10 Reliable Medical Device Marketing Agencies

Navigating the world of medical device marketing can be a daunting task. With an industry that’s expected to reach $612 billion by 2025, getting your devices noticed is key to growth.

This article will guide you through ten reliable marketing agencies specializing in the medical device niche, known for their proven track records and innovative strategies.

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Key Takeaways of Medical Device Marketing Agencies

  • Medical device marketing is about making your brand known to doctors and buyers. Good websites and landing pages help sell devices.
  • The right agency can make a big difference in product launches. They bring more brand awareness, patient engagement, and money earned.
  • There are top – notch agencies like Activate Health, Abra Marketing, The Matchstick Group, W2O that specialize in medical device marketing.
  • These agencies have unique approaches, deep understanding of the medical field and proven success records in running campaigns.

What is Medical Device Marketing?

Medical device marketing is all about promoting medical tools. These tools are used in the healthcare industry. The goal of this type of marketing is to make your brand known and liked by doctors and possible buyers.

Having a good website helps you show off your brand and its products. You can use special web pages called landing pages to give more details about certain medical devices. These pages help turn people who are just looking into real buyers.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Medical Device Marketing Agency

Selecting the right medical device marketing agency is crucial for a business’s success as it ensures effective product launches and helps establish a strong brand presence in the competitive healthcare market.

Ensures success in product launches and campaigns

Choosing the right medical device marketing agency makes a big difference. It can lead to great success in product launches and campaigns. These agencies know how to get your medical devices out there.

These agencies have a clear understanding of the healthcare industry. They plan great marketing efforts that grab attention. This leads to more brand awareness, patient engagement, and money earned. Their work helps you reach more people who need your medical devices.

Helps establish a strong brand presence

A strong brand presence can set your firm apart. Choosing the right medical device marketing agency plays a key part in this process. They work towards increasing your brand’s visibility, pushing it ahead of rivals.

They weave unique stories around your product, making it memorable for customers. An effective agency crafts amazing narratives that make you stand out from others. This approach is essential to thrive in the industry and gain an edge over competitors.

Top Medical Device Marketing Agencies to Consider

When it comes to Medical Device Marketing Agencies, you have a number of top-notch options to consider including Activate Health, Abra Marketing, The Matchstick Group, W2O, ClearPivot, Icovy Marketing, Podymos, Spark Social Agency, Webserv and NoGood.

Activate Health

Activate Health is a top choice for medical device companies. This agency makes strong marketing plans. It sets up smart strategies for clients. They build websites, improve search results, and write good content.

Also, they know how to use social media ads and email marketing well. The team at Activate Health knows the rules in the medical device industry very well. Their work always gives great results that can be seen in their case studies.

They make good sales and bring more customers to their clients’ doorsteps using data-driven methods.

Abra Marketing

Abra Marketing is a star in healthcare marketing. Since 1999, they have helped many businesses grow. Their team knows how to make medical device companies stand out. They use special digital programs for this work.

Success comes easy with Abra Marketing. They have joined hands with other top agencies to offer the best services. Through their efforts, clients have seen results worth $3 billion! UpCity says that they are one of the finest in healthcare marketing.

The Matchstick Group

The Matchstick Group is a top choice for many. They started in 2011 and work only on medical device marketing. Their main skill is launching new devices. This group has won awards for their work too. They are much loved for their strong creative skills.


W2O is a key player among top medical device marketing agencies. This agency works with giants like Cardinal Health, Philips, and GE Healthcare. Their goal is to help you reach more people and make your brand well-known.

They do this by creating custom plans for branding, marketing, and advertising. These plans meet the needs of firms in healthcare, biotech, life sciences, pharma and medical device sectors.


ClearPivot is a topnotch medical device marketing agency. They are known for their skill in making you stand out in the market. If you want to grow your business, ClearPivot can help.

They use new ways to get customers’ interest in your products. The team at this superior medical device marketing agency has a lot of experience and know-how. Trust them to make sure your medical devices find the right people.

Icovy Marketing

Icovy Marketing is a top name to know. This agency knows medtech from the inside out. Their goal is to boost brands and connect leaders in the Medtech world. They do this by offering many services that grow your brand’s reach, get people talking about you, and sell more devices.

To make smart choices, data is key. Icovy Marketing uses data and analytics for this purpose. With their help, you can use facts to plan your marketing moves in the medtech field. You’ll know what works best for selling your medical devices.


Podymos is a key player in medical device marketing. This agency stands out with its sharp focus on both inbound and outbound campaigns. Their team works closely with clients, making sure to craft strategies that boost business growth.

Podymos also pays attention to trends, using them in their plans for the best results. For companies aiming to enhance their marketing efforts, Podymos offers reliable services built on expertise and insight.

Spark Social Agency

Spark Social Agency is a top name in the field of medical device marketing. They are known for their proven track record and reliable strategies that drive business growth. This agency is one of the best in Canada’s healthcare digital industry with updated services till February 14, 2023.


Webserv is a top player in medical device marketing. They have a wide range of services. Their team uses data to make plans for drug companies. From Toronto, they started working in 2015.

They help businesses pick the best agency for their needs. Known for reaching target audiences and boosting brand name, Webserv is a trusted choice in the healthcare industry.


NoGood stands as a top marketing agency in the USA. It is known for helping medical device companies grow. NoGood uses its skills to avoid privacy issues that could hurt your business.

This agency has helped many clients see success in the medical device industry. With a long line of wins, NoGood shows itself to be great at what it does. Trust them with your growth and expect good results every time.

What Makes These Agencies Stand Out?

These agencies stand out due to their unique strategies and approaches towards medical device marketing, their niche specialization, and a proven track record of running successful campaigns which is evident in the growth and success stories of the firms they have partnered with.

Unique strategies and approaches

These agencies use unique strategies to stand out. They offer creative ideas that others don’t have. Their method is not the usual one. It’s about making a product known and liked by many people.

For example, they use smart SEO content for easy search on the web. Video content is also used to show how a device works in a simple way. These tactics make sure your medical device gets noticed fast and sells well too.

Specialization in medical device marketing

These marketing agencies are good at medical device marketing. They know this field well and understand the rules that apply to it. Their deep knowledge helps them build strong plans that reach the right people like doctors and patients.

They use their skills to create engaging content about medical devices that draws interest. These agencies stay up-to-date on happenings in the market, spotting new chances for growth.

With their dedicated focus on medical devices, they make sure your products get noticed by the right people.

Track record of successful campaigns

These agencies have a strong track record of successful campaigns. They work hard for their wins. For example, Elevation Marketing stands out in healthcare marketing. Their past actions speak louder than words.

McCann Health also leads the pack. Case studies prove their success. One agency even helped make $3 billion! That’s big money in business growth. They keep an eye on things too. Tracking is key to know if a plan works or not. So, they monitor and check all the time.

The Services They Offer

These agencies provide a range of services tailored to meet the needs of medical device companies. They offer full-service marketing, encompassing all aspects from strategy development to execution.

Brand development is another key offering, helping businesses build and maintain a strong brand presence in the market. These agencies also specialize in print and digital creatives, delivering compelling designs that resonate with target audiences.

Additionally, they leverage email and marketing automation tools to streamline communication processes and nurture leads effectively. Other notable offerings include animation and video production for visually engaging marketing content, comprehensive market research to guide decision-making, and sales training programs designed to empower sales teams with necessary skills for selling complex medical products successfully.

Full-service marketing

Full-service marketing means getting all your advertising needs met in one place. These agencies help with everything from web development, content creation, and social media marketing to audience targeting and market research.

They plan campaigns to make sure your medical devices get attention from the right people. Branding and promotion also fall under full-service marketing. This helps more people know about your brand.

Elevation Marketing is one such agency known for its work in healthcare. By making use of these services, you can reach more customers for your business growth.

Brand development

Brand development is key for medical device businesses. You need a strong brand to stand out in a crowded market. This helps you sell more devices. A good brand has clear visuals and speaks to the right people.

It makes your name known above all others. Your goal can be reached easier with a strong brand by your side. To grow your business, work with an expert healthcare marketing agency on your branding strategy.

Print and digital creative

Print and digital creative work is key in marketing. In the world of medical device companies, it’s a big deal. Agencies use these skills to make products look good and get them seen by more people.

They make ads for newspapers, magazines, and billboards. But they also put effort into making things for the internet.

Most of the time online marketing helps boost brand awareness more than print ads do. Digital advertising makes sure that your products are seen on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram where so many people spend their time each day. It also puts your product on popular websites that lots of folks visit often.

These agencies know how to design their materials well too! From brochures to banner ads; every piece looks great and has all the right info about your product on it. This way everyone who sees an ad learns something new about what you’re selling.

Email and marketing automation

You can find help with email and marketing automation from these agencies. This tool brings in new leads. It connects you with your customers again and again. These emails are not all the same; each one fits the person it is sent to.

This way, a personal bond forms between your company and the customer. Spending on this type of marketing will grow to more than $25 billion by 2023! KME.digital, for example, uses it to boost business growth.

Animation and video production

The best medical device marketing firms use animation and video production in their work. They create impressive videos that are easy to understand. These videos explain how your devices work.

Video is a strong tool for drawing people’s attention and teaching them something new. It can help show your product in action. Agencies use rich, clear images to make viewers feel like they are right there with the devices. Virtual reality content adds even more excitement to the mix. Businesses have seen growth when using these tools in healthcare marketing.

Market research

Market research plays a big role in the success of medical device companies. It helps you know what your customers want and need. By studying your rivals, you can learn about their goods and methods.

Looking at trends can tell you where the industry is going. This will help make decisions on new devices or services to offer. Studying challenges faced by those who sell your products also comes under market research.

Understanding these issues lets health firms give better support to sellers. You get all this useful data when an expert healthcare marketing firm does market research for you.

Sales training

Sales training is a key job for medical device marketing agencies. They create programs to help medical sales representatives do their jobs well. These reps sell products to places like hospitals and doctor’s offices.

The new thing in tech selling could be a mix of remote and field sales. Training can help make this change smooth. Good training also boosts brand recognition and helps sell more in the busy medical device market.

Agencies use data like Profit and Loss statements to guide them. This is important work in the world of health tools.

Case Studies of Their Work

The agencies have contributed to the success of various medical device companies, with case studies ranging from Surgical Specialties Corporation’s product launch, the branding and marketing for Renal Denervation System, and the global promotion of innovative devices like Saber™, Quill™, Biosentry, and Thermocool.

Surgical Specialties Corporation

Surgical Specialties Corporation helps surgeons. This firm sends device reps to offer aid and training in the operating room. Many surgeons lean on this company for knowledge and help during surgery.

It’s a top pick among medical device marketing agencies for boosting business growth. They provide many services to grow your medical device business. Surgical Specialties Corporation has a strong record of success in promoting and selling medical devices.

Renal Denervation System

Renal Denervation System is a new tool for doctors. This system treats high blood pressure. It uses thin tubes called catheters. They go into the renal arteries in your body. These catheters use radio waves or sound waves to make scars on the walls of these arteries.

Studies show that this system helps lower blood pressure in patients better than other methods do. Many companies are making products for this market due to its growth and demand.


Saber™ is one of the top names in the medical device marketing field. They have a big role in making businesses grow. Saber™ works on special case studies that help improve their work in this industry.

This work helps them know more about medical devices and how to market them well.

Saber™ offers many ways to help your business grow. These include tailored services just for the medical device industry. People trust Saber™ because they are good at what they do.

Their focus on medical devices sets them apart from other agencies. Working with Saber™ can give your business a strong boost.


Quill™, an online marketplace, sells medical products and more. A part of Staples Inc., Quill™ has a long history. It’s been selling office items for over six decades. Now, the company shares its focus on education too. They want to spread knowledge of their brand in this area.


Biosentry is a big name in the world of medical device marketing. The agency has shown great work through its case studies. These show how it helps medical device brands reach their goals.

Biosentry offers clever ideas for selling your devices well. Its track record shows success and trustworthiness in this field. With Biosentry, you can create effective plans to sell your medical devices more easily.

Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are a big deal. They have the power to boost your brand’s reputation and help it grow. People like to hear about other people’s good experiences before making their own choices.

In fact, studies show that positive feedback makes 72% of customers trust a business more. So if you’re selling medical devices, shining reviews can be key.

Most folks put faith in reviews too when they want to buy something, almost 70% of them. And it doesn’t stop there. More than eight out of every ten consumers need to read at least ten glowing comments before feeling confident in a brand.

This tells us one thing: what your clients say matters a lot. An impressive 88% of consumers trust testimonials as much as tips from friends or family. If someone says your product is great, others will likely think so too.

That’s why we give you quotes straight from happy clients who’ve worked with these top-notch agencies. This helps build consumer confidence and gives credit where it’s due because nothing speaks louder than success stories from real-life users just like you.

How to Choose the Right Agency for Your Business

Selecting the right agency involves careful consideration of their proven track record, expertise in your niche market, and alignment with your business goals. Dig deeper to discover how your business can effectively choose an ideal partner for growth.

Consider their experience and track record

Look at how long the agency has been in business. See what other jobs they have done. Ask about their wins and failures. This is part of their track record. The longer they have worked, the more things they will know.

They also learn from mistakes. A good track record means they do a good job most of the time. Pick an agency with lots of experience in healthcare marketing like Elevation Marketing for best results.

Evaluate their expertise in your specific niche

Find out if the agency knows your niche well. They should have a deep knowledge of medical device marketing. This means they can serve your specific needs better. Check their past work in this area.

Have they helped other companies like yours grow. If yes, it’s likely they have the needed niche expertise. You want an agency with a real sense of how to drive success for businesses like yours.

Communicate your goals and expectations

Tell the agency about your goals. Put these goals in clear words. This makes sure that both you and the agency are on the same page. You could want to sell more of a new product. Maybe you want to show people how useful your device is.

After this, tell them what you expect from them. Be clear and open about it. This helps build a strong team-work spirit between you and the healthcare marketing firm. They know their job well but they also need to know what your needs are for good results.

The Role of Marketing Teams in Medical Device Companies

Robust marketing teams provide invaluable support driving growth for medical device companies. They employ specialized expertise to connect with stakeholders and promote products effectively.

Core Marketing Responsibilities

  • Develop and execute comprehensive brand strategy aligned to business goals
  • Produce omni-channel campaigns across digital, social, print and live channels
  • Create product launch plans from positioning to sales materials
  • Generate and nurture leads through content and email campaigns
  • Conduct market research to inform product development
  • Track campaign analytics and optimize based on data

Collaboration Across the Organization

Marketing teams work closely with:

  • Sales reps to provide messaging and materials to engage prospects
  • Product development teams to inform future innovations
  • Executives to shape positioning and messaging
  • Agencies to design creative assets and implement campaigns

Industry Expertise

Success requires understanding complex healthcare ecosystems and buyer needs to craft resonant messaging. Medtech marketing expertise combines creativity with strategic thinking.

Medical device marketing teams ultimately aim to establish their brand as a trusted partner focused on improving patient outcomes through thoughtful engagement across channels.

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Device Marketing Agencies

1. Why Should I Consider a Marketing Agency for my Medical Device Business?

A marketing agency can help your medical device business grow by creating effective strategies to attract and retain customers.

2. What Services do These Marketing Agencies Offer?

Marketing agencies offer various services such as branding, website design, social media management, content creation, and search engine optimization.

3. How can a Marketing Agency Boost the Growth of my Medical Device Business?

A good marketing agency can increase your visibility to potential customers, build a strong brand identity, and create engaging content that drives sales.

4. Can Any Type of Marketing Agency Work with my Medical Device Business?

It’s best to choose an agency with experience in the healthcare sector because they understand its unique challenges and opportunities better

5. Are these Medical Device Marketing Agencies Expensive?

The cost varies between different agencies depending on their reputation, level of expertise and range of services offered.

Conclusion and Summary of 10 Reliable Medical Device Marketing Agencies

A skilled marketing team is invaluable for medical device companies aiming to boost awareness and adoption of their innovations. Leveraging deep industry expertise, these teams craft resonant messaging and memorable campaigns that capture stakeholder attention.

From shaping the overall brand strategy to producing assets and managing integrated marketing campaigns, marketing drives engagement across channels. They collaborate extensively with sales, product development, and agency partners to ensure alignment on positioning and deliverables.

Success requires a nuanced understanding of the healthcare ecosystem and end-user needs. Leading medtech marketing teams combine creativity with strategic thinking to highlight their value proposition. Through compelling storytelling and education, they establish emotional connections and build trust.

The efforts of product, engineering and sales teams culminate in bringing life-changing technologies to market. Savvy marketing teams ensure these devices receive the visibility and uptake they deserve to improve patient outcomes.

Marty Stewart