Key Skills for Remote Content Marketing Manager Jobs

With over 33,092 people in the United States alone holding this position, it’s clear that there are many opportunities available.

Our blog will guide you through your journey into remote content marketing management positions, providing an overview of job descriptions, benefits and required qualifications.

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Key Takeaways of Content Marketing Manager Jobs Remote

  • You can work as a Content Marketing Manager from any place.
  • This job lets you share company news through fun and helpful content.
  • There are many types of jobs in this field, such as Communications Manager or Product Marketing Manager.
  • Working from home gives more control over your day and can even mean more pay.
  • The job needs skills like making great content, using social media well, and seeing how well the content works.

What is a Content Marketing Manager and What Do They Do

A Content Marketing Manager is a professional who strategizes, plans, creates, and oversees the production of engaging content to attract and retain customers. Their responsibilities include developing a content strategy aligned with short term and long term marketing goals, collaborating with design teams to produce high quality content, analyzing key performance metrics, and constantly improving by observing industry trends.

Definition and Role of a Content Marketing Manager

A content marketing manager works to share and boost a business message. They make sure the content fits with the goals of the business. This role uses many tools to do the job right.

They create fun and helpful print, visual, and video content. This helps to bring in people who are interested in what the company offers. Content marketers also use social media as part of their work plan.

Responsibilities and Tasks

The job of a Content Marketing Manager is full of duties and tasks. They create plans to reach the company’s goals. They figure out who should see their content, this is called a target audience. Then, they make the content that people will want to read or watch. Not only do they create it, but they also share it on social media to get more people to see it. Managers use SEO, or search engine optimization, so that their content comes up first when someone searches for it online.

They keep track of how many people see and like their posts. This task makes sure the company’s name gets out there. Lastly, they record what works and what doesn’t work to improve for next time.

  • Setting marketing aims
  • Figuring out who should see the content
  • Creating interesting blog posts, videos, or other types of content
  • Sharing it on places like Facebook and Twitter
  • Using SEO tools so more people find their information online
  • Following results from websites or social media platforms
  • Writing down what works and what needs change

Types of Remote Content Marketing Manager Jobs

The realm of remote content marketing management is diverse, with varied roles such as Product Content Marketing Manager, Growth Marketing Manager, and Communications Manager. These also include positions like Sr.

Content Experience Manager and Customer Engagement Strategy Manager. Opportunities in customer marketing management, product marketing management, community management are available too for professionals keen on this career path.

In industries focusing on well being, Health & Wellness Content Managers are sought after while seasoned experts may find the role of a Sr. Lifecycle Customer Marketing Manager rewarding in these remote work setups.

Product Content Marketing Manager

A Product Content Marketing Manager is a key player in the remote job scene. This role involves creating plans for product marketing and developing content strategies. They also find market trends and customer insights to boost sales.

Using their skills, they bring life to products with exciting content. A person in this role will work from home full time on these tasks.

Growth Marketing Manager

A Growth Marketing Manager is key for any firm. They make and use a growth plan. This job looks at online funnels and gets new customers. Website work is also their job to make sure it works well.

A big part of this role uses data to see what’s working or not. The Growth Marketing Manager must work well with others on the team too. Their goal is to help the company grow fast using smart and data backed plans.

Communications Manager

As a type of remote job, becoming a Communications Manager can be an exciting role. This person gets the word out about the company’s work. They manage all communication with the public.

Messages are clear and easy to understand when they handle them.

A Communications Manager has many tasks each day. They write press releases and give statements to media outlets for news stories. They also make sure staff members stay informed and excited about what’s happening at their workplace by sending out internal news updates or company newsletters.

These managers may oversee social media accounts too, ensuring regular postings that engage followers while promoting the brand in a positive light.

This role demands strong writing skills, creativity and great people skills. A keen eye for detail is key as well because everything they send must look its best before it goes out into the world.

Sr. Content Experience Manager

A Sr. Content Experience Manager is part of a remote content marketing job. They work with the director to create great content for target users. The job can be done from any place and it is full time work.

Right now, there are a lot of jobs open in this field. In fact, more than 3,740 jobs are posted on a site called There are even more senior level jobs like this one over 5,090 to be precise.

Manager Customer Engagement Strategy

A Manager of Customer Engagement Strategy designs plans for client growth. This job needs good social media and web content skills. It is important to look at how well the content works.

The manager must also keep an eye on what other companies are doing. This person must know the customer needs very well. With that information, they can make strategies for online platforms that catch people’s interest.

Customer Marketing Manager

A Customer Marketing Manager is an important job. They plan and run programs to show how good a company’s products are. They work with teams that do marketing, sales, and strategy.

Their goal is to show the world how happy customers are with many kinds of products from their company. This job can be done from anywhere if it’s remote work. You can find these jobs on websites like

Product Marketing Manager

A Product Marketing Manager takes a key role in firms who want their products to shine. This job calls for a deep understanding of the product’s value. The task includes creating strong messages about the product.

These messages should grab customers and make them interested.

This job can be done from home or any place you choose. It gives lots of chances for those who seek remote work opportunities. The tasks need skills like content creation, ad campaigns, and event planning.

So if your firm needs someone to drive brand messaging and customer communication, a Product Marketing Manager is the one.

Community Manager

A Community Manager is a key person in content marketing. They make sure the online community feels heard and valued. This job involves social media marketing, content creation, and customer engagement.

The manager uses these tools to boost brand awareness and manage the company’s reputation online. Skills like copywriting, multimedia production, and analyzing social media metrics are important for this role.

Good customer service skills are also crucial. A degree in marketing or communications often helps someone succeed as a Community Manager.

Health and Wellness Content Manager

A Health and Wellness Content Manager makes content about health matters. This person knows a lot about keeping healthy. They use their knowledge to make useful content. The goal is to help people understand how to stay healthy and well.

Some tasks include making blog posts, videos, or social media updates about health topics. A company like Cartwheel may want this role for its team up with schools on mental health work.

Veeva has the same sort of job but needs someone who can reach many types of people across different channels. There are over 4,000 such jobs available right now. Those who do this job from home also have plenty of choices, with up to 3,740 jobs open.

Sr. Lifecycle Customer Marketing Manager

A Sr. Lifecycle Customer Marketing Manager plays a key role in companies. This person starts and grows customer ties. They dream up ways to keep customers glad and loyal. It is their task to watch over the life of content from start to end.

They use numbers about our audience and the content they like best to make smart choices. With help from other teams, they make sure messages fit the needs of customers at all times during their journey with us.

Fresh ideas for how to chat with our customers make this job special each day.

Benefits of Working as a Remote Content Marketing Manager

The perks of being a Remote Content Marketing Manager are immense, ranging from the flexibility to work anywhere and maintain a better work life balance, to a wealth of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Increased job diversity and potential for higher pay also make this role increasingly lucrative.

Flexibility and Work Life Balance

Working from home gives a content marketing manager more control over their day. They decide when they start and end work. This supports a better work life balance. It also helps them be there for family needs.

For example, they can pick up kids from school or go to the doctor in the middle of the day. A flexible schedule also means less stress and happier workers.

Opportunity for Personal and Professional Growth

Remote Content Marketing Manager jobs give room for growth. You can learn new skills while you work. This job lets you become better at what you do. Working in a fun culture also fuels creativity and fresh ideas.

Recognition of these benefits makes remote roles popular in marketing. You’ll enjoy being part of this exciting trend.

Access to Diverse Job Opportunities

Working as a remote content marketing manager opens many doors. It lets you touch different job markets and roles that may not be in your area. For example, GitLab is a big company that likes to hire remote workers.

This way of working can give you better jobs than what’s close by. It also saves time because you don’t have to go anywhere. More people are starting to work from home, and it’s becoming more popular every day.

You will find lots of options for work that fits your skills.

Potential for Higher Pay

Content Marketing Managers can earn good money. They get paid more when they work from home. It is because they do more than office workers. The median pay in May 2022 was $127,830 per year for people doing similar jobs.

Content Marketing Managers had an average salary of $84,566.

The job pays even better with more years on the job and big skills in SEO and digital marketing strategies. If a firm hires them, it will spend less cash than having someone come into the office each day.

With no travel costs or food to buy at lunch, this job makes a lot of sense for many people looking to save money too.

Required Qualifications and Skills for Remote Content Marketing Manager Jobs

Individuals aspiring to secure remote content marketing manager jobs should possess substantial experience in the field of content marketing, demonstrate superior writing and communication skills, have a comprehensive understanding of SEO principles and digital marketing strategies, and be capable of working autonomously.

A Content Marketing Manager needs job know-how. They must have done work in advertising, marketing, promotions, or sales before. This experience helps them do their job better. They should be able to work with different teams like design and SEO.

Their job is to make sure all the content works well together. Good communication and writing skills are a big plus. A manager will use these skills to come up with cool ideas that grab people’s attention.

Also, they need to know how to use digital tools for marketing online like Google Analytics and social media tools. This knowledge lets them reach more people with their content on the internet.

Strong Communication and Writing Skills

In a remote content marketing manager job, strong communication and writing skills are a must. They help in making sure your message is clear and easy to understand. Good oral and written communication can make the difference between success and failure.

Also, excellent business writing skills make sure you can write in a way that grabs people’s attention. Clear writing helps in sharing ideas with others who may live far away. These skills also let you deal with many different kinds of tasks each day with ease.

Strong editing abilities can save time by letting you fix mistakes without needing extra help. This makes it easier for teams to work together even when they are not in the same place.

Knowledge of SEO and Digital Marketing Strategies

One key skill for a Content Marketing Manager is knowing SEO and digital marketing plans. SEO, or search engine optimization, helps to bring more people to your website. This can make your business grow.

To do this job well, a person must know how to pick the right words and phrases. These are called keywords.

Another big part of the job is knowing about online marketing. A good content marketing manager knows how to use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. They know how to keep track of who is visiting their site using tools like Google Analytics.

They also need to understand digital ads and how they work.

Ability to Work Independently

For remote content marketing roles, being able to work alone is key. This skill makes sure work gets done, even without others around. It involves strong time management and self discipline.

An independent thinker can make smart choices. They also solve problems on their own. A proactive approach helps them get tasks done ahead of time. Companies value these traits in a Content Marketing Manager as they show self reliance and resourcefulness.

Top Companies Hiring for Remote Content Marketing Manager Positions

Companies like Zoom and Spry Fox are leading the charge in hiring for remote content marketing manager positions, but there’s also a surge in similar opportunities across various sectors including healthcare firms, retail and e-commerce businesses as well as digital marketing agencies.

Major Corporations Such as Zoom and Spry Fox

Zoom and Spry Fox are big companies. They hire people for remote jobs as content marketing managers. The jobs let you work from home. Your job is to create content and promote the brand of these companies.

There are many job chances in digital marketing with these major firms. These top companies value your ability to manage their image online.

Health Care Companies

Health care companies are on a hunt for remote content marketing managers. They have over 3,420 job openings in the field. These firms offer both full time and part time jobs. You can work from home or pick a hybrid work model.

Some of the big names in health care are joining this trend.

Working at these firms means you’ll be part of a vital industry. The role is key to help these firms reach their targets. You will create and share useful content which helps people understand health better.

It’s not just about selling services or products but also educating people to lead healthier lives.

Retail and E-Commerce Businesses

Top names in retail and e-commerce have remote jobs for content marketing managers. These businesses look for people with a four year degree who can work full time. The job is to shape strategies that boost sales and spread knowledge of the brand.

Right now, over 4,800 content marketing manager jobs are open in the virtual space. Over 3,400 of these are tied to e-commerce industries. This goes to show how much need there is for this role in today’s world.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing agencies are top hirers for remote content marketing manager jobs. These firms need skilled and experienced staff to lead their online strategies. Many offer different job options like full time, part time or freelance roles.

Some even offer hybrid or fully on site roles for those who prefer them. Look at digital marketing firms if you need a new job in content management. They have lots of chances for growth and pay well too.

How Much Do Remote Content Marketing Jobs Pay?

Diving into the financial aspects of remote content marketing positions, we examine average salaries and explore various factors influencing these pay scales. This intriguing insight provides a clear perspective on the potential earnings in this dynamic field of work, an exploration you don’t want to miss out on.

Average Salary for Remote Content Marketing Managers

Remote content marketing managers usually make good money. They earn, on average, $40.78 an hour or $84,827 per year in the United States. This pay can change due to many things. The sort of company or where a manager lives are two facts that may change this pay rate.

Some managers will see even bigger checks. If they have a Doctorate degree, their yearly income could be around $96,649 on average. On the other hand, if they work as Content Marketers instead of managers they might make only about $57,337 per year.

Factors that Affect Salary

The pay of a remote content marketing manager can change based on different things. Here are some:

  1. Job Level: Senior roles tend to earn more than junior ones.
  2. Skills: Digital marketing skills like SEO can boost the pay.
  3. Experience: More years of work in content marketing often leads to higher salaries.
  4. Location: Where the company is can affect pay, even for remote jobs.
  5. Industry Standards: Pay may also reflect what others in the field make.
  6. Remote Work Benefits: Workers who don’t go to an office could make more money.
  7. Job Market Trends: If many companies need this job, they might offer more money to get the best workers.

Advantages and Challenges of Working as a Remote Content Marketing Manager

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with remote work, though be prepared for potential isolation and challenges in disconnecting from work tasks.


Hiring a remote content marketing manager has many upsides. Firms save money as they don’t need office space for remote workers. Employees get to set their own hours, helping them balance work and personal life better.

Working with people in different places creates rich, varied teams. No travel means less stress for your staff it also saves them time. Without office noise and chats, team members can focus more on work and do a better job.

This flexibility, diversity, commute free lifestyle boosts staff happiness and helps you find the best talent from anywhere.

Flexibility and Autonomy

Remote work brings great perks. One big perk is the freedom and control over your day. As a remote Content Marketing Manager, you get to decide when and where to work. This leads to a good balance between work and life.

It also boosts how happy you are with your job. You don’t have stress from commute times or office politics. This helps keep morale high as it shows trust in workers’ abilities to manage their tasks while away from an office setting.

Ability to Work from Anywhere

Working from any place is a big plus. For remote content marketing managers, it means freedom and choice. They can set up their office in a cozy home corner, bustling cafe, or even while on the move. This telecommuting advantage leads to happier workers who are often more productive.

Companies like GitLab have tapped into this trend and now work with people from over 60 countries. The shift isn’t just good for workers either. It’s cost effective too as employers save money on physical spaces and resources.

So hiring a manager who can take charge from anywhere is both smart and modern.


Working from home is not always easy. The biggest issue can be finding a work life balance. Often, remote workers have trouble turning off their job at the end of the day. They sometimes feel they need to do more since they work at home.

Still others deal with feeling alone or cut off from their team. Better time management and staying organized help some people beat these troubles. Others use self motivation practices to stay on top of things.

It’s good for each person to find what works best for them when dealing with these challenges.

Potential for Distractions and Isolation

Working from home can lead to distractions and isolation. People may find it hard to focus on work tasks. This is due to a lack of social interaction found in an office setting. Managers will have to use smart tools for regular talks with team members.

They must make sure that feelings of being alone are kept low. Research shows ways to beat the challenges tied to remote work, these could help too. Employers need good plans for their teams so everyone works well together even when they are not in the same place.

Difficulty Disconnecting from Work

Working from home asks more of us. It is often hard to stop work. This is true for a remote content marketing manager as well. A laptop nearby makes it easy to keep working. The lines blur between work and relaxing at home.

Being alone can also be a challenge of remote work. You might feel cut off from your team or coworkers. Virtual meetings help, but they aren’t the same as face to face talk. Lack of daily chat could lead to feeling lonely or out of loop.

Tips for Landing a Remote Content Marketing Manager Job

To land a remote content marketing manager job, it’s crucial to highlight relevant experience and skills, showcase strong writing samples, and effectively network through online job search resources.

Highlight Relevant Experience and Skills

Show off your know how in content marketing. Let them see you have done this before. You can show past jobs where you used SEO optimization and social media management. It is also good to talk about how you handled remote work in the past.

Skills like self motivation and time management are very important for a remote job. If you worked in the connected transportation industry, make sure to mention it. Technical skills matter too when applying for these jobs.

All of these will help make your resume stand out from others.

Showcase Strong Writing Samples

Strong writing samples are key. They show a person’s skills in marketing and content creation. Managers will want to see these samples when picking someone for the job. It is best to pick pieces that highlight different skills.

These can include blog posts, website content, social media posts, or ad copy. Look at each piece with a tough eye. Make sure it shows your best work, as this is what managers will use to judge whether you’re right for the job or not.

This helps them know if you have the skill they need for their company.

Network and Utilize Online Job Search Resources

Online job search resources can be a treasure chest for finding remote marketing jobs. Platforms such as list over 4,000 content marketing manager roles that offer the option to work remotely.

Companies seeking professionals in this field can tap into these platforms with ease.

In addition, professional networking plays a huge role in unearthing these opportunities. Company leaders should build strong networks on LinkedIn and other business sites to find talent.

They might stumble upon skilled individuals searching for remote work options in digital marketing positions. By using online tools and strategies, businesses can attract qualified persons ready to jump into content marketing management roles from any location.

Building an Effective Content Marketing Team

A marketing team with a strong social media strategy is key to content marketing success. An ideal marketing department will have cross functional teams with proven track records in account management, market research, and customer acquisition.

Look for team members with email marketing skills to help generate ideas and do data analysis to optimize content. Experts in digital content creation with a strong track record of lead generation and content creation are assets.

As you build your content assets, aim to collaborate with those who have proven experience and can work closely with other job types. The ideal candidate can develop content across channels and has experience in a related field like communications or journalism.

To attract top talent, be clear on business goals and how content ties to broader marketing strategy. Share case studies of successful projects. Show you account for results and provide room for creativity.

With the right team behind your social media presence and inbound marketing, your content will help drive more jobs and customer growth. Invest time to find those eager to collaborate and develop amazing content that gets results.

Frequently Asked Questions about Content Marketing Manager Jobs Remote

1. What Does a Content Marketing Manager Do in a Remote Job?

In a remote job, a content marketing manager plans and creates useful content to connect with customers online.

2. Does Working Remotely as a Content Marketing Manager Need Special Skills?

Yes, besides standard marketing skills, you should be self motivated, good at time management and comfortable with digital tools for remote work.

3. Can I Find Full Time Remote Jobs for Content Marketing Managers?

Yes, there are plenty of full time remote jobs available for content marketing managers on various job sites.

4. Do I need Previous Experience to Get a Remote Job as a Content Marketing Manager?

Most employers prefer if you have some experience in the field before applying for this role but it is not always necessary.

5. How Can I Apply to Become a Remote Content Marketing Manager?

You can apply through online platforms that list job openings such as LinkedIn or Indeed by searching content marketing manager remotely.

Conclusion and Summary of Key Skills for Remote Content Marketing Manager Jobs

When it comes to remote jobs, the position of a Content Marketing Manager stands out. An endless world of benefits and opportunities awaits you in this field. Keep an open mind and explore this exciting career path. It could be the best decision for your work life.

A career as a content marketing manager offers incredible flexibility and growth in the virtual realm. With more firms adopting remote work models, job opportunities are abundant across industries.

By showcasing your skills in content creation, digital marketing, and social media strategy, you can land rewarding full time or freelance roles. With the power to work from anywhere, you can enjoy greater work life balance while accessing a global job market.

As you explore this path, highlight your proven abilities in areas like SEO, analytics, and project management. Stay updated on industry trends and use online resources for networking and discovering openings.

With demand rising for digital content experts, it’s an exciting time to become a remote content marketing manager. If you love connecting audiences to brands through engaging stories and resources, this career offers the flexibility and creativity you seek.

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