable contributions across niches like wearables, telehealth, and AI analytics. Together with public health agencies, this expansive ecosystem of device makers, researchers, and healthcare professionals collaborates to tackle humanity’s most pressing medical needs. Driven by this shared purpose of improving lives, the future of the medical device industry shines bright with possibility.

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