Top Medical Device Sales Companies Hiring Near Me

Looking for a rewarding job in medical device sales? You’re not alone, as many are drawn to this field given that it intersects technology and healthcare. In fact, the demand for medical devices is expected to rise in the coming years considerably.

This article brings you up-to-date information about top companies hiring near you, types of jobs available, salary details and more.Read on to discover your next professional opportunity within the thriving medical device sales industry.

Key Takeaways of Medical Device Sales Companies Near Me

  • Top medical device sales companies in Orlando, FL offer good jobs. Some of these firms are Company A to J.
  • Many types of medical device sales jobs exist. There are roles like Surgical Sales and Medical Equipment Sales.
  • Jobs in this field pay well. The table above shows some examples of how much you can make.
  • People search for many kinds of jobs in this field. Entry – level and advanced job roles are both popular options.

Top Medical Device Sales Companies in Orlando, FL

This section will explore some of the leading medical device sales companies located in Orlando, FL including Company A through to Company J, highlighting their reputation, products, and job vacancies.

Company A

Company A stands out in the medical device industry. It is a top sales firm in Orlando, Florida. This company has 96 jobs up for grabs right now. The pay at Company A is good too. The salary ranges from $51k to $84k. They have 391 active sales positions open for eager job seekers. With Company A, you can kick start or boost your career in the medical sales market.

Company B

Company B stands out in Orlando, FL. This company is known for its role in the healthcare industry. It works hard to improve medical care. Company B has years of experience, over 175 to be exact! They make and sell a lot of medical products and services.

Not just that, but they also offer some great jobs! In fact, you could become a Sales Representative or even a Territory Manager with them. You might also find your place as a Regional Sales Manager too.

Company C

Company C has a lot to offer. It is hiring for medical device sales jobs in Orlando, FL. The company gives workers great benefits and chances to learn more skills. They have many open positions right now.

Company D

Company D in Orlando, FL is a top name in medical device sales. This firm offers various job slots in the field. Right now, they have 20 jobs open for grabs. People love to work here as it sets high standards in the market.

Company E

Company E holds a strong place in Orlando’s medical device sales industry. They are known for selling top-quality healthcare technology. Many people want to work for them because of their fine products and good name.

Company F

Company F is a key player in the medical device industry and healthcare device sales in Orlando, FL. They have made their mark with top-notch medical equipment sales. Sales job options at Company F are many.

There are jobs like a sales representative or a territory manager. One can also find regional sales roles here.

The company has 20 open spots for eager workers now. Those who join will get to be part of a thriving market in Orlando, Florida. Being one of the best companies, they stand tall among others such as Medtronic and Stryker.

Company G

Company G sells medical devices in Orlando, FL. It is hiring for many jobs now. People can apply if they want to join the top 149 medical device sales jobs in this city. The company has a big market share and offers great career chances.

It is keen to have skilled sales associates on their team, especially in sports medicine. This makes it one of the companies with the most job openings in this field right now.

Company H

Company H stands in Orlando, FL. This company sells medical devices. A team of hardworking people work there. They are full of passion and care about their work. The goal of Company H is to bring new health aids to those who need it.

There is no clear data on how much money they make or spend on research. There’s also no word on jobs available at this time at Company H.

Company I

Company I shines in Orlando, Florida for sales in the medical device field. This company boasts of a top-notch sales team. The staff work hard to give advanced tech tools to patients.

They stand out among other medical device sales companies in Orlando. Company I sets high goals for healthcare technology and patient care. With their focus on pushing forward medical device distribution, they aim for new heights in healthcare innovation.

Company J

Company J stands out among top medical device sales companies in Orlando, FL. They offer a wide range of devices for health care needs. Their quality is well-liked and trusted by many. They also have jobs open often. So, if you are looking for a job in medical device sales, take a look at what Company J has to offer! Working here could give you the chance to help others while doing something you love.

Job Opportunities in Medical Device Sales

Orlando boasts a thriving market for medical device sales, offering a range of job roles from representatives to district managers. Explore the extensive opportunities this versatile field has to offer in the subsequent section.

Overview of medical device sales jobs in Orlando

Orlando has many jobs in medical device sales. Right now, 96 such jobs are open here. This high number shows that the field is growing fast! Companies like Abbott, Medtronic, and Stryker have jobs to offer you.

Types of medical device sales jobs

There are many medical device sales jobs you might want to look at. These can be broken down into a few key types:

  1. Surgical sales: This job needs you to sell surgical tools and technology. Arthrex and Smith & Nephew are top players here.
  2. Pharmaceutical sales: In this job, you will sell drugs made by big names like Stryker and Zimmer Biomet.
  3. Medical equipment sales: Here, you sell machines that doctors and hospitals use every day. DJO Medical is a great place to start looking for work.
  4. Medical device sales: If you choose this kind of job, you will be selling devices used in treatment or diagnosis. DePuy Synthes is a leading company in this field.

Job Titles for Medical Device Sales in Orlando

Orlando, Florida is a hot spot for medical device sales jobs. Many companies are seeking skilled workers. Here are some of the top job titles for this field in Orlando:

  • Medical device sales representative
  • Healthcare Sales Consultant
  • Medical Equipment Sales Executive
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist
  • Senior Sales Associate in Medical Devices
  • Area Sales Manager for Medical Devices
  • Regional Sales Director in Healthcare Sector
  • Territory Business Manager for Medical Products
  • Clinical Specialist for Product Education
  • Biotech Product Manager

Salary Information for Medical Device Sales Jobs in Orlando

The Medical Device Sales industry in Orlando, Florida provides significant financial benefits for those in the field. The salary averages and ranges vary depending on the level of experience and the specific title held by the professional.

Please note that these figures represent averages and actual salaries may vary. Factors influencing these numbers may include years of experience, level of education, and the specific needs of the hiring company. As such, it is crucial for companies to offer competitive salaries to attract and retain top talent in the medical device sales industry.

Commonly Searched Types of Medical Device Sales Jobs in Orlando

Many medical device sales professionals in Orlando, FL commonly search for a variety of job types in their field. These range from entry-level sales positions to more advanced, managerial roles. With a total of 388 medical device sales jobs available in Orlando, FL, job seekers have a good chance of landing a role that suits their expertise and career goals.

There is a wide mix of job titles for medical device sales jobs. This field offers vast choices for people looking for sales and support roles in the medical field. Here are some job titles you can apply to:

  • Medical device sales representative
  • Medical equipment sales expert
  • Pharmaceutical sales specialist
  • Healthcare sales manager
  • Biotechnology sales consultant
  • Surgical sales advisor
  • Dental product sales officer
  • Laboratory equipment sales executive
  • Medical supplies salesman
  • Healthcare technology sale professional

Job categories searched for in medical device sales jobs in Orlando

Job seekers in Orlando, FL are keen on multiple job categories in the field of medical device sales. Here is a list of frequent searches they undertake.

  1. Medical Device Sales Representative: They sell devices to health care providers.
  2. Biomedical Equipment Technician: They keep healthcare machines working well.
  3. Medical Equipment Sales Executive: These folks make big deals for equipment sales.
  4. Clinical Applications Specialist: They teach healthcare staff how to use new machines.
  5. Territory Manager: This role is about managing sales over a set area.
  6. Healthcare Solutions Consultant: These people help solve problems with medical machines.
  7. Medical Device Product Manager: Their job is to oversee a certain product line’s success.
  8. Field Service Engineer: They travel around fixing broken medical devices onsite.

Cities near Orlando, FL hiring for medical device sales jobs

Orlando, FL is not the only city with a high demand for medical device sales professionals. The following table presents a list of nearby cities that are also hiring for medical device sales jobs.

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City Number of Job Openings Top Companies Hiring Tampa, FL37 Stryker, Medtronic Jacksonville, FL45 Stryker, Medtronic Miami, FL52 Stryker, Medtronic St. Petersburg, FL30 Stryker, MedtronicTallahassee, FL20 Stryker, Medtronic

This table indicates that there are ample opportunities for medical device sales professionals in not only Orlando, FL, but also in other cities across the state.

Medical Device Sales Opportunities with Merit Medical Systems Inc

Merit Medical Systems Inc stands among the top medical device sales companies near me in Kansas City. This firm excels at connecting health care professionals with innovative products to improve patient outcomes.

With annual sales revenue of over $1 billion, Merit Medical Systems Inc offers strong potential for driven sales talent. They strategically analyze specific target market opportunities to maximize growth.

Based in Kansas City, their robust sales plan involves continually refining messaging to resonate with key stakeholders. Sales representatives must be comfortable conducting cold calls to introduce new devices to prospective customers.

The ideal candidate will leverage their ability to establish strong client relationships. As posted date posted ago, Merit Medical Systems Inc seeks additional employees to join their team in responsible job type roles.

Those eager to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic workplace will appreciate the chance to develop new territories. The company needs highly motivated professionals to maintain strong access and visibility with surgeons and hospital customer contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions about TMedical Device Sales Companies Near Me

1. What is a Medical Device Sales Company?

A medical device sales company sells health equipment like wheelchairs, heart monitors and other hospital tools.

2. Are There Jobs at These Companies Near Me?

Yes, many medical device sales companies have job openings in various places across the country.

3. Do I Need Experience to Work for a Medical Device Sales Company?

Some jobs need you to have experience but others do not; it depends on the role you apply for.

4. How can I Find Out if a Medical Device Sales Company is Hiring Near Me?

You could look up job postings online or call local offices directly to ask about open roles.

5. What Skills are Required for Working at a Medical Device Sales Company?

To work at such a place, good people skills, knowledge of healthcare products and being able to explain technical things well are helpful.

Conclusion and Summary of Top Medical Device Sales Companies Hiring Near Me

The medical device sales industry provides abundant opportunities nationwide. Major companies like Stryker, Medtronic, and Merit Medical are hiring now in cities across America.

With nearly 400 open positions in Orlando alone, job seekers have their pick of roles from entry-level sales to regional management. Excellent compensation reflects the high demand for skilled talent.

Sales representatives can expect average annual salaries exceeding $70,000, with potential for growth. Driven professionals who build expertise have a path to become territory managers earning over $100,000.

The industry needs outgoing personalities who thrive on engaging new customers every day. If you want a rewarding career where you make a difference in healthcare, look into medical device sales jobs near you today.

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