Social Media Manager: How to Find and Hire the Best

Finding the perfect social media manager for your business can seem like an uphill battle. With over 3.6 billion people using social media worldwide, harnessing this massive audience can be crucial for your brand’s success.

This article will guide you through each step of the process, from understanding what a Social Media Manager does to sourcing and hiring the best in the business.

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Key Takeaways of Social Media Manager

  • A Social Media Manager helps grow your business online. They do this by creating good posts and making sure your brand voice is heard.
  • Hiring a Local Social Media Manager lets you work well together. They understand local trends and are easy to talk to.
  • Using a Remote Social Media Manager gives access to worldwide skills. It can also save money for your business.
  • Before hiring, know your company goals for social media. Also, make sure they fit with what makes your brand special.
  • You can find a good social media manager on job boards or in groups on the internet that deal with social media topics.

What is a Social Media Manager?

A Social Media Manager is a professional who oversees an organization’s social media marketing and advertising, handling responsibilities such as content creation, brand management, and digital strategy.

Their role involves enhancing the company’s presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others while also monitoring engagement rates and using analytics to drive growth.

Responsibilities and duties

A social media manager plays a vital role in the growth of a business. Here are their main tasks:

  1. They plan and put into action all social media plans.
  2. They own a work plan for things to post and make sure those posts go live.
  3. Every day, they stay busy with tasks that involve social media.
  4. They aim to design creative ways to boost company growth on social sites.
  5. They handle company pages on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  6. They work with the marketing team to set up online campaigns for maximum reach.
  7. Lastly, they make sure to use every feature of each social platform to engage with as many people as possible.

Importance for business success

A social media manager boosts your business success. They build a strong brand reputation on social media. This brings in more loyal customers. Smart use of social data helps you get ahead of other businesses.

You know what people like and want to see from the numbers, like page hits and likes. Your social feeds look better with a pro managing them too. It helps new people find out about your business faster than before.

Why You Need a Social Media Manager

A social media manager allows your business to stay ahead of evolving trends, maintain a consistent brand voice, increase audience engagement, and track performance for effective growth strategies while you focus on the core aspects of your business.

Focus on your business

A social media manager can help. They take care of your online presence. This lets you put all your energy into your business tasks. You don’t have to worry about posting on social media or replying to comments.

The social media manager does that for you. They are skilled at this job and know how to do it well. This means you can stick to what you are good at in the business. So, hiring a social media manager helps with time management and allows better focus on business goals.

A social media manager knows what’s hot. They keep an eye on trends and algorithm updates. This helps your business stay in touch with the market changes. The manager uses these tips to boost your online presence.

They do not guess, they use their skill to know what works best now. With their help, a company can better engage its audience and grow fast in the digital world.

Maintain branding and tone

A social media manager has a key job. They keep branding and tone the same on all social media sites. Your brand identity stays strong with their help.

They shape your online reputation and make sure your brand values shine through. Branded content fits in well with your marketing strategy under their watchful eyes, keeping messaging consistently aligned to your brand’s voice and tone across all platforms.

It’s like they are fitting puzzle pieces together for a perfect fit. This makes it easy for customers to know who you are no matter where they see you online.

This consistent image is very important on social media today. A good social media manager knows this fact deeply.

Boost engagement

A Social Media Manager makes your online voice loud. They make posts that people want to see and talk about. Sharing good content is key. The manager helps answer questions from people who visit your page.

This can lead to more sales on social media channels. They also keep an eye on how well the page is doing. They use facts and numbers to understand this better. These stats show what works best for getting more likes and shares from followers.

Track performance and implement growth strategy

A social media manager is key for success online. They track how posts are done on social media. This helps them learn what works and what does not. Metrics get checked to see if goals are being met.

Mistakes can be fixed this way. The same data guides the growth plan for your brand’s online space. It steers where to put effort next to expand the reach of your brand’s message on social media platforms, like Facebook or Instagram.

The Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Manager Near You

Hiring a social media manager within your locale provides numerous advantages, including in-person interaction that fosters stronger working relationships. They possess an innate understanding of the local market trends and consumer behavior, essential for crafting strategic content.

Collaborations happen swiftly and efficiently, owing to the accessibility and convenience brought about by sharing the same geographical location.

Personal interaction

Hiring a social media manager near you gives many benefits. Having this person close lets you build a strong personal connection. This makes talking and planning easier. A local social media manager knows the needs of your business in detail.

With them being nearby, talks happen face-to-face often. The managers get to know your team well too. This helps them fit into your work culture well. Your plans reach them fast too which saves time and speeds up decisions.

Better understanding of local market

Hiring a Social Media Manager near you can help your business. They know the local market very well. They understand what people in your area like and don’t like. This understanding helps them to make good posts for social media that will draw more people to your business.

They also know the language, culture, and trends of your area so they can speak to customers in ways they understand. Hiring locally gives you an edge over other businesses that may not connect as well with the local community.

Easy collaboration

Easy collaboration is a big plus when you hire a social media manager near you. This person plans your social media and works with your team. Content making becomes simple. Your brand voice stays strong on all platforms.

They also link well with other parts of your business like marketing and customer service. A local hire can share smart ideas to talk to your target group on social media too. No matter how big or small, every piece of work is done together for the best results.

The Benefits of Hiring a Remote Social Media Manager

Hiring a remote social media manager grants businesses access to a pool of global talent, offering cost-effective solutions. This option also allows for the utilization of their expertise in managing work remotely.

Access to global talent

Hiring a remote Social Media Manager opens doors to global talent. You can choose from many skilled people all over the world. It makes your choices wider and richer. This also leads to skillset diversity in your team.

A company can use social media for finding top talents too. Posting jobs on these platforms helps attract a large number of candidates. You reach out to more people, helping you find the right person with ease.

So, global recruitment becomes easy with remote work.


Hiring a remote social media manager saves money. They don’t need office space or travel costs. You can find top talent from around the world at rates that fit your budget. This is a smart way for small businesses to get great results without spending too much.

Your company can use this saved money in other areas to help grow your business even more.

Remote work expertise

Having a remote social media manager is a big win. It lets you work with talented people from all over the world. All they need is a computer, smartphone, and good internet. This can help your company save money.

It also offers flexible work options to the manager. They will bring fresh ideas from their different backgrounds and cultures. Your brand gets unique inputs for growth in the global marketplace.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Social Media Manager

Before hiring a social Media Manager, it’s vital to identify your business objectives and goals, understand the current stage of your social media presence, and ascertain how their skills can complement your brand identity.

Objectives and goals

First, know your objectives and goals before hiring a Social Media Manager. Knowing where your company stands is key to finding the right fit.

  1. Set Goals: Define what you want from your online presence. Is it brand awareness or driving sales?
  2. Know Your Brand: Understand your business’s unique identity. This helps in guiding your social media strategy.
  3. Stage of Presence: Identify the current stage of your social media presence to map a growth plan.
  4. Audience Engagement: Your aim might be to boost interaction with users on social media platforms.
  5. Content Creation: You might need a manager for producing engaging content for various platforms.
  6. Social Media Campaigns: The manager may have to lead ad campaigns on different platforms for improved visibility.
  7. Analyze and Track: Part of the goals could be tracking the performance and making tweaks as needed.
  8. Stay Ahead of Trends: Your objective could also include being up-to-date with latest trends to ensure relevance.

Stage of social media presence

Before you hire a social media manager, think about where your company is on social media. If you just started, the person can create a new plan. They pick what sites to use and how to use them.

This helps make your brand known online. If you’re already online, they can look at how well it’s working. They see what needs to change and work on that. A good social media manager helps grow the company on these sites.

Unique brand identity

Your business has a special brand identity. It is vital to your success. This calls for a social media manager who fits well with your brand’s tone, style, and content. The new hire should be creative and have great communication skills.

A full grasp of social media platforms is also needed. They should know how to read metrics or data from these sites too. All this can help boost your revenue in this digital world we live in today.

Where to Find a Social Media Manager

Searching for a social media manager can be done through various channels such as social media groups, job boards, freelance platforms and even at university job fairs which all provide access to talented individuals skilled in managing digital content.

Social media groups

You can find top-notch social media managers in social media groups. Many of these professionals join groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to share tips and job posts.

You can search for a group that fits your needs or post a job in an active group.

Online platforms also help you hire the best talent with ease. Sites like Upwork, Guru, and Hubstaff Talent have great social media coordinators ready to work on your brand’s online presence.

Use these platforms wisely to get connected with a skilled social media specialist who understands your vision.

Job boards

Job boards are a great place to find a social media manager. You can go to online job boards or employment websites. These sites list many jobs in digital marketing and social media management platforms.

Some of these sites focus on remote job opportunities. This means you can get talent from all over the world to work for your company from their home. Many freelance websites also have social media managers looking for work on projects.

Using a job board is easy, fast, and can bring many good options for your business.

Freelance platforms

Freelance platforms can help you find the right social media manager. These sites are full of global talent ready to work for you. They allow you to see past work, read reviews and compare rates before hiring.

Some top freelance websites ideal for finding a social media manager include Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer. It is often cost-effective to hire from these online platforms for freelancers.

Use them well to find a proficient social media manager that suits your needs best.

University job fairs

University job fairs are great places to find a social media manager. Many bright, tech-savvy students attend these events. They come there to learn about jobs and show off their skills.

Some have studied marketing or business. Others may have been running successful social media accounts for years, all while in school. Why not meet them at university career services events? This could be your chance to bring fresh talent into your company.

You can also reach out to folks with more experience at such get-togethers. So don’t skip the next one near you.

How to Hire the Best Social Media Manager

Hiring the best social media manager involves crafting a well-detailed job description, carefully shortlisting your candidates, and asking targeted interview questions to gauge their skills and capabilities.

Write a thorough job description

You need a clear job description to hire a top-notch social media manager. This is your tool to attract the best talent. In it, list all the tasks they will do in this role. Tell them if they will work with budgets or find influencers for your brand.

The right words can help you find an expert in social media strategy and content creation. Show your company’s special needs here too, like handling several accounts at once or working on big projects.

Be sure they know if they’ll be leading other people as a senior social media manager would do.

Shortlist candidates

Hiring the best social media manager starts with making a shortlist of candidates.

  1. Look at all job applications
  2. Pick ones that meet your needs.
  3. Check if they have skills in social media marketing.
  4. See if they know about your business field.
  5. Make sure they fit with your business culture.
  6. Do a skills test to see how well they work.
  7. Keep only the best on your list.

Ask the right interview questions

Choosing the top social media manager comes down to asking smart interview questions. This helps both companies and job hunters in the social media field.

  1. Start with their past work on social media. Ask about the accounts or channels they have run before.
  2. Dig deep into how they plan and set up posts. Find out what tools they love using for scheduling posts, and why.
  3. Get a feel for their knowledge and skills in all things social media related. Ask them to share some of their top strategies for making a brand shine online.
  4. Use bonus questions to spot the best person for your team. For example, you could ask how they stay on top of new trends in social media, or how they would deal with a tricky customer online.
  5. Don’t forget to find out what makes them tick as part of a team too. It’s important that your new hire fits well with everyone else at your company.

Tips for Agencies Hiring a Social Media Manager

Agencies looking to hire a Social Media Manager should prioritize candidates with proven social media expertise, assess their communication skills meticulously and ascertain if they can collaborate effectively with the existing team.

Importance of social media expertise

A social media manager needs social media expertise. This skill helps them manage accounts well. They can engage the audience and grow followers with it. A company hiring a manager should look for this skill first.

It is key for online business success and brand presence on the internet.

Evaluating communication skills

Look at how well a person talks and writes. It is key for social media managers. They need strong skills in talking, writing, listening, and resolving conflicts. Tests can help see these skills.

With good skills, they can share ideas and plans well. These skills also help them write short briefs and explain the value of social activities to leaders in business. It’s part of picking the right person for the job, along with their hard abilities and emotional smarts.

Collaboration with other team members

Working with a team is key for a social media manager. This person must share ideas and plans with others easily. Good teamwork means better social media posts and campaigns. When hiring, look for someone who can join the team smoothly.

Check if they can work in harmony with staff from different parts of your company. A good pick will boost your firm’s networking and engagement through strong team links.

Key Skills and Traits of a Successful Social Media Manager

Managing a company’s social media efforts requires a unique blend of hard and soft skills. So what makes a successful social media manager that can execute your company’s social media strategy? Here are some of the top skills and traits to look for.

Technical Skills

  • Social media marketing and management – A social media manager must have a strong grasp of social media tools and platforms in order to effectively manage your accounts and implement strategies. Experience using social media management tools like Hootsuite is a plus.
  • Analytics – Analyzing engagement data, metrics and trends across social platforms is crucial. A social media manager should be well-versed in Google Analytics and other analytics tools.
  • Project management – Juggling multiple campaigns and initiatives across different social channels requires stellar organizational skills. Knowledge of project management tools helps streamline efforts.
  • Digital marketing – Understanding digital campaigns, SEO, email marketing and how social media integrates with broader marketing efforts is key. Staying current on industry trends is a must.

Soft Skills

  • Communication skills – From writing compelling social media content to diplomatically handling customer issues online, verbal and written communication abilities are paramount.
  • Creativity – Great social media managers generate innovative ideas and content that engages your target audience. Thinking outside the box is a valuable trait.
  • Time management – Social media managers must have the discipline to handle evening and weekend work, plan schedules and meet deadlines. Flexibility to adapt to new priorities is essential.
  • Collaboration – Building relationships with coworkers, executives and brand influencers is crucial. A collaborative spirit and teamwork mentality keeps social efforts aligned with marketing and business goals.

Other Important Traits

  • Brand knowledge – Understanding your company’s voice, products and audience helps create effective social media campaigns.
  • Leadership – Senior social media managers often manage a team. Strong leadership and mentoring skills are vital.
  • Proven experience – Look for candidates with a track record of success managing social media for reputable brands or companies similar to yours.
  • Passion – The drive to keep learning new skills, platforms and industry best practices sets great social media managers apart. Enthusiasm for the role brings out their best work.

With these key social media manager skills and traits in mind during your hiring process, you’ll be well on your way to finding the right person to execute successful social media strategies that grow your online community and reach key business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Social Media Manager

1. What Does a Social Media Manager Do?

A social media manager plans and controls all content shared on a company’s social media accounts to boost the company’s image.

2. Where can I Find an Expert Social Media Manager?

You can find an expert social media manager by searching on job websites, hiring agencies or professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

3. What Skills Should a Good Social Media Manager have?

A good social media manager should know how to create engaging content, understand data analytics, and be aware of current trends in digital marketing.

4. How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Top-Notch Social Media Manager?

The cost of hiring a top-notch social media manager varies based on their experience level, skills and the size of your business.

5. Can I Hire a Part-Time or Freelance Social Media Manager if my Budget is Small?

Yes, you can hire part-time or freelance professionals if you have limited resources for hiring full-time staff.

Conclusion and Summary of Social Media Manager: How to Find and Hire the Best

Finding the best social media manager is a big step. A smart pick can boost your business. They make great content and reach out to customers. Don’t rush. Take time and choose wisely.

Hiring a skilled social media manager is a strategic investment that pays dividends in the form of increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and revenue growth. By clearly defining your social media objectives, understanding where your brand stands today, and leveraging online resources and networks, you can find the ideal candidate to execute impactful strategies tailored to your business goals.

Look for someone who not only has extensive experience managing accounts and campaigns, but also possesses the analytical, creative, collaborative, and communication abilities to thrive in this fast-paced role. With the right person on board to expand your presence and sharpen your competitive edge on social platforms, you’ll be well on your way to social media success.

Remember to focus on both hard technical prowess and soft skills like time management and passion. This balance, along with an intimate knowledge of your brand and audience, will lead to the social media manager who can build an online community that converts to measurable business returns.

Marty Stewart