10 Exceptional B2B Content Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Strategy

Finding innovative ways to market your B2B company can be challenging. Yet, with a recent study revealing that over 3 million pieces of B2B content were reviewed for their effectiveness, it’s clear that some brands have cracked the code.

This article showcases 10 unique and exceptional examples of B2B content marketing strategies from top organizations across various industries; each example illustrates different approaches to connect with customers effectively.

Key Takeaways of B2B Content Marketing Examples

  • B2B content marketing shares helpful details about a company. It’s done through different content formats such as blogs, videos and lead generation campaigns.
  • Big companies like General Electric or Salesforce use many smart moves in their B2B content marketing including telling stories to engage with their prospective customers.
  • Tips for good B2B marketing include staying up to date through market research, being creative, and building trust.
  • Great B2B marketing can increase brand awareness and generate leads to successfully provide an ROI for your content marketing budgets.

What is B2B Content Marketing?

B2B content marketing is all about sharing useful details. Companies use it to tell others what they can do. They make blogs, videos, social media posts and more. This helps them get known by other businesses.

It’s a top tool to make people aware of a brand and build trust. Companies like CB Insights and Unbounce show how well it works. They create top-performing content that tells their story in a cool way.

Even during hard times like a pandemic, companies keep on making great B2B content marketing pieces. For example, Mailchimp used reality TV while Hootsuite gave useful resources for users to enjoy.

The Power of Thought Leadership in B2B Marketing

Thought leadership is key in B2B marketing. It uses expert-level content to show a company’s strong points. This makes the company trustworthy and seen as an industry leader. People like to buy from and work with companies they trust.

Using blogs, opinion pieces, case studies, and Q&A can help too. They keep people engaged and talking about your business. These short forms of thought leadership connect well with audiences.

Lastly, thought leadership shifts how customers see you. It impacts their buying choices in a positive way. Thus, it helps grow your business’s worth in their eyes.

B2B Content Marketing Strategy Examples From Top Companies

Discover how top-tier companies like General Electric and HubSpot have excelled in B2B content marketing, driving impressive engagement and conversions. Delve into the strategies and techniques employed by successful giants such as Salesforce and Y Combinator, which can offer powerful insights to fortify your own strategy.

From Zendesk’s creative campaigns to Drift’s impactful approaches, explore a variety of unique tactics that you could incorporate into your own B2B content marketing plan for remarkable results.

General Electric

General Electric (GE) sets a high standard in B2B content marketing. They use smart ways to reach other businesses. They tell stories about their tech and work on their platform, GE Reports.

This lets others see how they solve big problems. GE’s style is easy to follow but still packed with useful info. Their strong way of sharing makes them stand out in the crowd of top companies’ content marketing strategies.


HubSpot shows how to win in B2B content marketing. They make blogs, videos, and ebooks that help other businesses do better work. Their website is full of useful tools and tips for a good online presence.

Many business owners find these resources helpful. The key is the mix of engaging and usable content that meets the needs of their audience. This makes HubSpot one of the top firms for successful B2B campaigns.


Deloitte stands tall among top companies with great B2B content marketing. They give a helpful hand to Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs). Deloitte’s CMO Program helps them learn their role better.

It also guides them in keeping up with new trends in the market. This program makes it easy for CMOs to solve problems fast. In their 2022 Global Marketing Trends report, they talk about this support more.

So, Deloitte stays ahead by giving others the tools they need to do well in marketing too.


Salesforce shows us top-notch B2B content marketing. They use smart tools to boost sales and service. This big name focuses on making engaging content for its customers. Stories, videos, and blog posts are used to reach out to people.

They put their customer needs first. They use fun ways like online games to help clients learn about their products or services. This makes Salesforce stand out in the crowd of B2B brands.

It’s a great example of how to do good business-to-business marketing.

Y Combinator

Y Combinator is a name worth knowing in B2B content marketing. It helps new businesses grow with smart ideas and funds. Many top tech firms started here, like Dropbox and Airbnb. Y Combinator uses their blog to share success stories and tips.

This way, they show how they can help other companies make it big too. They use clear words to explain tough ideas about starting a business or raising money from investors. Businesses learn lots from these posts before they even work with Y Combinator.


Zendesk shows us cool ways to do B2B content marketing. The firm shares valuable blog posts on their site. They cover a wide range of topics. These help other companies get better at customer service.

Zendesk also has webinars and guides for more detail. They prove that great B2B content can be both useful and fun.


Hootsuite is a top company in B2B content marketing. They are known for their social media management tools that help businesses save time and grow on social media. Hootsuite’s smart use of short-form video has made it a star example in SaaS marketing.

These quick videos grab people’s attention, making Hootsuite’s brand more fun and easy to understand. Through these tactics, Hootsuite proves its strength in effective social media marketing.


Trello is a tool that many teams use to manage tasks. Its main use is for small and medium-sized businesses. Trello makes it easy to schedule tasks and keep up with what needs to be done.

This tool helps in content marketing too. You can set up a calendar for your marketing plans. This keeps everyone on the same page about what work they need to do. Plus, it’s well-known for its simple layout, so finding things on it is easy. It even gets used as an example of good B2B email marketing by industry experts.


Drift is a leader in B2B SaaS marketing. They put new product features on their site often. A lot of top-notch B2B SaaS companies use the same plan. Drift’s online announcements are about new releases and feature updates.

This way, they keep people coming back for more. It’s a smart move in the BB marketing world. Their content strategy keeps them at the top of the game.


Vidyard stands strong in the B2B market. They have a knack for video marketing. They give us key stats on video use in business, sales, and even remote work. These stats offer real value to any firm looking to grow with videos. Countless companies turn to Vidyard for help with their B2B content strategies.

Success Stories and Tips for B2B Content Marketing

B2B content marketing can take your business to new heights. Here are some success stories and tips:

  1. Improve brand awareness: Use content marketing to make your brand known. A clear message draws in more customers.
  2. Build trust: Trust is vital in B2B business. Strong, valuable content makes you reliable.
  3. Be creative: Try using funny newsletters or augmented reality tools in your strategy.
  4. Stay fresh: Keep updating your marketing plans. It lets you stay ahead of trends and keep interest high.
  5. Use the pandemic as an opportunity: Many businesses have made great content during hard times.
  6. Build relationships with quality content: Good information sets up a strong bond between businesses.
  7. Enjoy success stories: Reading about others’ wins can spark ideas for your own work.
  8. Find useful strategies and tips: Stay informed about what works best in B2B marketing today.
  9. Focus on brand recognition to increase your reach within this niche market.
  10. Content marketing tips can help streamline the process and optimize results.

Notable Business Blog Marketing Examples

Discover how industry leaders such as eMarketer, Neil Patel, Moz and others have revolutionized B2B content marketing through their exceptional business blogs.Dive into these examples to uncover the strategies that helped them succeed and how you can apply these techniques in your own content marketing efforts.


eMarketer makes a big mark in the world of business blogs. They use data to tell stories about market trends. This helps B2B Owners and Executives make smart choices. The blog is easy to read and full of insights.

It shows how to use facts for better results. Many find eMarketer influential and impactful in their marketing work.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel shines in the field of business blogging. His blog offers vast knowledge about digital marketing, search engine optimization, and email marketing. He uses many ways to share this information.

Videos, blog articles, and social media are his tools for teaching about marketing. He tells us that good content is key to success in the market. Any business can learn from his examples to build a winning content strategy.


Moz stands out for its smart business blog marketing. It gives B2B owners and bosses fresh ideas for their content marketing plans. They offer tools to see how well your content works too.

Many top businesses use Moz to make strong connections with customers through their content. The success of these firms shows that Moz knows what works in B2B content marketing.


Buffer gives small businesses a big hand up. It offers easy-to-use tools for marketing. Many people know Buffer well. A lot of marketers use it to plan and look at their social media content.

Another part of Buffer’s work is its focus on values-driven marketing. This helps businesses build an audience in a natural way, not by forcing it or using tricks. Businesses can learn from the ways that Buffer uses blog posts, guest blogs and email marketing to reach more people.

Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute shares great examples of B2B content marketing. They give useful tips to brands that want to do better in their content marketing efforts. Brands get ideas on how they can make their own content better by looking at these examples.

The advice from the institute helps many businesses succeed in their campaigns. Every business owner should take a look at what the Content Marketing Institute has to offer. It sets a high standard for effective content marketing strategies in the business world.

A Better Lemonade Stand

A Better Lemonade Stand” stands out in B2B content marketing. It is a top pick during the pandemic. This e-commerce blog gives clear, easy-to-use tips for marketing your business.

The site shines at linking with its readers through smart and fresh content. Many see it as a bright spot of creative and unique work in the field of content marketing.


Grammarly is doing a great job in the B2B marketing world. They have more than 30 million users thanks to their smart tactics. Their keen eye for target audience analysis helps shape their actions.

They use email and follow-up strategies that work well. Grammarly sets an example of how success looks like in business blog marketing.


Smarp is a top name in the business blog world. They make B2B content that many people like. Their work is impressive and has an impact. Many view Smarp as a leader in setting up good examples for B2B content marketing.

Their success lies in their way of doing things. They focus on simple, clear messages to help others learn. With this, they have made a big mark on the B2B market space. Other companies look at Smarp’s ideas and try to do the same thing for their brand.


Animalz is making waves in blog marketing. They write posts that catch your eye and hold on to it. Their work stands out as one of the top examples in B2B content marketing. How do they do it? They use new ideas that are both smart and fun.

Their blogs give good tips you can use right away to help your business grow. If you want fresh, cool ideas for your own blog, check out Animalz.


Canva uses case studies in its content marketing. They show real results and success stories. Canva’s Design School teaches helpful design lessons. This helps future users. Their content marketing examples are there to spark creativity and new ideas.

Many people see Canva as a leader in marketing strategy.

Clever Podcast Marketing Examples for B2B Marketers

Podcasts are making a big splash in B2B marketing. Here are some smart podcast marketing examples:

  1. “The Daily” from the New York Times: This show hooks listeners with powerful storytelling and fresh news.
  2. “The GaryVee Audio Experience”: Gary Vaynerchuk shares his business wisdom in easy-to-understand words.
  3. “Marketing Over Coffee”: This show brings marketing tips that you can use right away.
  4. “The Growth Show” by HubSpot: Hear stories about how companies got big and why some fell flat.
  5. “HBR IdeaCast”: Harvard Business Review talks about the big ideas in business now.
  6. “Seeking Wisdom” by Drift: Learn about marketing, sales, and more from top minds in these fields.
  7. “The FlipMyFunnel Podcast” by Terminus: Get ideas to turn your marketing strategy on its head.

Beginners Guide: What is B2B Content Marketing?

B2B stands for business to business. In B2B content marketing, one company makes things for other companies to use. They try to grab the attention of those companies with smart and useful information.

This is done in different ways like blogs, long form videos or newsletters.

The goal of this kind of work is big. It helps a company become more known and trusted by others. For example, CB Insights sends out a great newsletter and Unbounce has an amazing landing page too. These are just two examples of what good work can look like in B2B content marketing.

B2B vs B2C Content Marketing: What’s the Difference?

B2B and B2C content marketing are not the same. B2B marketers aim to build personal ties with firms that have big budgets. They focus on help, trust, and long-term bonds. On the other hand, B2C marketers try to sell quickly to people who spend less money. They deal more with sales than relationships.

The sales cycle in B2C is short while it takes a longer time in B2B. In their strategies, B2B marketers share lots of useful knowledge and values. It helps bring more visits for their brand’s online home.

– Both types handle customer ties differently too. They also prove worth using different tactics.

Leveraging Content Marketing to Build Your Brand for your Target Audience

Content marketing is a powerful way for emerging businesses to build brand awareness and connect with potential customers. By creating high-quality, relevant content, companies can attract and engage their target audience without aggressive sales pitches.

When developing a content marketing strategy, focus on creating content that provides valuable insights and educates your audience on topics related to your industry. Useful, in-depth content will attract organic traffic by ranking well in search engines. It will also position your company as a thought leader and industry expert.

Content can take many formats beyond the traditional blog post. Webinars, videos, whitepapers, eBooks, and social media channels allow you to showcase your brand story from different angles. Infographics, surveys, and online courses also make excellent content for your sales funnel.

The key is creating interesting and educational content for your audience. Research buyer personas and industry trends to identify potential topics. Talk to your existing customers to learn their pain points. Then produce high-quality written, visual and video content addressing these needs.

Maintain a consistent presence by frequently updating your company’s blog, YouTube channel and social profiles. Promote your content through email, paid ads and influencer partnerships. Curate and share off-site content as well to demonstrate your knowledge.

With time and effort, remarkable content will organically generate brand awareness, leads and loyal customers. It takes commitment, but the payoff of increased organic traffic, inbound links and brand authority make content marketing well worth the investment for emerging businesses.

As mentioned earlier, tools like Canva make content creation free and easy nowadays. Leverage these tools along with creativity and strategy to showcase your brand story in a memorable way. Put the human element at the heart of your content marketing, and you will do an excellent job of connecting with potential customers.

Frequently Asked Questions about B2B Content Marketing Examples

1. What is B2B Content Marketing?

B2B content marketing is a way for businesses to reach other businesses by sharing valuable information, like how-to guides, blogs, or videos.

2. Why Should I Look at Examples of B2B Content Marketing?

Looking at examples can give you new ideas and help you understand what works well in B2B content marketing.

3. How Can I UseThese Examples to Improve My Own Strategy?

You can learn from these examples and apply their successful tactics to your own strategy for better results.

4. Can Any Type of Business Use B2B Content Marketing?

Yes, any type of business that sells to other businesses can use B2B content marketing strategies.

5. Is it Costly to Implement a Good B2B Content Strategy?

The cost may vary depending on the complexity of your plan but even small businesses with tight budgets can create effective strategies using free or low-cost tools.

Conclusion and Summary of 10 Exceptional B2B Content Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Strategy

This article has explored numerous exceptional examples of B2B content marketing from industry leaders. We analyzed how top companies like General Electric, HubSpot, and Salesforce engage audiences by telling compelling stories and providing educational resources.

The benefits of thoughtful content marketing are clear. Valuable insights build brand awareness and trust with potential customers. High-quality content attracts organic traffic and improves SEO. Formats like blogs, videos, and podcasts allow brands to connect in authentic ways.

As an emerging business, take inspiration from these case studies to develop your own content marketing strategy. Understand your target audience and create content that speaks to their pain points. Whether through long-form blog posts, webinars, or social media, focus on educating rather than aggressive selling.

With a commitment to valuable content that engages readers, your brand can organically grow its reach and establish itself as a thought leader. The excellent examples and tips shared here illustrate the power of B2B content marketing done right. Use these lessons to create remarkable content that converts audiences into loyal brand advocates.

Marty Stewart