Exploring Growing Demand for Content Marketing Manager Jobs

Over 33,000 professionals are currently leading the charge in this dynamic career path. In In our comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into what it takes to excel as a content marketing manager and why there’s an increasing demand for such roles.

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Key Takeaways of Content Marketing Manager Jobs

  • Many jobs are linked to content marketing. They include roles like Ecommerce Website & Inventory Manager, Director of Advertising, and Promotion Integrity.
  • More companies want good content for their brands, and that is why jobs for Content Marketing Managers are growing fast.
  • A Content Marketing Manager must have many skills. These include strong writing and editing skills, knowledge of SEO, the ability to think smartly about plans and numbers, experience with systems used in managing content and working well as part of a team.
  • More people will be needed for marketing jobs in future years. By 2032, there could be a growth rate of 6 percent in these job types which is faster than most other roles.

What is a Content Marketing Manager?

A Content Marketing Manager is a person who makes and shares content. They help to show off the company’s goods and engage with people who might buy them. This person is very important in setting up and using the business’ plan for making and sharing content.

The work of a Content Marketing Manager has a main goal. They need to create, share, and boost content that meets the needs of the business. Currently, there are more than 33,092 people doing this job in the US alone.

Several roles tie into the realm of content marketing management, including Ecommerce Website & Inventory Manager, Director of Advertising and Promotional Integrity, Marketing & Digital Media Manager, E-Commerce Digital Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Manager, Manager of Product Marketing, Marketing Manager, Brand Manager and Customer Marketing Manager.

These positions highlight the diverse scope and growing relevance of content-based strategies within various industries.

Ecommerce Website & Inventory Manager

An Ecommerce Website & Inventory Manager is a key person in online sales. This job needs a mix of skills. One big part of the job is to keep track of products. The manager makes sure that all items are in stock and also watches the flow of goods from order to delivery.

This role often works closely with marketing teams. A key task is to create an engaging, user-friendly website experience for customers. Skills in digital marketing and content creation can help a lot here.

Director, Advertising and Promotional Integrity

A Director of Advertising and Promotional Integrity plays a big role in business. They guide ads projects and work. Their job is to make sure that all promos stick to the rules, so this person needs excellent management skills.

They also need an understanding of advertising laws. With their team, they set up ad campaigns that respect consumers and stay true to the brand message.

Marketing & Digital Media Manager

A Marketing & Digital Media Manager is a key player in content marketing. This role leads the charge in making and using digital content. They must know how to use the web, email, social media, and other digital platforms to their best effect.

With their skills, they guide the team to make engaging content that catches eyes and brings more people to the company’s door. The work of a Marketing & Digital Media Manager helps raise brand awareness and create new leads for the business.

E-Commerce Digital Marketing Specialist

An E-Commerce Digital Marketing Specialist is a key player in the digital world. They work on marketing campaigns for brands. Their job is to design and build plans that make goods sell better online.

Using their skills, they manage campaigns, create content and look at data. They are one of the most needed jobs in this field with 860,000 job openings listed on LinkedIn. This role brings a lot of value to any brand that wants to sell more goods online.

Digital Marketing Manager

A Digital Marketing Manager plays a big role in the business world. They find new ways to get the word out about their company. This helps people learn about the brand. To do this job, you need at least a degree and some time doing similar work.

This job is wanted by many companies right now, so there are lots of openings. The pay for this job can be pretty good too. It depends on how much experience you have and how big your company is.

Manager of Product Marketing

A Manager of Product Marketing plays a key role in crafting the business story. They live where product development, marketing, and sales meet. They use their expertise to boost product sales and demand.

Common jobs for them include Digital Product Marketing Manager or Director of Product Marketing. Their job is not easy as they work on the growth, sale, and promotion of products. It’s a big job that needs someone who knows content creation and event planning very well.

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager has a vital role. They tell great tales about products or businesses to draw you in. They set up and run marketing plans to let people know and want the things they offer.

There is a high need for these workers, especially Content Marketing Managers. These pros team up with groups from sales, advertising, and other parts that help create one message for the company’s brand. To be this kind of manager, you need a school degree and some work history in the same type of job.

Brand Manager

A Brand Manager plays a big role in shaping a company’s image. They have to make sure the company’s brand lines up with its goals and vision. This job involves coming up with strategic branding moves.

Brand Managers work hand-in-hand with marketing teams to put these plans into action. They also need to stay on top of trends and what people like, so they do market research often. This understanding helps them keep the public image of a company or person strong and positive.

Customer Marketing Manager

A Customer Marketing Manager is quite important. They work hard to help a company connect with its customers. Their job can involve building strong relationships, and making sure that the customers are happy.

The Growing Demand for Content Marketing Manager Jobs

Digital marketing is becoming more pervasive, leading to an increased demand for skilled Content Marketing Managers who can produce engaging content and propagate effective, content-based strategies.

Increase in Digital Marketing Efforts

More companies use digital marketing now. They use it to build brand awareness and boost sales. Many job openings exist for Digital Marketing Specialists. By 2032, jobs in marketing could grow by 6 percent. This rate is faster than most other jobs. The cost of digital marketing is low but it helps a lot. More people are needed for these roles now and in the future too.

Importance of Creating Engaging Content

Engaging content plays a big role in marketing. It draws people to a company’s site. It helps keep visitors and customers coming back too. People want to read or watch things that are fun, useful, or interesting.

As a result, they stay with the brand that gives them these experiences. A Content Marketing Manager can make this happen for your firm. They know how to make great content that speaks to your audience’s needs and wants.

Shift Towards Content-Based Marketing Strategies

Companies now see the value in content-based marketing strategies. They know that useful and interesting content pulls in customers. Many are making a big shift to this method. The 2022 B2B Content Marketing report shows how important this strategy is becoming.

As firms lean more on digital paths, they need people who understand content marketing. This trend fuels the demand for Content Marketing Manager jobs. These experts know how to make appealing and meaningful content that speaks directly to an audience.

More companies now seek out professionals with skills in social media, SEO, analytics, and content strategy. They want a strong grasp of online advertising and copywriting too. All these skills help push their brands forward in today’s web-focused world.

Skills and Qualifications Required for Content Marketing Manager Jobs

A Content Marketing Manager must have strong writing and editing skills, a deep understanding of SEO and content optimization, as well as the ability to think analytically and strategically. Familiarity with various content management systems is crucial. The capacity to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams is also highly sought after in this role.

Strong Writing and Editing Skills

Strong writing and editing skills are vital for a Content Marketing Manager. They must craft clear, engaging messages in their content. These messages can be blog posts, social media blurbs, or online ads.

Each piece should grab the attention of its readers and keep them hooked until the end. With editing skills, these managers make sure that every word is perfect. They fix errors in grammar, spelling, and style to create polished content.

Good writing and careful editing lead to effective marketing materials. This makes an impact on customers who read them.

Knowledge of SEO and Content Optimization

SEO and content optimization are key skills for a Content Marketing Manager. They must know how to make online content rank high in search results also known as SEO (search engine optimization).

It helps the company’s website get more visits from people using search engines like Google. Meanwhile, content optimization makes sure that this online content is the best it can be. It takes into account how well the content works for its planned role and purpose, and paves the way for improved user experience by fine-tuning it accordingly.

Analytical and Strategic Thinking

Content Marketing Managers need a strong sense of analytical and strategic thinking. They must look at the data and see what works best. This skill helps them make smart choices for their company’s content plans.

They also need to think ahead. Planning what type of content should go out, where it should go, and when it needs to be ready is part of their job too. These skills help in making good decisions that can take the business forward.

Experience With Content Management Systems

Content management systems are key in content marketing jobs. A good marketing manager knows these systems well. They use them to plan, make and share content with ease. Knowledge of popular platforms like WordPress or Drupal is a big help.

It lets the manager keep tabs on every piece of content and its success rate. This skill keeps teams organized and goals clear. Content management helps to make sure that all projects run smoothly from start to finish.

Ability to Collaborate With Cross-Functional Teams

A Content Marketing Manager needs to work well with different teams. This skill is key in this job role. These diverse teams could include people from sales, design, or the tech department.

Working together makes sure everyone has the same goal in mind for the content being made. The Content Marketing Manager can gather ideas and feedback from these groups. This helps to make engaging and correct content that fits what the company needs and wants.

Strong teamwork keeps all parts of a project moving forward together. So, having good skills in collaboration helps avoid mistakes or confusion along the way.

Content Marketing Manager jobs are trending across multiple sectors with e-commerce, technology, advertising and marketing agencies, consumer goods firms, and healthcare industries leading the pack.


E-commerce is a buzzing field with lots of jobs. It is ever-growing and always needs great workers. Many firms hire Content Marketing Managers for their online stores or web-based businesses.

E-commerce thrives on digital commerce, Internet shopping, and online marketing.

In the e-commerce world, jobs such as Director of Ecommerce and Operations Manager are hot spots. Other high-demand positions include Digital Marketer, Graphic Designer, and Content Writer.

The need for people in content marketing changes based on where you are and how much talent costs there. There’s no shortage of roles to pick from in this sector.


Tech firms need Content Marketing Managers too. They use tools and platforms to make, send out, and study content. This helps sell their products or services online through technology.

Advertising and Marketing Agencies

Advertising and marketing agencies are eager to find good Content Marketing Managers. These firms know that strong, clever words sell items. They also know they need people who can use data to make smart choices about what types of ads go where.

Content Marketing Managers play a big part in this work. They plan and lead projects for making and sharing ads online or on other digital spaces like social media sites or blogs. More agencies are starting to see the value in this work now than in the past, which means more jobs. A study finds 10% more such jobs will be open by 2028 than were open in 2018.

This data tells us how important these roles are becoming in our lightning-fast world of sales pitches and product posts.

Consumer Goods

The consumer goods industry needs Content Marketing Managers. This field grows every day. Big brands need skilled professionals to sell their products online. Jobs for advertising, promotions, and marketing managers are all over the place. There are about 34,000 new job openings each year in this market alone plus, these jobs have a great outlook too.

More people than ever buy things from home or from their phone now so the demand is rising fast. It’s expected to grow by 10% from 2018 to 2028.


Healthcare is one of the key sectors hiring Content Marketing Managers today. With many healthcare systems and organizations, there’s a huge need for better marketing strategies. These groups know they can reach more people with good digital marketing tactics.

They also understand that engaging customers in their own health is very important.

Content Marketing Managers play a big role here. Their skills help make this customer engagement happen in the healthcare industry. A well-planned content strategy can draw people to use healthcare facilities and services more often.

That makes these jobs vital for any organization aiming to improve its healthcare marketing efforts.

Salary Expectations for Content Marketing Manager Jobs

The average salary for a Content Marketing Manager in the United States varies, influenced by factors such as experience level, geographic location, and the complexity of tasks assigned.

Average Salary for Content Marketing Managers in the US

A Content Marketing Manager in the US earns an average salary of $86,216 each year. They also get more cash benefits that can add about $13,048 to their pay. The base pay ranges from $68,813 to $84,319.

There is also a link between education and earnings in this job field. Content marketing managers holding a Doctorate degree receive around $96,649 every year. Those with a Master’s degree make about $88,041 per year on average.

Factors that can Impact Salary Level

Different things can change a Content Marketing Manager’s pay. The level of schooling is one thing. Those who have more education may earn more money, and how many years a person has worked can also matter.

If they have done this job for a long time, they might get paid more. Where the job is could be important too. Some places pay more than others for the same work. What industry the job is in may make a difference as well.

Top Cities and States Hiring for Content Marketing Manager Jobs

High demand for Content Marketing Managers is observable in major US cities such as San Francisco, New York, and Chicago. In the same vein, California, New York, and Texas are states with a substantial number of job postings for this role.

Job seekers have numerous opportunities in these bustling locations known for their active marketing industries.

Major Cities With High Demand for Content Marketing Managers

San Francisco tops the list of cities that need Content Marketing Managers. Sacramento and Oakland, in California, also have a high demand for this job. You can find lots of work in New York City, Boston, Atlanta, and Chicago too.

These cities offer great chances for a career in marketing. Right now, there are 19,248 jobs open for Content Marketing Managers across the United States. From big companies to small ones all need good people who know about content management.

States With the Most Content Marketing Manager jobs

California, Rhode Island and Washington have a high demand for Content Marketing Manager jobs. In California, cities like San Francisco, Sacramento and Oakland are top picks for these roles.

The reason is they offer high average salaries and plenty of job opportunities. Pennsylvania also joins the list of states with lots to offer in this field. Across the United States, over 50,000 marketing manager jobs are waiting to be filled. Plus, Indeed.com shows more than 33,000 listings just for content marketing roles.

Steps to Land a Content Marketing Manager Job

This section provides clear and actionable steps for aspiring Content Marketing Managers, including creating a robust portfolio, the importance of networking at industry events, how to effectively tailor a resume and cover letter, and critical tips on preparing for job interviews.

Building a Strong Portfolio

Building a strong portfolio matters if you want to hire a top-notch Content Marketing Manager. Look for ones that show their best work in the field. The portfolio should have content from various projects.

It gives proof of their skills in creating new and engaging material.

You will know an impressive marketing work when you see it. Check how well they got customers involved with their past jobs. They can use it to reach your own clients better. A strong portfolio often means more success in the role of a Content Marketing Manager.

Networking and Attending Industry Events

Go to industry events and talk with others. This can make your brand more well-known. You will hear new ideas from other people at these events. Practice small talk, go to many network events, and use social media to get better at this.

Business networking is a key step for building good relationships and finding chances for growth. It helps you understand the mission of your business or company. It also grows awareness about what your brand stands for.

Tailoring Your Resume and Cover Letter

Make your resume and cover letter fit the job you want. Show off skills that match the job needs. Use the same words in your resume as in the job post. This will make it clear you have what they need.

In your cover letter, tell stories that show how good you are at these tasks. Add numbers to show how well you did them before. The better these documents match the job, the better chance you get hired.

Preparing for Interviews

Job interviews are the next step. It pays to be ready. Look at past work and pick top projects. Show these in your portfolio. Know how your skills fit the job needs. This is key for a Content Marketing Manager position.

Practice makes perfect too. This helps with common interview questions. Check out 50 likely ones from a list we made earlier.

BB tech and SaaS companies have their own set of seven best questions too. Some answers need special care, such as those about digital marketing issues. Highlighting relevant skills and experiences will help stand out among others.

Senior Content Marketing Manager Jobs in United States

Looking for a Senior Content Marketing Manager role in the United States? There are plenty of exciting opportunities available for experienced professionals.

As a senior content marketer, you will be heavily involved in developing and executing the organization’s overall content strategy. This includes spearheading the creation of unique content across various channels like the website, blogs, social media, and more.

You will play an integral role in developing new content formats and optimizing existing content to drive business results. The ideal candidate has a proven track record of being able to produce high quality and engaging content that resonates with the target audience.

Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Leading the content marketing team to ideate and generate ideas for content
  • Keeping up with the latest industry trends and market vision to develop content strategies
  • Creating an effective editorial calendar for content across different platforms
  • Writing social media posts, blogs, articles, case studies, and other materials
  • Working closely with design teams to produce visually appealing content
  • Building the brand’s thought leadership through innovative content
  • Analyzing performance data to identify ways to optimize content

To be successful as a Senior Content Marketing Manager, you must have excellent writing skills and the ability to communicate complex technical concepts simply. In-depth category expertise and knowledge of SEO best practices is a huge plus.

Major cities like New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA offer many Senior Content Marketing Manager jobs in the United States. Notable companies provide fantastic benefits like medical insurance, 401k with matching contributions, and remote work options.

This is an exciting time to develop and execute innovative content strategies that engage modern audiences. If you have the skills and vision for the job, a Senior Content Marketing Manager role can be very rewarding.

Frequently Asked Questions about Content Marketing Manager Jobs

1. What is a Content Marketing Manager job?

A Content Marketing Manager job is about making plans for and creating content like videos, blog posts, social media updates to help a business grow.

2. Why is There More Demand for This Job Now?

There’s more demand now because many businesses need good online content to attract people and sell products or services.

3. What Skills Does a Content Marketing Manager Need?

A Content Marketing Manager needs good writing skills, creativity, knowledge of the internet and social media, and an understanding of what people like.

4. How Much Money Does a Content Marketing Manager Make?

How much you make as a Content Marketing Manager depends on the company size and how much experience you have but usually it’s around $60k-$100k per year.

5. Do I Need Special Training to Become a Content Marketing Manager?

Yes, often you’ll need some sort of higher education in marketing or communication plus experience with creating online content.

Conclusion and Summary of Exploring Growing Demand for Content Marketing Manager Jobs

The world is keen to see more Content Marketing Managers. This job calls for big skills and hard work. Yet, it gives good pay and chances to grow.

The demand for skilled Content Marketing Managers is clearly on the rise. With more companies prioritizing digital marketing and content-driven strategies, these professionals play an invaluable role in the organization.

An effective Content Marketing Manager possesses strong writing abilities, deep knowledge of SEO and analytics, and the capacity to generate engaging ideas that resonate with target audiences. Major industries like e-commerce, technology, healthcare, and consumer goods are all clamoring for talent in this space.

Top cities leading in Content Marketing Manager job growth include San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The average salary can range from $60,000 to $100,000 based on experience and geographic location. Those with niche expertise or senior-level skills often command higher compensation.

By developing a robust portfolio, networking at industry events, and preparing thoroughly for interviews, aspiring content marketers can land rewarding roles. With the right blend of creative thinking and analytical acumen, they will thrive developing standout content that achieves business goals. The outlook for content-focused digital marketing jobs remains bright for many years ahead.

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