Understanding the Medical Device Sales Consultant Role

Navigating the world of a Medical Device Sales Consultant can be complex and challenging. This crucial role is at the intersection of healthcare and technology, constantly evolving with the advent of new medical breakthroughs.

Our article will break down all aspects  from core responsibilities to everyday tasks, providing vital insights for those considering this dynamic career path. 

Key Takeaways of Medical Device Sales Consultant

  • A Medical Device Sales Consultant sells health tools to places like hospitals.
  • They need strong people skills and knowledge about their products to talk with doctors and others.
  • Jobs in this field pay well and have good job security.
  • To get a job in medical device sales, build up your education and skills, find jobs online, or meet industry professionals at events.

What is a Medical Device Sales Consultant?

A Medical Device Sales Consultant is a professional who operates within the healthcare industry, responsible for selling medical equipment and devices to hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices, or laboratories.

They handle various duties including product presentation, market research, relationship building with healthcare professionals and achieving sales targets. Different positions exist within this field such as territory sales specialist, orthopedic sales associate or distributor sales representative among others.

Job responsibilities and duties

A Medical Device Sales Consultant does many things. They work hard to sell medical devices. Hospitals and other healthcare places are where they most often go. They meet with people who work in health care at these places. The goal is to sell them tools for tests and treatments.

They also have desk jobs to do too. They keep records of contracts and orders from clients. These workers look at what the client needs, wants, or may want soon by doing market research.

Keeping up with new facts about their field is important too. This means knowing all about the latest equipment used in health care, which are called “clinical advancements“. The more a sales consultant knows, the better they can help their customers use the devices sold.

Solving problems that come up while selling or using these machines is another task these workers do every day.

Types of medical device sales positions

There are many types of medical device sales. Each one has a different area of focus. Here is the list:

  1. Medical device sales specialist: These people know a lot about all kinds of devices.
  2. Medical device sales representative: They talk to doctors and nurses about using their company’s devices.
  3. Surgical device sales: This job sells tools used in surgery.
  4. Cardiovascular device sales: People in these jobs sell heart-related devices like stents and valves.
  5. Prosthetics sales: They sell artificial limbs and body parts to hospitals and clinics.
  6. Neurostimulation device sales: These reps sell devices that help with brain or nerve problems.
  7. Wound care device sales: They offer items that help wounds heal faster.
  8. Diagnostic equipment sales: This job focuses on machines that test for diseases, like MRI scanners or blood tests.
  9. Dental device sales: These reps sell things used by dentists, such as dental drills or braces.
  10. Respiratory device sales: Items like asthma inhalers or breathing machines are sold by these reps.

How to Become a Medical Device Sales Consultant

To become a Medical Device Sales Consultant, one must first obtain a bachelor’s degree, preferably in a field like business or health sciences. Further training in medical sales is also recommended for gaining detailed knowledge of the industry and honing your selling skills.

Some essential qualities required for this role include excellent communication skills, an understanding of complex scientific concepts related to medical devices, high-level organization abilities, and strong interpersonal skills to build lasting relationships with clients.

Education and training requirements

To be a Medical Device Sales Consultant, you need certain education and skills. Here’s what you need:

  1. Finished high school. The first step is to get your high school diploma.
  2. Get a degree. About 82% of medical sales reps have at least a bachelor’s degree, and 7% have a master’s degree.
  3. Choose the right field. It’s good to have a bachelor’s degree in sales or healthcare.
  4. Go for related fields as well. Some firms may want you to hold a bachelor’s degree in business or marketing.
  5. Gain experience in selling medical devices: This will make you stand out among others who want the same job.
  6. Keep learning new things: This helps you stay up-to-date with changes in the industry.

Necessary skills and qualities

A medical device sales consultant needs many skills. Strong sales ability is key. They must have the power to persuade doctors and hospitals to buy their devices. A deep understanding of their products is also a must.

This allows them to clearly explain how each device works and its benefits. The best consultants can talk easily with people from different walks of life, including doctors, nurses, hospital executives, and patients.

Good problem-solving abilities also help in this role as it can be full of challenges that require quick thinking. Finally, they need to know about industry rules so they stay within the law when selling and promoting devices.

Day-to-Day Work of a Medical Device Sales Consultant

The day-to-day work of a Medical Device Sales Consultant involves various tasks to ensure product visibility and uptake, including building productive relationships with healthcare professionals, conducting in-house product exhibitions for potential clients such as hospitals and physicians, and working diligently towards meeting the designated sales targets.

Building relationships with healthcare professionals

A medical device sales consultant works closely with healthcare professionals. This job involves time spent talking to doctors, nurses, and surgeons. Great bond-making skills are a must for this role.

It helps in building trust with these professionals. For product evaluations and deciding details, good ties come in handy. Many successful consultants have strong alliances with healthcare providers.

Conducting product demonstrations

Showing a product in action is key. The sales rep does this through product demonstrations. They show the device to doctors and health care professionals. They talk about what the device does and why it’s good.

This helps them see its perks firsthand. Some reps may also tell them about new devices on the market. This teaching makes buyers trust them more, which can help make a sale happen quicker.

Attaining sales goals

To meet sales goals, a medical device sales consultant works hard. They must sell enough devices to hit their target. A key part of the job is to set goals that are both clear and doable.

Great skills in talking and dealing with people can help them succeed. If they go beyond their goal often, they may earn more money. This drives many to keep improving in their work every day.

Is Medical Device Sales a Good Career?

A career in Medical Device Sales offers competitive salaries, robust benefits, and a positive job outlook with plenty of opportunities for growth.

Salary and benefits

Medical device sales consultants often enjoy a substantial salary and various benefits. The actual amount, however, can vary depending on the type of medical device they are selling. A company car and various bonuses and perks are common in the field, making the job more enticing. It’s also noteworthy that medical sales representatives are reported to have the highest salaries across all medical device markets. Finally, due to the booming medical and pharmaceutical sectors worldwide, they often have high job security if they perform well.

Job outlook and growth opportunities

The job outlook for medical device sales is bright. This field is growing fast all over the world. More and more people need medical tools, so there are many jobs for sales reps. It’s a safe career choice even when other jobs are hard to find.

Medical device sales give steady work to top sellers. Even as some workers have fewer hours, jobs in this field remain strong. The health care and drug sectors continue to grow very large worldwide.

Because of this, working in medical device sales has great promise for the future.

Sample Medical Device Sales Consultant Job Description

A medical device sales consultant sells health tools to doctors and hospitals. They build ties with clients. They also show how their product works. They help clients handle any problems with the product.

A good medical device sales consultant needs great people skills. This helps them talk well with doctors and nurses about what they need.

They must be up-to-date on new health care products in the market too. How much money a medical device sales consultant makes depends on different things, like where they work or what kind of product they sell.

Steps to Find Medical Device Sales Consultant Jobs

Harnessing the power of job search engines and building a strong network with industry professionals can significantly boost your chances of landing an exciting role as a Medical Device Sales Consultant.

Utilizing job search engines

Job search engines play a key role in finding jobs as a Medical Device Sales Consultant. They offer many job opportunities in the medical device sales industry. Hiring managers use these platforms to find new talent.

Job seekers can learn about new healthcare devices, products, and medications here too. The people looking for jobs can also study potential employers and understand what they want.

All this helps them carve out their right path in the industry with ease and success.

Networking with industry professionals

Reaching out to others in the field is key. The medical sales industry offers many chances to build ties with other experts. Go to networking events when you can. You will meet reps, managers, doctors, and recruiters there.

These people can give you helpful tips for your career path. They might even lead you to job openings! If it’s hard for you to find entry-level jobs or if you lack prior experience, internships at medical device companies are a good start.

Working with a local dealer or gaining sales or marketing skills also helps. Be outgoing and proactive in building your network.

Average Salary for Medical Device Sales Consultants in 2019

Medical Device Sales Consultants earned a significant amount of total compensation in 2019. The figures provided below lay out the breakdown of various components of their compensation, including base salary, and bonus commission.

These figures vary across positions in the medical device sales field. For instance, the average salary of sales representatives at IQVIA, a notable company in the field, was $92,235 in 2019. Medical device reps, in general, earned an average annual salary of $139,000.

By understanding these average salary figures, companies in the medical device sales industry can set competitive compensation structures to attract and retain top talent.

Companies Hiring Medical Device Sales Consultants in the Chicago, IL Area

In the bustling healthcare industry of Chicago, numerous companies are actively seeking Medical Device Sales Consultants to help promote their products and establish strong relationships with healthcare professionals.

Job titles and locations

In the Chicago, IL area, there are many jobs for medical device sales. There are 56 open jobs right now! The job titles vary a lot. Some people will be Medical Device Sales Consultants.

Others might work as Territory Sales or Sales Representatives. With 288 total sales jobs in this field in Chicago, you have lots of chances to find work that fits you best.

Open positions

There are several job openings for Medical Device Sales Consultants in the Chicago, IL area. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Currently, there are 56 open positions.
  2. The jobs can be found on Indeed.com and other sites.
  3. There’s not just Consultant roles. There are also Territory Sales and Sales Representative jobs.
  4. In total, there are 557 Medical Device jobs in Chicago, IL.
  5. For those new to sales, try an Associate Medical Device Sales Representative role.
  6. Students should look for internships in medical device sales.

Medical Device Sales Representatives and Jobs

The medical device sales representatives make up a large part of the sales team in this field. These medical device sales reps are crucial for getting new medical products and technology into healthcare facilities.

The average yearly total compensation for a medical sales rep varies widely depending on experience, sales skills, location, and more. However, the potential to earn a high salary is a major perk of these medical device sales jobs.

To become a medical device sales rep, most companies want candidates with a four year college degree. They also look for some type of sales training or prior experience in the medical industry. Strong communication and problem-solving skills are a must as well.

As a rep, your focus will be growing sales in your assigned territory. This involves visiting new and existing accounts at hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices. During these visits, you’ll demo products, answer questions, and try to increase sales.

Building rapport with medical staff is vital. You need to provide excellent service to create lasting relationships. This ensures they’ll trust you and buy from your company again.

The types of medical products included include artificial joints, wound care supplies, MRI machines, dentures, and medical devices of all kinds. Some reps focus on certain niches like cardiovascular or neurology. Others sell a wide mix of medical technology and pharmaceuticals.

For driven sales people seeking upward mobility, career advancement is common in medical device sales. Many managers and executives started as reps. They moved up by having consistent sales growth and people skills.

If you desire a role where you can grow income and leadership skills quickly, medical device sales jobs have much to offer. Connecting doctors with the latest tools to save lives brings immense fulfillment too. This makes a medical device sales rep role engaging and meaningful.

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Device Sales Consultant

1. What Does a Medical Device Sales Consultant do?

A medical device sales consultant sells medical equipment to hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices.

2. Do I Need Special Training to be a Medical device sales consultant?

Yes, you typically need knowledge of the medical field and specific training on the devices you will be selling.

3. Is Being a Medical Device Sales Consultant a Full-Time Job?

Being a medical device sales consultant can either be a full-time or part-time job depending on the company’s needs and your availability.

4. How Much Money Can I Make as a Medical Device Sales Consultant?

The amount of money you earn as a medical device sales consultant depends on your experience, performance, and the commission structure of your company.

5. Can I Work from Home as a Medical Device Sales Consultant?

Yes, many companies allow their consultants to work from home when they are not visiting clients in-person.

Conclusion and Summary of Understanding the Medical Device Sales Consultant Role

For those seeking a rewarding career at the crossroads of healthcare and sales, medical device sales offers immense potential. This role provides the chance to combine a passion for helping people with strong business acumen.

As outlined, medical device sales reps and consultants take on various responsibilities. Key tasks involve demonstrating and explaining products to doctors, building relationships with healthcare staff, and attaining sales goals.

To excel in this field takes a mix of science know-how, likability, perseverance, and organization. Yet for driven individuals, the ability to grow income and leadership skills makes medical device sales appealing. Connecting patients with innovative technology that improves lives also brings deep fulfillment.

Overall, medical device sales jobs provide the opportunity to blend purpose, growth, and stability. If you desire to join a collaborative team selling items that advance healthcare, this could be the right path for you. With an aging population and advances in medical technology, there is high demand for talented salespeople in this industry now and for years to come.

Marty Stewart