Fractional SEO Strategist: Lower Salary Search Engine Optimization

Recent statistics reveal that businesses report significant savings when hiring fractional SEO strategists over in-house experts.

This article will equip you with all the necessary knowledge about fractional SEO strategists, their benefits, and how to hire one for effective results without draining your budget.

Key Takeaways of SEO Strategist Salary

  • Fractional SEO strategists help you save money. You only pay for the services you need.
  • These experts have many skills and can make your business stand out online.
  • They offer better results by drawing more people to your site.
  • Hiring an in – house SEO expert can cost a lot of money and they may not be as flexible.
  • Post a job on platforms like Upwork to find good fractional SEO strategists. Be clear about what the job needs from them.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is a digital marketing strategy aimed at enhancing a website’s visibility on search engine results pages. The goal of SEO is to attract organic traffic by improving a website’s ranking for specific keywords relevant to its products or services.

As online presence becomes crucial for business success, understanding and employing SEO tactics have become indispensable in the modern business landscape.

Definition of SEO

SEO is short for search engine optimization. It’s how you help a website show up in search results. A good SEO will make it easier for people to find your site when they look for things on the web.

This process improves your website’s chances of being seen by users who need what you are selling or offering. SEO works to get free, also known as organic, traffic from search results and not paid ads.

The aim is for more people to visit your site and learn about your business or products. Hence, getting higher ranks on search lists like Google matters in running a successful online business.

Importance of SEO for businesses

SEO is key for all businesses. It helps them show up in search results. This gets done without paid ads. It’s a smart way to reach customers at the right time.

Also, SEO makes your brand trusted and known. A good ranking means people trust you more. The better you rank, the more visits your website gets. With SEO, you can make sure that your pay-per-click ads work well too. So, using SEO helps all parts of your business do better.

Benefits of Hiring Fractional SEO Strategists

Hiring a fractional SEO strategist offers numerous benefits including cost-effectiveness, access to top-tier talent, flexibility, and improved results. With such an approach, businesses can tap into specialized skills without the high overhead costs typically associated with full-time hires.

A key advantage is that it allows for scalability – you can easily increase or decrease services as needed. Additionally, since these strategists often have experience working with various industries and business models, they bring diverse knowledge to your projects resulting in more successful outcomes.

Cost effectiveness

Hiring a fractional SEO strategist is light on your pocket. You get value for money spent. This is because you only pay for the services you need. A full-time expert asks for high salary and benefits, even if their skills are not in use all the time.

But with a fractional SEO strategist, you pay less but still get top talent. It’s an economical and budget-friendly choice that offers great savings to companies looking to improve their online presence without breaking the bank.

Access to top talent

You get the best minds when you hire fractional SEO strategists. These are people who know a lot about search engine optimization. They can help your business stand out in online searches.

You don’t have to pay a big amount of money for this top talent. This is because you only pay them for the work they do or the plans they make. With these experts, your company can keep up with new ways to be seen online.

Their skills and knowledge can make your business shine in no time.


You get more freedom with Fractional SEO Strategists. They work part-time and can change their plans fast. This helps your company match the pace of online trends. With flexible work arrangements, you don’t have to stick to one plan if it does not work for you.

There are many options for using these experts in a way that fits your needs. You pay less than for a full-time worker but still get top talent. This choice gives room to try different SEO solutions and find what works best for your business.

Improved results

Hiring a fractional SEO strategist can boost your company’s results. These pros use search engine optimization in smart ways to draw more people to your site. They look at how well it is doing, test out new ideas, and make changes to get better results.

This helps your company stand out on the internet and become trusted by clients. Your content marketing can shine and web traffic will go up. With more people visiting your website, you have a higher chance of finding leads who are truly interested in what you offer.

Risks of Hiring In-House SEO Experts

Hiring in-house SEO experts imbues your business with risks such as high salary costs, limitations in expertise and a lack of flexibility. Discover the hidden drawbacks of employing full-time SEO professionals, and learn how to navigate these challenges effectively.

High salary and benefits

Hiring in-house SEO experts is often costly. Big bucks are spent on their high salary and benefits. Small firms may find this too much for their budget. It’s a risk to put so much money into one area of the business.

By using an SEO agency, you can save costs. You get top knowledge for less money than having your own staff member. This way, small firms can still have great SEO without breaking the bank.

Limited expertise

In-house SEO experts might not have wide skill sets. This is one risk of hiring them. SEO needs shift over time and include different parts like keyword research, link building, and site audits.

In-house staff may not be able to handle all these tasks well.

Hiring an SEO agency removes this problem. These firms work with many clients and have a range of skills. But picking between an in-house expert or agency should factor in what level of expertise your company needs.

Lack of flexibility

In-house SEO experts often show a lack of flexibility. They stick to one way only, which can be bad for business. Change is hard for them since they have a fixed mindset. This rigidity means they resist new ideas and ways of working.

If your company needs to change its SEO plans fast, in-house staff might not adapt quickly enough. A quick switch is easier with an SEO agency because they are more flexible. Agencies are ready to make changes when needed without causing stress or delay for the company.

How to Hire the Best Fractional SEO Strategist

Begin the process by posting a job on platforms like Upwork, carefully selecting candidates with proven experience and skills. Craft an effective job description that details your company’s unique needs and goals for search engine optimization.

Posting a job on Upwork

You can find a freelance SEO specialist on Upwork. It’s a free service to post your job there. You just write about the work you need done and click post. Soon, skilled freelancers will start bidding on your job.

You get to pick who you want for your job from this group of people. This way, you reach experts all over the world and find the one that fits best with your business needs.

Shortlisting candidates

Make a list of people who look good for the job. Pick only those with key skills said in the job post. Look at their past work, too. Doing this will help you find a top SEO strategist.

Check if they have done great work before. They should also know how to grow a startup firm. Ask them about any risks they see and how they plan to beat them. This helps make sure you get an expert that fits well with your team and plans.

Writing an effective job description

A good job description makes a big difference. It helps you find the right person for your needs. To write an effective job description for a Fractional SEO Strategist, you must be clear and to the point.

Use terms like SEO knowledge, keyword research, and technical SEO. These words show what skills a person must have for the job. The list of job responsibilities should also be clear.

This will help people know if they can do the job or not. Using keywords in your posting can also make it easier to find on search engines.

FAQs about Hiring Fractional SEO Strategists

In this section, we’ll answer the most common questions companies have about hiring fractional SEO strategists, such as figuring out cost structures, avoiding risky SEO practices, and understanding the significant advantages of opting for a fractional SEO strategist over full-time in-house staff.

How much does it cost?

You pay from $1,500 to $5,000 each month for a Fractional SEO Strategist. This rate works well for small and midsize firms. Large jobs cost the same as smaller ones. U.S. SEO companies will charge you between $150 and $300 per hour on average.

These rates make hiring a fractional SEO strategist an affordable choice for many businesses.

How to avoid risky SEO practices?

Stay safe with SEO by using simple steps. Be sure not to use tricks trying to fool search engines. Following white hat methods keeps your website in good standing. This means don’t hide text or links on your page.

Avoid using copied content from other websites. Make sure everything you put out is fresh and original. Also, stick to the rules set by each search engine for SEO optimization.

Remember that outsourcing SEO services can be a safe way to optimize a website without the risk of hiring full-time staff. This helps lower cost and offers more flexibility while keeping risky practices away from your business.

Why is it beneficial to hire a fractional SEO strategist?

Hiring a fractional SEO strategist helps companies grow. It offers the skill and know-how of an expert without big costs. The company does not need to hire more staff or use more resources.

It can meet its marketing goals with fewer expenses. SEO strategists bring great results using search engine optimization (SEO). They make your brand easy to find on the internet. This way, you get more clients and sell more products or services.

Benefits of Hiring a Fractional Digital Marketing Director

A Fractional Digital Marketing Director can drastically enhance your company’s growth trajectory by providing strategic direction during high-growth phases, stepping in to fill vacant CMO seats efficiently, establishing scalability at crucial business junctures, exploring new market opportunities and taking on time-sensitive website redesigns or refreshes.

The value they bring far outweighs their cost and allows businesses to enjoy the benefits of experienced marketing leadership without the hefty expense associated with hiring a full-time executive.

Strategy during high-growth phases

High-growth companies need smart plans. A fractional digital marketing director can help with this. They know what steps to take when a business is growing fast. It’s not just about making good ads or having a nice website.

Your business needs the right plan at the right time to hit growth targets. A fractional marketing director brings this needed skill without costing too much money. This helps startups and private equity-backed companies get value for their money while they grow bigger and better.

Filling empty CMO seats

A big gap is left when a chief marketing officer (CMO) walks out the door. This role is key to your company’s growth. A smart fix can be hiring a fractional digital marketing director.

This kind of leader takes care of your firm’s marketing plans part-time.

This option saves money and gives you flexibility. You have someone skilled who cares about how well your campaigns do, even if it’s just for some hours each week. If you need top-level help but are watching your budget, think about getting a part-time CMO.

Scaling the business at the right time

Hiring a fractional digital marketing director is great for your company’s growth. They bring in their skills when you need to expand. Your business will not stay small forever. As your customer base grows, so do your needs.

This part-time executive can help you make the right choices at the right time. With them, your path to success is clear and easy. Their expertise makes them a quick fix for startups in high-growth stages.

They fill in any gaps without costing much money or time.

Expanding into new markets

Moving into new markets is easy with a Fractional Digital Marketing Director. This service saves money for firms wanting to grow. It helps in breaking into global markets as well. You don’t need more staff or items, thanks to fractional marketing services.

The Fractional CMOs look at business work, lead volume and find problems. They amp up the brand visibility by making good marketing plans. So companies get seen more often in fresh areas that they tap.

Tackling time-bound redesigns and refreshes

A fractional digital marketing director is a big help with fast redesigns and refreshes. They bring their skills in areas like strategy and content creation. This makes them valuable for website revamps needed in a hurry.

If you need to update your site quickly, they are on it. You get better site visibility with their SEO skills too. They make sure your business shines online when there’s a rush to meet deadlines.

How to Hire a Fractional CMO

Engaging a Fractional CMO requires careful assessment of their skills and a clear understanding of your business needs, this includes determining the right pay rate, assessing their strategic planning abilities, and evaluating their communication skills.

To fully grasp the intricacies of hiring a fractional Chief Marketing Officer and ensure that you’re making the best decision for your business, continue reading.

Determining the right pay rate

Picking the best pay rate is crucial in hiring a Fractional CMO. Look at the firm’s rates. They range from $200-$350 per hour. A survey by the CMO Club shows that most companies pay around $200 per hour on average.

Yet, don’t make an open ended hourly deal. Set clear expectations for your Fractional CMO’s time commitment usually around 40-60 hours each month to drive marketing efforts well.

Why Fractional CMOs are Attractive to Mid-Size Businesses

Mid-sized businesses find fractional CMOs very appealing. These marketing specialists give equal opportunities to all business sizes. This is why they get the name “marketing equalizer”.

The cost of hiring a full-time CMO can be huge. In many cases, it’s not worth it for mid-size firms. A part-time CMO or outsourced CMO is a better fit for them.

These experts bring in tools and solutions that most businesses need but lack themselves. They also have more skills than freelancers do, which means better value for money spent on them.

Fractional executives like these are known to make any business grow faster and stronger.

Also, they don’t only help with growth when it happens, they actually trigger it. They know how to take startups and small to midsize companies into new places in their field always at just the right time.

So whether your brand needs big changes or minor tweaks, think about getting an interim CMO on board today.

Salary and Job Outlook for SEO Strategists

The seo strategist salary depends on factors like education, experience, and location. On average, the average seo strategist salary in the U.S. is $58,951 according to data from PayScale. This falls within the broader average salary for search engine optimization specialists of $56,606.

Specific seo roles like seo account manager, senior seo strategist, and seo analyst can expect different pay ranges. An entry-level seo strategist may start around $45,000 while a senior seo strategist can make over $90,000. The national average for a mid-career seo strategist is $65,500.

Seo strategy, seo tools, and seo best practices fall under a seo manager’s oversight. They lead a seo team utilizing google analytics and collaborating with web developers to achieve results.

The exact job title and average seo strategist salary varies across companies. Some factors impacting base salary for this role include:

  • Location – Major cities like New York and California tend to pay more
  • Experience level – Entry vs senior strategist
  • Company size – Bigger firms offer higher strategist salaries

According to PayScale data, the average seo strategist in New York City earns $76,108 while the U.S. overall average is $58,951. Currently, employers in New Jersey report the lowest salaries for this position.

For those seeking a seo career, the good news is strong growth ahead. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 20% rise in demand for seo roles over the next decade. This outlook empowers professionals to negotiate higher salaries as employers expect to pay more to attract top seo talent.

With proper preparation, those new to the field can earn over $50k within a few years. Experienced strategists in leadership roles can make well over six figures in major locations. For anyone wanting to harness the power of seo, reports confirm ample opportunities exist to land a rewarding and lucrative position.

Frequently Asked Questions about SEO Strategist Salary

1. What is a Fractional SEO Strategist?

A fractional SEO strategist is a part-time specialist who helps improve how your website shows up on search engine results.

2. Why Should I Hire a Fractional SEO Strategist?

Hiring a fractional SEO strategist can be more affordable than a full-time employee, but still provides expert advice to boost your website’s visibility online.

3. Can Hiring a Fractional SEO Strategist Save Me Money?

Yes, hiring a fractional SEO strategist can save you money as they offer their expertise for limited hours at less cost compared to full-time employees.

4. How Does an SEO Strategist Help My Business Grow?

An SEO Strategist uses proven techniques to make sure your website gets seen by more people in search engine results which can lead to increased customer traffic and sales growth.

5. Where do I Find Qualified Fractional SEO Strategists?

You can find qualified Fractional SEO strategists through various online platforms that connect businesses with freelance professionals.

Conclusion and Summary of Fractional SEO Strategist: Lower Salary Search Engine Optimization

Hiring a fractional SEO strategist is a smart move. It gives big benefits without a high cost. This tool gets your business on the top of search results. A fractional marketing director also helps in growing your business.

This article has explored the world of fractional SEO strategists and how they offer immense value without the high costs of traditional agencies or in-house teams. We looked at the benefits of leveraging top SEO talent in a flexible, affordable way to drive tangible results.

Whether you need targeted keyword research, technical website audits, or strategic oversight from an interim CMO, fractional executives provide specialized skills. This allows businesses to scale and pursue new opportunities, like expanding into global markets, with an experienced marketing leader guiding the way.

For startups and mid-size companies wanting to boost their digital presence, fractional SEO and marketing resources unlock growth without the risks and rigidities of full-time hires. The data and trends point to these on-demand services as a smart, budget-friendly choice to meet today’s evolving business demands.

Marty Stewart