Part-Time Digital Marketing Manager Services

Navigating the world of digital marketing can be overwhelming, especially for small businesses or those on a tight budget. Hiring a part-time digital marketing manager could provide expert help. This blog post will guide you through everything from understanding what they do to where to find them and how to utilize their services effectively.

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Key Takeaways of Digital Marketing Manager Services

  • A part-time digital marketing manager helps your business grow online.
  • They manage ads and create content that gets people’s attention.
  • Their jobs can be found on websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, or Upwork.
  • The pay for this job changes a lot but averages around $59 an hour in the United States.
  • Washington is a great state for digital marketers because of its many tech companies.

What is a Part-Time Digital Marketing Manager?

A Part-Time Digital Marketing Manager is a professional who oversees the digital marketing strategies of a business on a part-time basis, utilizing their expertise in SEO, content creation, social media campaigns, and analytics to bolster the online presence and customer engagement for the company.

Job Responsibilities

A Part-Time Digital Marketing Manager has many jobs to do. First, they manage marketing campaigns and plans. They work with the marketing team and other teams that help them out. Vendors are also part of their job to get things done.

Skills Required

A part-time digital marketing manager needs key skills to do a good job. They must be good at strategic planning. This helps them plan and put in place solid marketing plans. Time management is another skill they need. It helps them sort out tasks and meet set times. Effective communication is also very important. This makes it easy for them to work with team members, clients, and others.

Benefits of Hiring a Part-Time Manager

Hiring a part-time manager offers great benefits. Your company gets flexibility in work hours. You can plan your tasks better. Plus, you don’t have to pay as much as for a full-timer.

Your business is always up to date with digital marketing trends. A part-time manager knows the latest online changes and uses them well. The ever-changing digital world doesn’t scare him. He handles it all without eating too much time.

A part-timer does not mean less skill or less work done. They bring skills like any other worker would do in full time jobs. So, even if they are not there all day, every day, they still make sure your company grows.

Common Part-Time Digital Marketing Job Titles

Potential part-time positions within the digital marketing field include Graphic Designer/Social Media Coordinator, responsible for creating enticing visuals and managing social media platforms.

The Website Content Writer role involves crafting engaging content to improve website visibility and engagement. A Social Media Marketing Coordinator focuses on developing strategies across various social platforms to increase brand exposure.

Digital Marketers oversee all online marketing campaigns, while a TikTok Content Creator specializes in designing creative videos exclusively for the TikTok platform. These roles provide diverse avenues for individuals with varied skills and interests within the digital marketing realm.

Graphic Designer/Social Media Coordinator

A Graphic Designer/Social Media Coordinator is a key part of a marketing team. They make the ideas you see on ads and social media come alive. These workers build visual designs such as ad graphics, blog infographics, and social media images.

Their work keeps the brand’s look steady and strong across all materials. They also manage digital assets on platforms like Issuu and Google Photos to help your business stand out.

If written words are needed for posts, they assign tasks to copywriters to complete them.

Website Content Writer

A Website Content Writer is key in the world of digital marketing. They write things we read on websites. Examples are blog posts, articles, and product descriptions. This person needs to know how to create fun and interesting content that draws people to a website.

Website writers also need good skills in search engine optimization (SEO). This means they know how to use words and phrases that make a website show up in internet searches. Being an SEO writer or blog writer is sometimes part of their job too.

The goal for this kind of writer is simple keep readers on the site. Long-form content helps with this. It gives all the details buyers need before they decide to buy something.

This job title can be known by many names: copywriter, creative writer, social media writer, freelance writer, web writer, digital content creator or even content editor.

Hiring a skilled Website Content Writer helps your business stay at the top of internet searches. It brings more people to your site and keeps them there longer which can lead to more sales.

Social Media Marketing Coordinator

A Social Media Marketing Coordinator is key in digital marketing. This person helps to create and guide social media plans. They work on building the image of a brand or company online.

This job also means working with influencers to get the word out there. The coordinator makes sure all parts of a social media campaign go as planned. Other jobs like this can be a social media editor, manager, or strategist.

A good fit for this job could also be someone who can write well for marketing needs and manage social media at the same time.

Digital Marketer

A digital marketer is key to your business. They handle online ads and make sure they reach the right people. This helps boost sales and makes your brand more popular. They know all about market trends so that they can pick the best ways to tell people about your products or services.

A vital job of theirs is managing your company’s online places, like social media sites and websites. They keep track of how well their work does by looking at data from different sources.

Digital marketers can be part-time or full time based on what you need for your business.

TikTok Content Creator

A TikTok Content Creator is a vital part of the marketing team. This job calls for creative and fun minds. The person in this role makes short videos for TikTok. These videos promote a brand or product.

It’s a job title that has become more common as companies see the power of TikTok. Its young audience is big, active, and ready to buy products they like. On top of that, it pays well too. Jobs in TikTok Marketing earn between $23 and $47 per hour.

Part-Time Digital Marketing Jobs

In the expanding digital landscape, part-time digital marketing jobs offer an array of options, ranging from graphic designers to social media coordinators. Available on various online platforms and job boards, these opportunities can be found in both remote and physical roles across key hiring hotspots like California, Texas, and Georgia.

The average hourly pay rate varies widely by job type and location but is generally competitive. Finding the right fit involves understanding their specific work schedule flexibility, expertise areas as well as ensuring they align with your business goals effectively.

Where to Find Them

Your search for a part-time digital marketing manager may take you to many places. Check out these sources:

  1. Web job boards: Websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn offer plenty of part-time digital marketing jobs. Here, you can filter the jobs using your preferred location and job type.
  2. Remote work platforms: Sites such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr cater to remote workers. They are great spots to find marketing roles with flexible hours.
  3. Company websites: Your favorite companies might have job openings on their websites too. Look for “Careers” or “Jobs” pages to see if there are any part-time marketing positions available.
  4. Networking events: Going to business meetups can create connections. These events often lead to job offers.
  5. Social media groups: There are many online groups made for job seekers on Facebook or LinkedIn where employers often post about job vacancies.
  6. Local newspapers or magazines: Don’t forget about traditional methods. Jobs are still advertised in print media as well.
  7. Job fairs: These events give you a chance to meet many employers in one place who are looking to hire new talent.

Hourly Pay Rate

Part-time digital marketing jobs offer diverse pay rates. The hourly wage can vary a lot. For a Digital Marketing Manager, the average pay is $59 per hour in the United States. Some earn between $51 and $67 each hour.

If you’re hiring for this role, get ready to pay about $41.96 per hour on average. That’s around $87,280 per year. A Digital Marketing Specialist earns less, from $16 to $29 an hour with most earning close to $21.

The story is similar with the Marketing Coordinator job title where one can expect to make between $15 and 27 each hour with many making near or around the average of 20 dollars an hour.

The digital marketing industry is thriving nationwide, with select cities and states leading the pack for hiring. Given that the field of digital marketing is rapidly evolving, it is beneficial for companies seeking to hire a part-time digital marketing manager to focus their search in areas where the digital marketing field is most vibrant. Based on industry reports, the best states for digital marketing specialists to work and live in 2023 are projected to be Washington, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Delaware.

While this list does not specify the popular cities within these states for hiring in the field of digital marketing, it provides a solid starting point for companies looking to bring a part-time digital marketing manager on board.

What to Look for in a Part-Time Digital Marketing Manager

When hiring a part-time digital marketing manager, consider their relevant experience, strong communication skills, and knowledge of current industry trends. These critical attributes can significantly impact your brand’s online presence and overall growth.

Relevant Experience

A good part-time digital marketing manager has quality experience. This means they have worked on similar tasks before. The best ones have done jobs or internships in this field. They know about data checks, SEO and SEM, CRM, and making content.

Having a degree is not always needed but it can help them do better work. A great part-time digital marketing manager also knows how to use social media well.

Strong Communication Skills

Good communication helps a lot in digital marketing. A part-time manager must talk and write very well. They need to share ideas with the team clearly. This person also needs to make sure the target audience understands their messages.

Building good ties with clients and customers is a plus of strong communication skills. Reports become easy to understand when presented well by someone who can speak effectively. Effective emails are also results of this skill.

Knowing modern digital marketing trends is key. It keeps your ideas fresh and exciting. Digital marketing changes fast. Social media, search, and user experiences are big deals in 2022.

A part-time manager must know these areas well. They also need skills in content marketing, SEO and more. This knowledge will keep your company’s brand current and engaging to customers online.

Why Hire a Part-Time Digital Marketing Manager

Hiring a Part-Time Digital Marketing Manager is an excellent strategy for companies aiming to enhance their online presence, it offers cost-effectiveness as you only pay for the specialized services required.

This role provides flexibility, allowing you to adjust the workload according to your business needs and project timelines. A part-time manager also brings in expertise in specific areas of digital marketing like SEO, content creation or social media management, enriching company’s overall marketing strategy with innovative ideas and up to date industry knowledge.


Hiring a part-time digital marketing manager is a money-saving move. You don’t have to pay them the $55,108 yearly fee that full-time managers earn. Also, you only pay for the hours worked.

So, no extra costs come up when business is slow. They are cost-efficient as they bring skills in retargeting ads and social selling. These strategies connect with potential customers in an affordable way.


Hiring a part-time digital marketing manager gives your company flexibility. You can set work hours that match your needs. This might be in the day, at night, or on weekends. Your business saves money as you only pay for the hours worked.

This makes it easy to use digital advertising without going over budget. The flexible scheduling also helps boost team morale and productivity. Since digital marketing is an online job, remote work is often possible too.

Expertise in Specific Areas

A part-time digital marketing manager can master key areas. They use smart planning to set up ads and make campaigns better. Their skills help them find out who the target audience is fast.

Plus, they know what the customer needs. These managers build strong ties with customers. This helps improve how customers feel about your business.

Knowing key performance markers (KPIs) is another must-have skill for them. It shows how well a campaign does its job. Knowing search engine optimization (SEO) also helps get your business more views on the internet.

They need a game plan for content marketing too. Good content draws in more people to your brand or product.

Staying in touch with fresh trends in their field keeps them on top of their game.

How Can a Part-Time Digital Marketing Manager Help Your Business?

A Part-Time Digital Marketing Manager can boost your business by designing effective social media campaigns, driving content creation and marketing efforts, optimizing your website for search engines, and providing insightful analytics and reports to gauge the success of digital strategies.

Creating and Managing Social Media Campaigns

A part-time digital marketing manager can boost your business through social media campaigns. They use platforms like Facebook to draw in new fans and make your brand known online.

This tool helps with many things like engaging with customers and driving traffic to your website. They can also set up e-commerce shops on these platforms. Tracking audience data is another task they perform during this work.

Your business gets exposed to future customers by using digital channels such as social media, email, search engines, and other websites. The manager will use both long-term plans and short-term tricks for successful advertising.

Content Creation and Marketing

A part-time digital marketing manager excels in making good content. They know how to catch the eye of your audience. They design and make blog posts, videos, and social media updates.

Creating top-notch content is a key job for them. This helps build trust with your customers. Strong trust leads to more sales, which grows your business. The manager not only creates the content but also puts it out there for everyone to see.

This process is known as marketing campaigns or targeted advertising. With their strategic thinking, they bring a lot of people to see what you offer.

Search Engine Optimization

A part-time digital marketing manager can help your business shine online. One key task they do is search engine optimization, or SEO. This job makes your website easy to find when people look for what you offer on the internet.

The manager uses special words that match with what people type into search engines. They also fix up your site so it’s easy to use and reads well on phones and other devices. They make sure local customers find you when they’re close by, too.

Doing these tasks gets more people visiting your website and boosts the chance of them buying from you.

Analytics and Reporting

A Part-Time Digital Marketing Manager uses tools to track how well ads are doing. This is called analytics and reporting. They look at numbers from many places on the web. Then, they use this data to make plans about what a company should do next.

They check things like how many people see an ad and what they do after that. They want to know if the ad helps get more buyers or not. The manager does tests to find out which ads work best and then uses these good ones more often.

So, hiring a part-time manager can help you know if your business efforts are paying off or not.

Partnering with a Part-Time Digital Marketing Agency

Choosing to partner with a part-time digital marketing agency affords businesses the opportunity to tap into professional services and extensive expertise at a cost-effective rate.

This partnership allows access to a range of services such as SEO, content creation, social media management, and data analysis. Financial commitment varies depending on the level of service required making it an ideal solution for businesses with budget constraints or those not ready for full-time hires yet still wanting quality digital marketing services.

The flexible nature of contracting an external agency also enables a business to adapt quickly to changing market dynamics without being burdened by long term commitments often associated with full-time employees.


Hiring a part-time digital marketing manager can offer many good things for your business.

  1. Cost savings: A part-time manager gets paid only for the hours they work. This may save you money compared to a full-time salary.
  2. Flexibility: You can adjust their hours based on your needs or the time of year.
  3. Online advertising skills: They will know how to promote your products or services on the internet.
  4. Search engine optimization: The manager can make your website show up more in online searches, which can bring in more customers.
  5. Social media management: They can handle posts and ads on sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  6. Professional expertise: With a part-time manager, you get access to a pro who knows marketing trends and tools.
  7. More reach to targeted audience: Your messages will reach people who are most likely to buy from you.
  8. Better use of resources: You won’t have to use other staff for marketing tasks that they may not be skilled at.
  9. Access to industry knowledge: The person you hire will bring new ideas from their experience with other companies or projects.
  10. Marketing support for growth: Good marketing can help your business grow by bringing in new customers and sales.

Services Offered

A Part-Time Digital Marketing Agency offers many services. These are helpful to boost a company’s online presence. Here is a list of services:

  1. Search Engine Optimization: Makes your website show up higher on search engine results.
  2. Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Ads that show on the web, you pay each time someone clicks on them.
  3. Social Media Marketing: Using sites like Facebook and Instagram to sell your products or services.
  4. Content Creation: Making things like blog posts, videos, and photos to share online.
  5. Email Marketing: Sending emails to customers with news and offers.
  6. Website Development: Creating a website for your business.
  7. Digital Marketing Strategies: Planning how to use digital tools for marketing.
  8. Online Advertising Campaigns Management: Running ads on the web and tracking their success.
  9. Market Research: Finding out what customers want and like.
  10. Data Analysis and Metrics: Looking at numbers to see how well marketing strategies are working.

Costs Involved

If you work with a part-time digital marketing agency, some costs will be there. The usual cost of their services can go from $1000 to $5000 each month. Sometimes the range may climb up to $12,000 per month in 2023.

This pay includes all things related to social media management and content creation for ads.

Plan for an advertising campaign? You should know it needs over 40 hours of in-house work or close to $6000 money spent. A full-service agency that does everything involves higher costs too.

They could ask anything from $4,000 to even reaching as high as $22,000. With them, you’ll get many services under one roof like social media marketing.

Tips for Managing a Part-Time Digital Marketing Manager

Fostering a productive partnership with a part-time Digital Marketing Manager necessitates setting clear, achievable goals, maintaining regular communication channels for updates and feedback, and providing the necessary resources for optimal performance.

Setting Clear Goals and Expectations

Your part-time digital marketing manager needs clear goals and expectations. Here’s how to do it:

  1. First, define specific goals for the role. That could be increasing website traffic or boosting social media engagement.
  2. Make sure your goals are measurable. Use numbers, like “Increase blog views by 10% in a month.”
  3. Align these goals with your overall business strategy. If your aim is raising brand awareness, the manager’s tasks should match that.
  4. Tell your new hire about these goals right away. This helps them understand what they need to do.
  5. Also, tell them how you will measure their success.
  6. Keep up regular check – ins to stay on track with these targets.
  7. Be open about what resources they’ll have to reach their objectives.

Regular Communication

Regular communication is a key part of managing a part-time digital marketing manager. You must share ideas and goals clearly. This lets your manager know what you want from them. Regular updates keep both sides in the loop.

Always make room for questions or concerns to come up from their side as well. Also, use digital tools to stay connected even when working remotely. A good exchange of words makes tasks easier, betters team efforts, and helps track progress too.

Providing Necessary Resources

A part-time digital marketing manager needs the right tools and resources. These may include paid software for search engine optimization (SEO) or email marketing tactics. A supportive team can also make a big difference.

The manager will work with this team to start successful campaigns.

It is key to give them access to data analysis techniques, too. This helps them understand how well a campaign is doing. They can use these facts to make better plans in the future.

Companies must ensure these resources are ready from day one for smooth operations.

Core Duties of a Digital Marketing Manager

As a digital marketing manager, you oversee a diverse array of critical responsibilities to drive business growth through digital channels. Some of the most essential duties include:

  • Developing and executing data-driven digital marketing campaigns across multiple platforms
  • Conducting in-depth analytics using web analytics tools to optimize campaigns
  • Managing digital marketing staff and coordinating with internal teams on initiatives
  • Monitoring campaign performance and ROI using key performance indicators
  • Overseeing SEO/SEM, content marketing, social media, and display advertising strategies
  • Creating optimized landing pages and leveraging tools like Google Ads to boost conversions
  • Utilizing website analytics to identify areas for improvement and enhance user experience
  • Staying current on digital marketing trends, technologies, and best practices
  • Collaborating cross-functionally to integrate digital marketing with overall objectives

The role requires both strategic vision to plan campaigns and hands-on expertise to execute flawlessly across channels. With their specialized digital skills and analytical acumen, marketing managers elevate brand visibility and drive measurable business impact through well-orchestrated digital campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Marketing Manager Services

1. What Does a Part-Time Digital Marketing Manager Do?

A part-time digital marketing manager helps businesses promote their products or services online on a part-time basis.

2. Can I Hire a Part-Time Digital Marketing Manager for My Small Business?

Yes, you can hire a part-time digital marketing manager for your small business to help boost your online presence and sales.

3. How Does Hiring a Part-Time Digital Marketing Manager Save Costs?

Hiring a part-time digital marketing manager saves costs because you only pay them for the hours they work, unlike full-timers who get paid even when there’s less work.

4. Where Can I Find Good Part-Time Digital Marketing Manager Services?

You can find good Part-Time Digital Marketing Manager services from trusted websites that offer professional freelancing services or through local job postings.

5. Will This Service Improve My Company’s Brand Awareness?

Yes, this service will improve your company’s brand awareness by reaching more people online with targeted advertisements and strategic content.

Conclusion and Summary of Part-Time Digital Marketing Manager Services

A part-time digital marketing manager brings strategic expertise to boost your brand’s digital presence in an affordable, flexible model. Their leadership and hands-on skills strengthen your online advertising, content, SEO, and social media efforts.

While their specialized knowledge elevates marketing capabilities, the part-time structure controls costs and allows adaptation to evolving needs. Whether optimizing pay-per-click ads or honing website experiences, these managers pilot performance across digital channels.

For budget-conscious brands seeking to sharpen online impact and engagement, a part-time digital marketing chief offers heavy hitting skills without the hefty price tag. Their strategic guidance empowers brands to connect with customers in the digital sphere.

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