Medical Writer Companies: Source for Trusted Health Info

Finding the right medical writing company can feel like navigating through a maze. With such a variety in the industry, knowing which company excels in providing top-notch, regulatory compliant documents is crucial.

This article aims to make your journey easier by providing a comprehensive list of the best providers in this field.

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Key Takeaways of Medical Writer Companies

  • Medical writing companies help make complex health data easy to understand.
  • They write for doctors, nurses and patients. They also help with medical research.
  • Top companies include IQVIA, PAREXEL, Syneos Health, UDG Healthcare Plc, Trilogy Writing & Consulting and Covance.
  • These firms offer jobs like Associate Medical Writer to Principal Medical Writer.
  • Job search can be done on platforms like BioSpace or Indeed. There are many remote work options too.

Understanding Medical Writing Companies

Medical writing companies are key helpers in the healthcare world. They work with complex health data and turn it into simple words. This helps people like doctors, nurses, or patients understand the details better.

These companies also play a big part in medicine growth and research.

Writers at these firms handle all sorts of tasks. They might write about new drugs for scientists to read or create info sheets that go out with pills for patients to use safely at home.

Another big job is making sure local rules on health topics are followed when writing up stuff like trial results for regulatory bodies. Any slip here can mean a delay in getting life-saving treatments out there faster.

These businesses hire many kinds of writers too, each with their own skill set needed to nail the job down right away. Not all medical writers are done working once they finish writing either; some take on expert roles as consultants too.

Whether you need help understanding tricky clinical trials or want someone experienced to manage your scientific communications, medical writing companies have got you covered.

Top Companies Hiring for Medical Writer Jobs

Exploring the job market for medical writing positions unveils a host of leading global companies actively recruiting, including eminent names like IQVIA, PAREXEL, and Covance. It’s crucial to consider factors such as company size, location, and ratings while zeroing in on potential employers.

Apart from understanding job roles and requirements offered by these established firms can aid prospective candidates in finding the right fit for their professional growth.

Filter companies by location, ratings, and size

You can find the right medical writer for your needs. Here is how to do it:

  1. Look at where the company is. You may want one close to you.
  2. Check the ratings of the company. This shows if they do good work.
  3. See how big the company is. A bigger company may have more writers to choose from.

Explore job functions and find the right fit

There are many job roles in medical writing. These range from Associate Medical Writer to Principal Medical Writer. Different companies like Parexel, Syneos Health, Labcorp, HCLTech, Novartis and others have these positions open.

Look at the tasks for each role carefully. Think about what you want to do every day. Also look at pay rates for each role before you make a choice. Finding the right match will make your work more fun and satisfying.

Global Regulatory Demands and the Rise of Medical Writing Companies

With increasing international regulatory expectations, precision in medical documentation has become paramount, leading to a significant surge in the demand for professional medical writing companies.

Importance of precise medical documentation

Good medical writing is clear and correct. It gets the message across in a way that everyone can understand. Precise medical documentation helps with this. Clear records are key to patient safety, treatment plans, and care decisions.

Regulatory agencies need them to check on drug trials and health claims too. With good reports, doctors make better choices for their patients’ health. It also makes sure all facts follow laws around the world.

Hence, hiring a skilled medical writer gives you accuracy while keeping up with rules set by bodies like the FDA or EMA.

Having clear and correct notes means less mistakes in medicine use or surgery plans as well as faster approval for new drugs as they prove safe and work how they should do.

Top 6 Medical Writing Companies

Known for their expertise in clinical and regulatory writing, IQVIA, PAREXEL, Syneos Health, UDG Healthcare Plc, Trilogy Writing & Consulting and Covance are globally recognized as the top six medical writing companies.


IQVIA stands as a top player in the medical writing field. This company has won high praise for its strong skills in global regulatory writing. Many see it as an industry leader. IQVIA got named to FORTUNE magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies list for six years in a row. That shows their good work and strong name in the healthcare field.

Also, they came first for being fresh thinkers in healthcare related to pharmacy and other services. IQVIA also gives people who want to work from home that chance with remote jobs on offer.


PAREXEL is a top name in the medical writing field. Julia Cooper, CVP and Head of Medical Writing, leads a global team at PAREXEL. They are on the hunt for talented people with strong science and writing skills.

There are jobs open for Senior Medical Writers, Principal Medical Writers, and Clinical Trial Protocol Specialists. If you join their group as a Principal Medical Writer, you will write documents linked to clinical studies.

Syneos Health

Syneos Health is a top medical writing company. They work in many areas of health and on many different types of papers. The team has great writers, staff who manage accounts, and people who think up new things.

If you are a medical writer looking for work you can do from your own home, Syneos Health may have a job for you. This company leads the industry with its expert team of writers.

UDG Healthcare Plc

UDG Healthcare Plc stands tall among the best medical writing companies. This firm has a knack for drug development, clinical research, and regulatory submissions. UDG serves more than 300 clients with top-notch services like advisory, medical information, and event management.

This company shines in the healthcare field. It is known for its drive to make healthcare better and to bring about change. Trust UDG Healthcare Plc to provide expert support on your next project.

Trilogy Writing & Consulting

Trilogy Writing & Consulting is a top pick in the medical writing field. They are known for their focus on regulatory documentation. Not just that, they offer more than words on paper.

The team arranges workshops and learning events led by expert writers. Their staff includes skilled scribes and quality check experts, some trained right here. They have solid links with other big names like IQVIA and Covance.


Covance shines in the medical writing industry. It stands as one of the top 6 firms for this job. Covance offers high-quality services related to medicine and health. They offer jobs for expert writers who love science and medicine.

This firm is well-regarded by many people. It is a great choice if you need a skilled writer for your team.

Roles within Medical Writing

The field of medical writing offers diverse roles, each playing a crucial part within the industry. Positions range from Associate Medical Writers, who often assist in compiling research data and proofreading documents, to full-fledged Medical Writers responsible for developing a wide array of scientifically accurate content.

Senior Medical Writers supervise the production process ensuring that all outputs adhere to regulatory standards while Principal Medical Writers oversee entire project portfolios coordinating efforts across various teams.

Lastly, individuals serving as consultants bring specialized expertise providing guidance on complex issues or topics related to clinical trials, pharmaceutical developments, or biotechnological innovations.

Associate Medical Writer

An Associate Medical Writer is a key role in the field of medical writing. This person helps make vital documents for clinical drug development. They work with facts and data to write papers for research and rules.

These writers are often at the start of their career but play an important part.

They work under the guidance of senior writers or managers. Their job is to learn how to craft various types of scientific papers. They also get a chance to lead in certain tasks, growing their skills over time.

Associate Medical Writers find jobs in places like medical groups, research firms, and drug companies.

Medical Writer

A Medical Writer is vital in the healthcare world. They put into words the data and facts of medical research. Their skill helps others understand complex ideas from drug studies to clinical trials.

The jobs they do range from journal articles to reports for government bodies. In areas like medicine, health, or science they are leaders of their craft. They can work with colleges, news shops, governments and more.

You will find them in every corner of healthcare writing: clinical research, medical editing and even journalism.

Senior Medical Writer

A Senior Medical Writer pens vital medical texts. They are in high demand for drug development work. They often get training from a mentor to do their job well. This role is about teamwork with other writers and client services teams.

Senior medical writers also work with people in the medical and drug fields. A company called ICON is looking for someone to fill this role right now.

Principal Medical Writer

A Principal Medical Writer has a big job in top medical writer companies. They write many types of scientific and regulatory papers. They lead clinical teams and make sure everyone uses the best ways to write about medicine.

Their writing is always clear and easy to understand. These writers can go on to be leaders in the drug industry. To be good at this job, they study a lot about medicine and drugs.


A consultant in medical writing plays a big part. They lead the team and use their deep science knowledge. This role is key when creating many types of scientific papers. This includes research reports and rules for new medicine trials.

Becoming a good consultant means having great skills from doing PhD research work. It’s also about how they write. A good consultant can explain hard science ideas in easy words that patients can understand.

American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) gives these professionals help to develop their careers and make connections with others in their field.

Available Medical Writing Jobs

Explore a wealth of opportunities in the industry with available medical writing jobs across various platforms. BioSpace features numerous openings tailored to your expertise. Chicago, Illinois boasts 66 top-notch medical writer positions waiting for qualified applicants.

If you prefer remote work, consider one of the 490 positions strewn across the United States. Indeed offers an impressive roster of 368 vacancies in the field all waiting for their perfect candidate.

Search for Medical Writing jobs on BioSpace

BioSpace is a great place to find medical writing jobs. There are 25 interesting job options on the site right now. Companies like Moderna, Inc., Edwards Lifesciences, Kelly Services, and Bristol-Myers Squibb often post job ads here.

You can even look for specific terms like FDA, reviewer, or inspector to find what suits you best in the United States. Besides, BioSpace has listed 12 Best Places to Work in the medical writing field.

Top 66 Medical Writer jobs in Chicago, Illinois

There are many medical writer jobs in Chicago, Illinois. Right now, 66 top job spots are open. Some big-name companies like Edwards Lifesciences, Kelly Services, and Bristol-Myers Squibb have put up these jobs.

The pay for each hour ranges from $41 to $75. In total, there are 11,845 medical writer job openings in the area. A healthcare or medicine professional with a skill for writing could land one of these roles.

No matter if you write about healthcare or do research reports – you can find a job that fits.

Top 490 Medical Writer Remote jobs in the United States

There are a lot of jobs for medical writers who want to work from home. Right now, the United States has 490 jobs open. That’s a big number. And it keeps growing. In fact, 23 new jobs were just added.

If you’re a medical writer and you like working in your pajamas, this is great news. You can find these remote jobs in many places on the internet. If you have the skills and enjoy health topics, check out these job openings today.

It’s time to start your journey as a remote medical writer in the USA.

368 Medical Writer job opportunities on Indeed lists 368 jobs for medical writers. These jobs are open to all skill levels. Jobs range from entry-level to senior positions. If you’re looking for work in the medical writing field, Indeed is a good place to start.

The site makes it easy to apply and get your resume seen by top healthcare companies. So, take some time today and explore these job listings on

Testimonials from Clients of Martin Medical Writing LLC

Discover the experiences of satisfied clients who have chosen Martin Medical Writing LLC for their projects, emphasizing their praises and positive feedback.

Trusted with multiple projects

Martin Medical Writing LLC takes on many jobs at once. Clients trust the company to manage several projects well and deliver results on time. It shows how skilled they are in medical writing.

They always meet clients’ needs, no matter how big or small a project is. This makes them a top pick for healthcare and medical firms that need writers who can handle lots of work.

Eileen M Martin from Philadelphia Scientific LLC also gets trusted with multiple works, showing her ability to keep up with high demand.

Praise for their work

People love Martin Medical Writing LLC. They say their work is top-notch. Many clients speak highly of their strong writing skills. They are pros at using different styles when they write.

The team is also known for working hard and playing fair in business. Clients see them as a company they can trust, with good service that’s always on time. Attention to detail is another thing people praise.

Contact Information for Martin Medical Writing LLC

For worldwide pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries in need of superior writing services, Martin Medical Writing LLC is readily accessible with their contact information available for prompt communication.

Worldwide services for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries

Martin Medical Writing LLC is a top choice. They help with drugs, biotech and medical tools all over the world. Emtex Life Science does the same thing in many countries as well. These companies make sure things are done right in health care.

Their work helps people get better faster. The need for this work keeps growing stronger every day around the world.

Importance of reliable and skilled medical writing companies

Reliable and skilled medical writing companies are key in the medical world. They turn tough facts into easy words. This lets normal people understand complex health stuff. Medical writers help bring medicine closer to people’s lives.

Good medical writing aids researchers too. It makes sure their hard work gets shown in the best way possible. Hence, it is vital for folks tied to healthcare and medicine who need a writer, to pick out top-level firms only.

Such firms offer great help by creating top-notch papers on rules set by the authorities in charge of health matters and drugs.

It is this reason that makes picking skilled and dependable medical writing groups so important.

Explore options and find the right fit for your needs

Scan many choices before picking. Pay close attention to the jobs offered and the benefits of each company. Look at firms like IQVIA, PAREXEL, Syneos Health, UDG Healthcare Plc, Trilogy Writing & Consulting and Covance.

Compare your needs with what they offer. Use this path to find perfect medical writing services for you. Make sure that your choice meets all regulatory writing needs on a global level too.

This step will give you comfort in choosing an option that fits best.

Prominent Players in the Medical Writing Field

Medical writing is an esteemed profession that requires an experienced medical writer who possesses an advanced degree and extensive experience in the medical field. The best medical writing professionals partner with healthcare professionals and medical professionals across the healthcare industry and medical industry to create high-quality content for medical journals, scientific literature, regulatory documents, and more.

Some prominent players in the medical writing arena include both organizations and freelance writers. On the organization side, companies like IQVIA, PAREXEL, and Syneos Health employ large medical writing teams with therapeutic expertise across many therapeutic areas. These organizations provide end-to-end medical writing solutions and technologies to support clients in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Freelance medical writing professionals also serve an important role, allowing healthcare and medical professionals to access experienced writing resources on-demand. Many freelancers have backgrounds working for pharmaceutical companies and hospitals and offer many years of knowledge. Whether crafting content for medical journals, regulatory submissions, or website content, they provide a flexible writing resource.

The best medical writing professionals, whether part of an organization or independent, combine experience and expertise to translate complex scientific and clinical data into clear language that meets the needs of various healthcare industry stakeholders. Their work disseminates cutting-edge R&D to the right audiences and ensures regulatory compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Writer Companies

1. What is a Medical Writer Company?

A medical writer company is a business that provides writing services for the healthcare and medicine field.

2. What Kind of Work Does a Medical Writer do?

Medical writers create content related to health, such as research papers, patient education materials, or drug information leaflets.

3. How can I Find the Best Medical Writing Companies?

You can find top medical writing companies by reading customer reviews and checking their previous projects online.

4.Are these Companies Expensive to Hire?

The cost of hiring a medical writing company depends on factors like project size and complexity; it’s suggested to get quotes from multiple providers first.

5. Can these Companies Write About any Health Topic?

Yes, most reputable medical writing companies can write about various health topics due to their team of diverse experts.

Conclusion and Summary of Medical Writer Companies: Source for Trusted Health Info

Explore the vital role of medical writing companies in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, understand their functions, and dive deeper into finding the best fit for your specific needs.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the vital role of medical writing companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. We explored the diverse functions of these organizations, from crafting scientific manuscripts to developing regulatory documents.

Diving deeper, we analyzed top medical writing companies like IQVIA, PAREXEL, Syneos Health, and more based on factors such as services offered, reputation, and global reach. For job seekers, we listed available openings across platforms like BioSpace and Indeed as well as remote work options.

Whether seeking an experienced medical writer for your next clinical trial or regulatory submission, or researching roles as a writer yourself, this guide offers key insights. The medical writing professionals highlighted excel at translating complex science into accessible language to benefit healthcare stakeholders globally. Partnering with the right medical communications agency or writer is crucial in disseminating your vital research.

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