Digital Marketing Manager for Hire

Searching for a digital marketing manager can be a daunting task. With over 43,255 digital marketing managers currently in the US, finding the right fit is no small challenge. This article will guide you through every step of hiring a highly skilled Digital Marketing Manager from defining job roles to conducting interviews.

Key Takeaways of Digital Marketing Manager for Hire

  • A digital marketing manager helps your business grow online. They make plans for ads and manage campaigns to get better results.
  • Hiring the right person involves making a clear job post, going through applications and picking the top ones for interviews.
  • The cost of hiring these managers can change based on many things like their skills, experience, location or your company’s needs.
  • Job websites, freelance platforms and tips from friends are good places to find these managers.
  • When hiring them look at their skills in data, planning, social media and SEO (making sure you show up in search results).
  • Full time hires offer stability but may cost more. Freelancers work per project so they can save costs but might not be there long term.

Why Hire a Digital Marketing Manager?

A digital marketing manager plays a key role in your business. They help get the word out about your company. With their strong skills, they make sure you reach more people online.

They can save your time and money on ads.

Of course, you need to have the right message too. The manager knows how to spread that message well. If done correctly, this will boost your brand’s image.

Hiring this expert also offers choices for businesses. Some might choose a full-time expert while others may pick a temporary one for special projects.

How to Hire the Best Digital Marketing Manager

Engaging the best digital marketing manager involves a strategic process, beginning with shortlisting suitable candidates and proceeding with crafting a compelling job announcement.

This step further includes an understanding of the hiring costs associated with such a role and being aware of factors that could impact these costs. Finally, it is critical to consider both full-time and freelance options for this key position in your organization.

Shortlisting and Evaluating Candidates

Choosing the best digital marketing manager starts with shortlisting and evaluating candidates.

  1. Look at all applications. Spot the ones that match your needs.
  2. Use a checklist for each role to make it easy. The checklist can have items such as skills, work history, and education.
  3. Put the top picks on a shortlist. These are people who match most items on your checklist.
  4. Use pre – employment tests to check talents of shortlisted people. These tests help you know if they fit the job.
  5. Ask for examples of past work from every person on your shortlist. This helps you see their skill in action.
  6. Check how each candidate did on your checklist and tests again and pick out the highest scorers.
  7. Pick out only those with excellent results from this list for interviews.
  8. During interviews, ask about past campaigns or projects they handled
  9. Talk about salary to see if it fits within your budget.
  10. Lastly, pick the best person for the job based on all these steps.

Crafting an Effective Job Post

A strong job post grabs attention. Use clear words that tell about the digital marketing manager role. Focus on hard skills like brand image and digital content strategy. Share what a day in this job looks like.

Also, show how they will help your company reach its goals. Make sure to think outside the box too. Look for people with creative skills, not just marketing ones. This can bring new ideas to your team.

Your job post must be easy to read and hold key facts about the job role, work hours, pay scale and more. This helps get you the top talent for your team.

Understanding the Cost of Hiring a Digital Marketing Manager

Hiring a digital marketing manager comes with a price. The average cost of this hire in the US is $67,360. This covers their salary for a year. If you opt to pay per project, expect costs between $1,000 and $7,500.

Hourly rates for these services can run from $50 to $500 an hour. Monthly service fees range from $2,500 to 12,000. All these variables make it important to plan your budget carefully before hiring.

Factors that Impact the Cost

Hiring the best Digital Marketing Manager comes with a price. Many things can change this cost. Here are a few factors:

  1. Type of Industry: Different fields have different needs. For example, an ecommerce store may need more work than a small blog.
  2. Number of Positions: More jobs mean more money. You might need to hire more than one person to cover all your needs.
  3. Special Needs: Some jobs require special skills or tools. These can add to the cost.
  4. Experience Level: Managers with more experience often ask for higher pay.
  5. Agency vs In-House: Hiring someone for your own team may cost more time and money than using an agency.
  6. Location: A manager from a city where living costs are high may ask for more pay.
  7. Offers, Pricing Models, and Contract Terms: Different agencies have different ways of charging for their services.

Full-Time vs Freelance Options

When considering hiring a Digital Marketing Manager, one crucial decision that businesses need to make is whether to go with a full-time employee or a freelance digital marketing manager.

The decision between a full-time or freelance digital marketing manager ultimately depends on your company’s specific needs and budget.

Where to Find Digital Marketing Managers

Finding the best digital marketing managers can be easier than you think, with resources readily available on job search websites such as LinkedIn and Indeed. For a more flexible arrangement, freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr host a wealth of talented professionals ready for hire.

Moreover, utilizing referrals from your professional network can guide you towards finding reputable digital marketing managers. It’s all about broadening your search horizons to uncover the perfect candidate for your business needs.

Job Search Websites

Job search websites give you many options for hiring. Websites like Upwork, Monster and Careerbuilder have tons of digital marketing managers ready to work. You can also look at Craigslist or other recruiting websites.

These online job marketplaces show resumes from all over the world. This lets you find the best match for your company’s needs.

Freelance Platforms

Freelance platforms are great places to find digital marketing managers. Websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, and MarketerHire have lots of skilled freelancers ready to work. These sites let you see their rates, work history, and reviews from past jobs.

You can also post your job on these online platforms for hiring digital marketers. Another new site is Torchlite which has experts who can manage your project too. So if you need a freelance worker in digital marketing, these websites are good picks.


Getting a digital marketing manager from referrals is smart. Trusted contacts give the best leads. They know people with top skills and good work manners. Your workers can help too.

A bonus makes workers want to help more. It’s called an incentive program, and it works well in hiring. The person you hire from a referral might stay longer at your firm than others do.

Skills to Look for in a Digital Marketing Manager

In hiring a digital marketing manager, key skills to pay attention to include analytical thinking for data interpretation, strategic planning for future campaigns, social media expertise to leverage platforms effectively, and SEO knowledge for increased online visibility.

Innate creativity and an innovative mindset also stand out as priceless in this role. For more details on the various skills sets that will be beneficial when hiring your digital marketing manager, continue reading.

Analytical Thinking

Analytical thinking is a must-have skill for a Digital Marketing Manager. They use this skill to make smart and logical choices. It helps them find facts and data to back up their plans.

With their strong mind for figures, they look at numbers from marketing campaigns. These could be clicks on a website or likes on social media posts. This deep dive into data lets them see how well the plan worked out in real life.

Using what they learn from the old plans, they then create even better strategies for future campaigns based on facts, not guesses. Strong analytical skills give digital marketing managers an edge when measuring success and making simple, smart decisions backed by hard evidence.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning plays a big role in digital marketing. It is about making plans for the future. The best Digital Marketing Managers use this skill to lead your company’s online journey.

They choose the right tactics for social media, SEO, and content marketing. They also set smart goals and measure their success with data analysis. With strategic planning, a digital marketing manager can create strong brand awareness and grow your business on the web.

Social Media Expertise

A digital marketing manager with social media expertise is a great asset. They know how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms to boost your brand. This skill helps them drive more traffic to your site.

They make posts that engage users and encourage them to share.

Creating the right words for social media posts needs skill too. Your manager should also offer good copywriting skills. This means they can write in a way that catches reader’s eyes and makes them want to act.

Tracking campaign success is also key, as it shows what works well.

SEO Knowledge

SEO knowledge is a vital skill for a digital marketing manager. They use it to make sure your company shows up in online searches. A good manager knows how to pick the best words and phrases for this.

They understand how search engines work, like Google and Bing. If they have strong SEO skills, your website will get more visitors. During the interview process, ask them about their experience with SEO tasks.

This helps you see if they are right for the role at your company.

Writing a Digital Marketing Manager Job Description

A job description tells what a digital marketing manager must do. It needs clear details. One part is about the work that needs doing. This can be project management or campaign planning.

It could also be search engine optimization (SEO) or email marketing.

Another part lists skills needed for the job. A good digital marketing manager has to think well and plan ahead. He should know social media and SEO very well too.

The last part of the job description talks about how one works with others in the company. The manager has to make sure all parts of a plan are working right.

So, writing out what a digital marketing manager does, helps find the best person for your company.

Interviewing Digital Marketing Manager Candidates

Identifying your ideal digital marketing manager involves more than just looking at qualifications and past experience, it requires a comprehensive interview process to uncover their skills, attitudes, and cultural fit.

Dive into this process with us and ready yourself to find the perfect match for your company’s unique needs.

Asking the Right Questions

Choosing the right Digital Marketing Manager for your company begins with asking the right questions. Here’s a list of effective inquiries to make during the interview process:

  1. What role does SEO play in digital marketing?
  2. How do you handle social media crises?
  3. Can you explain a successful digital marketing campaign you planned and executed?
  4. How well do you understand email marketing strategies?
  5. Can you tell me about a time you used data to drive your strategy?
  6. How have your campaigns increased sales or brand awareness in the past?
  7. What tools and software are important for this job?
  8. What methods will you use to analyze our competition?
  9. How would you go about targeting our main customer base?
  10. What online platforms should our business focus on?

Assessing Experience and Skills

Hiring a Digital Marketing Manager needs careful checking of the candidate’s skills and experience.

  1. Look for a solid track record. The candidate should have a history to show they can do the job well.
  2. Check if they have the skills needed in 2023. They need to know social media, SEO, and other key areas.
  3. Ask them about their past work. It will help you understand how they think and solve problems.
  4. Test their technical skills too. Have them take a test to see how well they can run a marketing campaign.
  5. Don’t forget soft skills. A great manager knows how to talk and listen to people on their team.
  6. Use common digital marketing questions in your interview. This will give you useful details about their knowledge.
  7. Ask job – specific questions too. These should be about your company’s culture and any special tech tools you use.
  8. Finally, be sure you like them as a person. You’ll want someone who fits in well with your team.

Cultural Fit

Cultural fit is a key part in picking the best Digital Marketing Manager for your team. You must make sure their way of working matches with that of your company. They should gel well with everyone at work and value the same things as you do.

During the interview, ask questions to find out what they feel about your company culture. This will let you know if they can thrive in it or not. Also, look for signs of cultural fit in their job application.

Some firms go one step further and look for a culture add. They want new faces who bring fresh thoughts and views to the table.

FAQs about Digital Marketing Manager for Hire

This section delves into the most common questions about hiring a digital marketing manager, covering subjects from whether your business truly needs one to how to select among top candidates and what you should expect once they’re onboard.

Do you Really Need One?

The decision to hire a digital marketing manager is vital. You should note the size of your digital marketing team. If it’s big, you may need one. A manager guides the team and makes key decisions.

There are other choices too. Hiring a digital marketing agency can do the job. Be sure to ask eight key questions before picking this choice. Building a dream team requires proactive strategies as top talent may not be job seeking actively.

Choosing Between Top Candidates

Picking the best person can be hard. Look at their skills, experience, and how well they fit with your team. Seeing who has been successful in this role before can help too. Ask good questions to see how they think and act.

What to Expect from a Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager takes care of your brand’s online look and sales. They put in place many types of marketing plans. Their work is needed to keep your company in the eyes of online users.

This person comes up with new ways to sell products on the web. They use SEO skills to make sure people can find you online. You will see them making ad campaigns too, using this plan for more buyers attention.

Their job also needs a deep understanding of social media trends for good results.

How Hire Digital Works

Hire Digital simplifies the hiring process by providing a thorough screening of potential candidates to ensure they possess required skills and expertise. It offers on-demand services, making it easier for companies to find specialists quickly within their needed domain.

Hire Digital presents cost-effective options without compromising on the quality of talent, enabling businesses to gain top talent within their budget constraints. The platform promotes easy communication between clients and digital marketing managers, driving efficient project management and completion.

Screening Process

A good screening process is vital to find the right Digital Marketing Manager. Hiring teams need a clear plan. Here are some steps they can follow:

  1. Use background checks: These give insight into a candidate’s past behavior.
  2. Do a digital footprint analysis: Look at what they do online. This includes their social media presence.
  3. Apply candidate evaluation: Review the skills and experience of each person.
  4. Include skill testing: More than half of employers say this helps make better hiring choices.
  5. Check their social media presence: Many companies use this step in their screening process.
  6. Consider screening criteria carefully: It should match the needs of the job role.
  7. Be accurate in candidate selection: An agile workforce starts with picking the right people.

On-Demand Services

Getting a digital marketing manager is much easier and quicker with on-demand services. These are some ways on how Hire Digital can help:

  1. Hire Digital gives quick access to experts in digital marketing, web development, design, media, and growth.
  2. It allows firms to add a full-time contract, part-time, or project-based digital marketing manager.
  3. Many jobs can be done from anywhere. This offers a lot of flexibility.
  4. It pairs clients with workers anytime they need them.
  5. Companies can tap into the best people for digital marketing, software design, and creation with Hire Digital.
  6. It opens businesses to thrilling and money – making chances in the digital marketing world.

Domain Expertise

At Hire Digital, we value domain expertise. Our digital marketing managers are experts in their field. They use data analysis skills to make good choices. They craft powerful content for campaigns with top-notch writing skills.

Their SEO knowledge helps boost website visibility and search engine ranking. These managers know the ropes of many industries like public relations. Domain expertise gives them an edge in a competitive market place.

Cost-Effective Options

Hire Digital offers cost-effective options for your needs. You may spend too much money if you hire a full-time digital marketing manager. With Hire Digital, you only pay for what you need when you need it.

Given the range of hiring costs, this is an affordable option for many firms. Using Hire Digital’s services is like choosing value-for-money alternatives or making budget-conscious decisions.

Easy Communication

Hire Digital makes talking easy. It’s like a bridge between your business and the best digital marketing managers. The platform is simple to use and sends clear messages. This helps both sides know what they want.

With Hire Digital, you avoid any mix-ups. Each step runs smoothly with no waste of time or effort. Your instructions are well understood by the team on the other side. When there’s a need for feedback, it gets shared without delay or errors.

Critical Duties in Social Media Marketing

As a social media marketer, you manage a wide range of pivotal responsibilities. Some of the most essential duties include:

  • Developing data-driven social media strategies aligned with broader marketing and business goals
  • Managing brand social media accounts across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Creating engaging text, image, and video content tailored for each platform’s audience
  • Executing targeted social media advertising campaigns, including through paid tools like Facebook Ads
  • Monitoring campaign performance using analytics and optimizing based on key metrics
  • Conducting audience research to identify key demographics and shape messaging
  • Driving social promotion of business initiatives, events, and offers to boost awareness
  • Monitoring social listening insights to understand brand sentiment, emerging trends, and influencer commentary
  • Fostering brand engagement and community through social customer service and conversations
  • Reporting on campaign results and progress against goals to key stakeholders

The role requires creativity and analytical ability to translate brand strategy into compelling social experiences. Strong project management skills also keep multi-channel campaigns on time and on budget. Through strategic social media leadership, these marketers engage audiences and amplify brand reach.

Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Marketing Manager for Hire

1. What Does a Digital Marketing Manager Do?

A Digital Marketing Manager plans and runs marketing campaigns on digital platforms like websites, emails, social media, and online ads.

2. Is Hiring a Digital Marketing Manager Expensive?

The cost of hiring a Digital Marketing Manager depends on their experience level and the scope of work. It can vary from business to business.

3. How Can I Find a Suitable Digital Marketing Manager for My Business?

You can find a suitable Digital Marketing Manager by looking at job posting sites, professional networks or asking for referrals from your connections.

4. Does a Small Business Need a Digital Marketing Manager?

Yes, even small businesses can benefit from the expertise of a Digital Marketing Manager to boost visibility and sales online.

5. Can I Hire An Agency Instead of an Individual as My Company’s Digital Marketing Manager?

Yes, you are free to choose between an agency or individual depending upon your needs and budget.

Conclusion and Summary of Digital Marketing Manager for Hire

A part-time digital marketing manager brings strategic expertise to boost your brand’s digital presence in an affordable, flexible model. Their leadership and hands-on skills strengthen your online advertising, content, SEO, and social media efforts.

While their specialized knowledge elevates marketing capabilities, the part-time structure controls costs and allows adaptation to evolving needs. Whether optimizing pay-per-click ads or honing website experiences, these managers pilot performance across digital channels.

For budget-conscious brands seeking to sharpen online impact and engagement, a part-time digital marketing chief offers heavy hitting skills without the hefty price tag. Their strategic guidance empowers brands to connect with customers in the digital sphere.

Marty Stewart