Finding the Best Medical Device Marketing Consultants

Breaking into the medical device market can be a complex endeavor. With an industry worth nearly $450 billion globally, effective marketing is pivotal to success. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the crucial process of finding and hiring top-notch medical device marketing consultants to boost your business growth.

Key Takeaways of Medical Device Marketing Consultants

  • Marketing is key in the medical devices business. It needs clear and simple messages that highlight the unique product features.
  • Well – known marketing agencies include Medical Marcom, Activate Health, Abra Marketing, The Matchstick Group, W2O and ClearPivot.
  • EquiBrand Healthcare Marketing Consulting office provides many services for healthcare startups which include marketing strategy, brand strategy, digital strategy etc.
  • Healthcare consultants help businesses grow by boosting patient and physician access while also conducting qualitative and quantitative research to understand customer behavior. They work across sectors including hospitals & medical centers along with pharmaceutical companies.

Understanding the Importance of Clear Marketing Communication

Clear marketing communication is key to the success of a medical devices business. It helps draw in customers and makes your product stand out. Your message must be clear, simple, and easy for people to understand.

Marketing is now about real customer involvement. Gone are the days when sellers just talked and did all the selling themselves. Now it’s more about putting the customer first – this is called a “customer-centric” approach.

Using market research can help you know what your customers want and need.

Market research involves finding out as much as you can about your customers. This means asking questions, studying data, looking at trends, or anything else that helps learn more about them.

Having this information will allow you to make decisions that are likely to be successful because they’re based on what customers have told us they want or need.

About Joe Hage and Medical Marcom

Joe Hage is a big name in medical marketing. He runs Medical Marcom, an agency that helps medical device firms. Joe’s team can guide you on how to talk about your product, find more customers and make the best use of social media.

Medical Marcom also builds websites for medical device companies. They know how to build sites that people like using and want to come back to. That way, the site does not just look good it helps sell your products too!

Joe is great at what he does. He leads a big group of people who make and sell medical devices on LinkedIn called “Medical Devices Group”. His book teaches you how to pick a great marketing expert for your business growth.

Top Medical Device Marketing Agencies to Know

Exploring the landscape of medical device marketing, we bring you an overview of top-notch agencies worth considering such as Activate Health, Abra Marketing, The Matchstick Group, W2O and ClearPivot.

Each agency brings a unique blend of expertise and services tailored to elevate your marketing strategies. To gain more insights into these titans in the healthcare marketing sector, continue reading through our ultimate guide.

Activate Health

Activate Health has its roots in Phoenix, Arizona, and Nashville, Tennessee. They are experts in making plans for health tools to sell more. Activate Health uses smart ways to help the world know about your brand.

Their team is good at getting doctors and other health workers interested in what you offer. This helps create more business leads and repeat sales. The staff at Activate Health knows a lot about marketing health tools.

They can solve hard problems and use special chances to win in the market of medical devices.

Abra Marketing

Abra Marketing is a key player in the healthcare sector. They have been working with medical practices since 1999. This agency helps medical device companies talk to patients better using digital marketing programs.

The team at Abra has deep knowledge of the medical device industry and uses this to help businesses grow. They work on making your brand more known and helping you reach more markets with your products.

Their goal is to make real connections between you and your customers, not just online, but also in the real world where it matters most.

The Matchstick Group

The Matchstick Group is a top name in the field of medical device marketing. They started in 2011 and have always focused on this area of work. The team at The Matchstick Group is skilled at creating virtual demos and having interactive programs to show off products.

These ways of promotion are very useful for their clients. The group also helps clients find their spot in the market, provides key insights, and aids in launching strong brands. This makes them a great partner for product branding success.


W2O is a big name in the world of medical device marketing. They work with many top players in health care. This firm knows how to sell and market medical devices well. Their team uses smart strategies to boost your brand’s value.

Companies doing business in health tech trust W2O a lot. This agency helps them stand out in a very crowded field. They have tools that track data and use it to make good plans for their clients’ products.


ClearPivot makes your medical device business shine. Part of the top marketing team, ClearPivot helps sell your devices. They show how your product is different from others in a good way.

Many medical device companies trust them with their work. Their expert advice gets results and roots out problems in marketing plans. ClearPivot stands by you in this busy industry and gives special solutions just for you.

Services Offered by EquiBrand Healthcare Marketing Consulting

EquiBrand Healthcare Marketing Consulting gives many services to help medical device companies. These are the services they offer:

  1. Healthcare consulting: They solve problems for healthcare startups.
  2. Pharmaceutical consulting: EquiBrand helps companies that make medicine.
  3. Medical device consulting: They aid businesses that create and sell medical tools.
  4. Bio brand consulting: EquiBrand guides firms that make goods from living things.
  5. Marketing strategy: They plan how to sell goods in the best way.
  6. Brand strategy: EquiBrand helps firms decide what kind of image they want to have.
  7. Digital strategy: They use online tools to boost a company’s success.
  8. Innovation strategy: EquiBrand pushes firms to try new ideas for growth.
  9. Growth strategy: They figure out the steps a firm needs to grow big and strong.

How Healthcare Marketing Consultants Can Help in Business Growth

Healthcare marketing consultants are instrumental in fostering business growth through tailored strategies, as they provide valuable patient and physician access, conduct rigorous qualitative research to comprehend customer behavior and preferences, and employ quantitative research along with data analytics to gauge market trends.

Patient and Physician Access

Healthcare marketing consultants can boost patient and physician access. They use smart plans to bring in new patients. At the same time, current patients stay because they are happy with their care.

Marketing pros also work on ways to make care better and faster. For example, Accenture makes getting medical help easier for patients. This helps doctors give top-notch care to more people.

The end goal is always a great patient experience that leads to good health results.

In-Depth Qualitative Research

Qualitative research goes deep. It can help medical device companies understand their market better. This type of research looks at why people like certain things. It is not just about numbers, but feelings and thoughts too.

Healthcare marketing consultants use this to find out what patients and doctors want from the products.

Qualitative research has many tools. It uses interviews, focus groups, and surveys to collect feedback from customers. This data tells a story about the market trends or how well a sales strategy worked.

Companies then use these stories to make changes that will let them serve their clients better in the future.

Quantitative Research and Data Analytics

Quantitative research and data analytics are key tools. They help medical device companies make smart choices. Using these tools can uncover hidden trends. It helps to understand what the market needs or what it will need soon.

Big data analysis is a strong tool for sales growth too. It uses lots of data to find useful information. For instance, it can spot patterns that show how patients use devices. This results in better patient care and managing health issues, all thanks to new tech solutions.

Healthcare Marketing Consulting Sectors

The field of healthcare marketing consulting is expansive, with services spanning across multiple sectors including hospitals and medical centers, emerging medical devices and technology firms, as well as established pharmaceutical companies; these diverse markets each require specific strategic approaches to ensure effective communication and promotion of their unique offerings.

Hospitals and Medical Centers

Hospitals and medical centers can use healthcare marketing consultants. They help these places provide better services. Consultants give new ideas and knowledge to hospitals and medical centers.

Medical device companies can work with these places too. The guide given in the text helps them find the right people for this job. These people will make better plans for selling their equipment or service.

They can also help to improve how things are done in hospitals and medical centers. So, using a consultant is good for both the place giving care, as well as the company making tools for health needs.

Medical Devices and Technology

Medical devices and technology have a big part in health care. Companies that make these items need advice on how to sell them. This is where healthcare marketing consultants come in.

They help these companies make smart choices about their products. They show them how to use tech like device integration and medical record data apps. Combining field sales with remote sales is one new way these companies are selling their products.

It’s a fresh idea that can help get more clients and grow the business in the medtech world.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical firms play a big role in healthcare. They make drugs to help cure illness. Some firms also create medical devices. Just like these, such companies need marketing too.

Accenture and McCann Health are two top names that aid here. They use tech tools to improve patient care outcomes and experiences. Their goal is clear communication about the health products they market.

Why Choose EquiBrand for Medical Marketing Consulting

EquiBrand provides a comprehensive array of medical marketing consulting services backed by years of industry experience and a track record of driving business growth, making it an ideal partner to navigate the complexities of the medical device marketplace.

Explore how EquiBrand has accomplished successful results in their case studies and why they are the best fit for your medical marketing needs.

Case Studies of Successful Business Growth

EquiBrand has many stories of business growth. They worked with different healthcare, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries. Each story shows a challenge they faced, the actions they took, and the result.

  1. Case Study 1: A Biobrand with Slow Sales
  2. Case Study 2: A MedTech Company Struggling to Sell
  3. Case Study 3: A Pharmaceutical Firm Losing Market Share
  4. Case Study 4: A Healthcare Startup with Little Marketing Know-How

Benefits of Hiring Freelance Medical Device Marketing Specialists

By hiring freelance medical device marketing specialists, companies can access a cost-effective solution with specialized expertise tailored to their unique needs, which aids in strategic decision-making and the execution of effective marketing campaigns.

Cost-Effective Option

Saving money is key in any business. Hiring freelance medical device marketing specialists can do just that. These experts cost less than full-time workers but still deliver top results.

This makes them an affordable choice for medical device companies looking to market their products effectively and efficiently without breaking the bank.

Specialized Expertise

Freelance medical device marketing experts bring special skills to your business. They know all about the specific medical market you’re in. Not just that, they have a deep understanding of rules and safety needs for your devices.

This high-level insight can guide your business towards its goals. These freelance advisors from platforms like Kolabtree also give help in niche market analysis. They make plans fit for your exact line of work.

How to Hire a Medical Device Marketing Consultant

To hire a medical device marketing consultant, you should start by posting a project on platforms like Kolabtree. Consider the qualifications such as experience in lead generation, web development, and strategy creation when reviewing profiles.

It’s critical to set explicit expectations and goals from the outset to ensure your chosen consultant aligns with your business objectives. The final step involves evaluating their proposal based on their ability to meet these targets and proceeding with the hiring process for your top candidate who demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the medical device market and product positioning strategies.

Posting a Project on Kolabtree

To hire a medical device marketing consultant, first use Kolabtree. It’s as easy as posting your project on the website. This is free and lets all freelancers see it. You can describe what you need in detail.

Then, many experts will give quotes for your project! These are people with lots of skill and experience in medical devices. The support staff at Kolabtree can help find the best fit for your work.

Qualifications to Look For

Picking the right medical device marketing expert is vital for your business. Look closely at their skills and know-how. Some might hold special certificates or training tied to their work area.

These can help your firm grow even faster. You should also weigh up the needs of your company before making a choice. The best fit will depend on what gaps you need filled in your team.

Do not just hire based on degrees or titles, but consider practical experience too. This will make sure you get the most from them and boost your business growth.

Setting Expectations and Goals

Hiring a medical device marketing consultant is not all. You must set clear goals too. Determine what you want from them and the tasks they will handle. This might be shaping your overall marketing strategy or focusing on social media marketing paths only.

Clear goals direct their work towards your business growth needs. Setting expectations also lets them know what results you are after, when, and how to get there. Such clarity helps both of you to avoid wasted time and disappointments down the line.

Final Decision and Hiring Process

You must make a smart choice in hiring a medical device marketing consultant. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Look at their skills. They should have plenty of know – how about making medical devices.
  2. Check if they follow all the rules. The law has clear rules for making and selling medical devices.
  3. Think about what you need them to do. You want your business to grow so ensure they can help with this.
  4. Make sure you agree on goals and what needs to be done.
  5. Send out a notice that you need help on Kolabtree. This is a good place to find professionals who know about marketing medical devices.
  6. Finally, pick the best person for your needs after looking at all the facts.

Key factors when hiring medical device marketing consultants

Hiring the right marketing consultant is crucial for medical device manufacturers looking to boost their marketing efforts. With the complex and highly regulated healthcare industry, strategic planning and effective execution are key to success.

When evaluating marketing consultants, medical companies should look for expertise in understanding their specific market segment and developing integrated marketing communications to achieve competitive advantage. Factors to consider include:

Defining your brand identity and messaging

An experienced consultant can help define your brand identity and craft messaging that resonates with your target customers. They should have healthcare marketing expertise to develop clinical messaging that engages physicians while also creating consumer messaging that drives engagement.

Assessing your internal team

Look at what marketing capabilities your internal team lacks to determine what gaps a consultant should fill. Whether you need strategic planning, campaign execution, or analytics, find a consultant who complements and elevates your existing marketing approach.

Evaluating their healthcare experience

Choose a consultant experienced in medical device marketing versus general consumer marketing. They should understand FDA regulations, purchasing processes, and the physician/patient journey in the healthcare industry. This specialized experience helps them develop quality programs tailored to your field.

Reviewing past performance and results

Thoroughly research their track record with specific examples of helping medical companies achieve growth and ROI. Ask for case studies of successful product launches or messaging campaigns they led. The ideal consultant has a proven history of results.

Cultural fit

Make sure their style and processes are a good match for your internal culture. Look for good communicators who listen to your goals and collaborate seamlessly with your team. Strong cultural alignment leads to better engagement and outcomes.

The right medical marketing consultants become trusted partners in advancing your business goals. Evaluating their experience, approach, and past results will help you make the optimal choice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Device Marketing Consultants

1. What is a Medical Device Marketing Consultant?

A medical device marketing consultant helps businesses plan and carry out strategies to sell their health products.

2. How can I Find the Best Marketing Consultants for My Business?

You can find the best consultants by checking their experience, skills, and client reviews online or in trade journals.

3. Can These Consultants Help Improve My Profit?

Yes, good consultants use clever sales ideas that attract buyers which leads to more profit for your business.

4. How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Medical Device Marketing Consultant?

The price varies based on the expert’s skill level and complexity of your project, so ask them for a quote before you decide.

5. When Should I Hire One of These Experts?

Hire an expert when you want new ways to sell your products or when old methods aren’t working any longer.

Conclusion and Summary of Finding the Best Medical Device Marketing Consultants

Finding and hiring the right marketing consultants is a key step for medical device companies seeking to boost their success. As outlined in this comprehensive guide, you need experts who understand the intricacies of promoting clinical products and engaging healthcare professionals.

Look for consultants with proven expertise in medical device marketing strategies from branding to messaging to analytics. They should have case studies that demonstrate their ability to deliver results for companies like yours. In your search process, take the time to thoroughly research their background, evaluate their approach to ensure it fits your needs and culture, and validate their track record of achievements.

With the best medical marketing consultants as strategic partners, you gain the experience and insight needed to hone your competitive edge. Their healthcare-specific knowledge helps deploy the ideal campaigns to reach physicians and consumers. When you make the right match, these experts can elevate your marketing to drive product adoption, sales, and profits. Use this guide to find the specialist ready to propel your medical device business growth.

Marty Stewart