Content Marketing Manager Salary Trends in the U.S. for 2024

Understanding the salary landscape for content marketing managers in 2023 can be quite challenging. Did you know that the average total compensation of a content marketer in the US is $82,367 per year? This article delves deep into insights about this role’s compensation, including factors affecting it and how different industries compare.

Key Takeaways of Content Marketing Manager Salary

  • Content marketing manager jobs earn on average $82,367 per year in the U.S.
  • The size of companies affects how much a content marketing specialist gets paid; bigger companies often pay more.
  • Skills like SEO, social media marketing and content strategy can push the salary higher.
  • Men get paid more than women in content marketing roles with a gap of 16.5%.

What is a Content Marketing Manager?

A content marketing manager is a key role in any business. They manage the planning, creation, and sharing of content to reach customers. The goal is to get people interested in a company’s products or services. It’s a content marketing manager that uses blogs, videos, podcasts and social media posts to publish information about the company.

They also check if the strategy is working. This means looking at data and making changes if needed. Content marketing managers have many names like digital content manager or brand content manager. Experts that help companies grow by using smart ways to share messages about what they offer.

Content Marketing Manager Salaries in the United States

In the United States, the average annual salary for a content marketing manager currently stands at $82,367, highlighting a significant earning potential in this field

Average Salary: $82,367 per year

In 2023, a content marketing manager makes $82,367 per year on average. This is the typical annual earning for this role in the United States. Most content managers make between $60,000 and $79,000 each year, and it varies based on skills and years of experience. The pay scale swings from $68,813 to $84,319. So, some earn more than others. The company size also affects how much a content manager can make in a year. Bigger companies tend to pay more than smaller ones do.

Pay Trajectory for Content Manager

The pay trajectory for a content marketing manager can vary widely based on factors like skills, years of experience, and the size of the company. The potential earning scope generally ranges from $65,000 to $105,000 annually.

Years of ExperienceAverage Salary

Less than a year of experience has an average salary of $65,000, Those with 1-4 years of experiences averages$77,309. Content specialists who have 5-9 years experience has an average salary of $84,566. Those with 10-19 years average around$88,041, while those with 20 years and more has an average pay of $105,000. As evident, an increasing experience level results in a steady rise in the salary of a Content Marketing Manager.

Top Paying Companies for Content Marketing Managers

In the United States, Silicon Valley giants such as Google, Apple and Facebook pay their Content Marketing Managers handsomely, with salaries often surpassing six-figure mark. Other high-paying companies include Netflix, Microsoft and Amazon.

Salary Estimates From Different Companies

The average content salaries can vary based on factors like the company’s size and level of experience required for the role. It’s worth noting that the average salary for a Content Marketing Manager in the United States is $82,367 per year, and in 2023 the expected average salary is $86,216. Other searches have found salaries as high as $89,107 per year. Therefore, it is advised that companies stay competitive in their salary offerings to attract the best talents.

Top Paying Industries for Content Marketing Managers

In the realm of top-paying industries for Content Marketing Managers, information technology leads the pack, offering competitive salaries and a dynamic work environment.

Information Technology

Content marketing managers in the IT world make good money. It is one of the top-paying industries for this job. Here, they can earn an average pay of $138,000 per year. They use skills like content strategy and digital marketing daily. SEO or search engine optimization is also vital in their work to reach more people online. Social media marketing helps them connect with users quickly and easily. Online advertising lets them bring their brand to a wider audience on the internet.

Career Path and Job Description for Content Marketing Managers

Content Marketing Managers primarily oversee an organization’s content strategy, developing and executing plans across multiple platforms. In their career trajectory, they can move down to a supervisory role as Brand and Content Marketing Supervisors or progress up to become Brand and Content Marketing Senior Managers with increased responsibilities and higher pay scale.

Down a level: Brand and Content Marketing Supervisor

A brand and content marketing supervisor is an important job. This person helps the content marketing manager. They make sure that brand messages are right. They also check if content meets company goals.

In the United States, this job pays well too. The average pay is $141,100 per year as of September 25, 2023. Many skills are needed for this job like being good with people and knowing how to use social media well.

Up a level: Brand and Content Marketing Senior Manager

A step up from content marketing manager is the brand and content marketing senior manager. They take home an average of $180,400 a year in 2023. The job includes tasks such as planning for big brands, making digital ads, creating fresh ideas for social media posts and more.

They also use data to make better plans and to see if their work is doing well or not. To get this job, you need good skills in selling things online and knowing where a company stands among others.

Factors Affecting Content Marketing Manager Salary

The salary of a content marketing manager can be influenced by various factors such as the specific skills they possess, their years of experience in the field, and the size of the company for which they work.


Skills play a big role in how much money a content marketing manager makes. Top skills for this job include search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content strategy, and copywriting. It’s also important to know about email marketing and web analytics. A strong mix of these skills can push the average content marketing manager salary higher.

Years of Experience

Years of experience can play a big role in the salary range. A content marketing manager with more years under their belt often earns more. This is because they know how to handle many situations already. They don’t need as much training or guidance as someone new.

In the United States, this field rewards those who stay and grow in it. Over time, your yearly income should increase. According to data from 2023, we see that this pay rise happens indeed. Content marketers saw their total yearly earnings increase by about 1.77% over what they made the year before.

Company Size

The size of a company can change the pay for a content marketing manager. Bigger companies often pay more money. This happens because they have more funds to spend on jobs. But, small companies also hire for this job role. They may not offer as much cash as big firms, but they still need good people with skills in content marketing.

Firm size is one key thing that changes the amount of money this type of manager gets paid. So when you look at hiring for this job role, think about how big your company is and what kind of salary you can give.

Salary Insights for Content Marketing Managers

This section digs into valuable salary insights for Content Marketing Managers, exploring the best-paying cities and shedding light on the existing gender pay gap in this field.

Best-paying Cities

San Francisco, CA tops the list for high pay to content marketing managers. Seattle, WA comes close with strong salaries too. Jobs in Philadelphia, PA also offer a good wage. Antioch, CA holds the record for top pay in this job field. Other cities like Lebanon, NH and New York, NY are known to hand out big checks for these roles as well.

Gender Pay Gap

Men in content marketing earn more than women. On average, full-time female marketers make 16.5% less than men. This wage disparity has not changed much in the last 20 years.

The gap is even wider for high positions. Men in senior roles get paid 26% more than women. In fact, females earned only about 82% of what males made on average in 2022. There’s work to be done to fix this pay inequity.

Factors Affecting Content Marketing Manager Compensation Packages

Content marketing managers may receive additional cash compensation beyond their average base salary. Various factors influence the total compensation packages these professionals can expect. According to responses gathered, a content marketing manager’s average additional cash compensation often depends on the company size. Larger, established firms with ample budgets tend to provide higher bonuses or profit-sharing incentives.

For instance, tech companies with millions of online retail partners and customers can afford richer rewards for top performers. The potential upside helps attract and retain the best talent to execute winning content strategies. Meanwhile, younger startups with limited resources aim to conserve cash. They may offer stock options instead of cash bonuses. This gives employees a chance to share in the success if the company grows substantially.

The industry also affects compensation norms. Brick and mortar businesses transforming to online commerce are eager for experts who can create an online community of profitable customers. So they may pay above-average base salaries or incentives to land the ideal candidate.

Ultimately, beyond the typical yearly salary, content marketing managers at leading firms can expect to earn $15,000 to $30,000 or more in additional cash compensation. This reflects the measurable value their work provides in connecting brands with target audiences.

The ability to demonstrate solid profit measurement and growth attribution skills will position content marketers to negotiate the best overall compensation packages. With the field rapidly evolving, experienced professionals who helped transform brick and mortar commerce and deliver more value have created substantial upside.

Frequently Asked Questions about Content Marketing Manager Salary

1. What is The Average Pay for a Content Marketing Manager in 2023?

The pay rate varies, but on average, a Content Marketing Manager in the United States can make between $60,000 to over $100,000 per year.

Yes, factors such as years of experience, skills, and location play key roles in determining a Content Marketing Manager’s salary.

3. Can I Earn More as a Content Marketing Manager With More Experience?

Yes, the more experience you have as a content marketing manager, the higher your potential earnings could be.

4. How Does Where I Live Impact My Salary as a Content Marketing Manager? 

Living in areas with high demand for digital marketing services often means higher salaries for those working in this field.

5. Apart From Base Wage, are There Any Other Forms of Compensation for This Role?

Yes, other than their annual income, some companies also offer bonuses or commission structures to their content marketing managers.

In 2023, the average pay for a Content Marketing Manager in the U.S. is $82,367 per year. This number can change based on skills and years of work done. The pay can also go up or down based on the size of the company.

New York and California are two spots that may have higher pays for this job. This examination of content marketing manager salaries in 2023 reveals key insights. The average salary for this role currently sits at $82,367 per year in the United States. However, compensation varies based on location, skills, experience, and company size.

Larger firms often pay above-average base salaries and incentives like bonuses or profit-sharing. Some tech companies offer total compensation packages exceeding $100,000 for top talent. Geographic factors also play a role, with major hubs like New York and San Francisco boasting the highest salaries.

The gender pay gap persists in content marketing, with women earning around 16.5% less than men on average. This discrepancy widens further for those in senior positions. Clearly, work remains to establish equal pay practices. For professionals, building expertise in areas like SEO, social media marketing, and analytics can maximize earning potential.

As content marketing continues evolving amid digital transformation, demand for skilled strategists will likely rise.Despite pay variations, content marketing presents strong income prospects. With mastery of digital platforms and data-driven strategies, managers can thrive financially in this dynamic field. A mix of creative and analytical abilities, along with business acumen, will be well rewarded.

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