Fractional SEO Manager Less Salary Search Engine Optimization

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for a full-time SEO Manager in the U.S. is around $120K per year.

This blog offers guidance on engaging a fractional SEO manager who can outline and execute effective strategies without draining your budget.

Key Takeaways of SEO Manager Salary

  • A Fractional SEO Manager is a part-time expert. They help businesses rank higher on search engines like Google.
  • Hiring a Fractional SEO Manager saves money. You pay only for the work and time needed, not a full salary.
  • These managers are great for firms that need flexibility. Their services can change as your needs do.
  • The role of an SEO manager is important in digital marketing. They use keywords to make a website easier to find and use.
  • An SEO Manager makes good money, even when working part-time. This field has high demand and pays well because of it.
  • Important skills for an SEO manager include analytics, link building techniques, research skill and technical knowledge about optimization strategies.

What is a Fractional SEO Manager?

A Fractional SEO Manager is a pro at search engine optimization. They work part-time or on a need by need basis. This manager knows how to check technical parts of your website.

Often, they are the go to expert for clients needing help with their sites.

Fractional SEO Managers use smart plans to make this happen. For many mid-size businesses, hiring one full-time can be too costly. That’s where a Fractional SEO Manager helps out big time to know how without high costs. This method is known as Fractional Marketing.

Why Choose a Fractional SEO Manager over a Full-Time Employee?

A Fractional SEO manager is a cost-effective choice. They work part-time or per project for many firms. This saves cash from high salaries that come with full-time staff. With them, companies pay only for the time and tasks they need.

These skilled specialists suit many companies well. For smaller businesses, an in-house team might not be feasible. A fractional SEO manager gives them access to expert help without stress on their budget.

They also bring flexibility to your company. Their services can go up or down as needed without long contracts hanging over you. So, if your firm needs smart SEO but has a tight budget, consider this option.

Benefits of Hiring a Fractional SEO Manager

A Fractional SEO Manager brings remarkable benefits to your company, offering strategic guidance during high-growth phases, filling the crucial CMO seat without a full-time commitment, aiding in scaling the business at just the right time, and utilizing their expertise to venture into new markets.

This versatile professional also takes on specific responsibilities like website redesigns and updates when needed. Delve deeper into these advantages as you continue reading.

Provides strategy during high-growth phases

A Fractional SEO manager plans for big growth times. They use tools and strategy to boost the company’s search engine ranking. This helps reach more people without spending extra money.

The right SEO moves can push a site up in search results. A high place means new clients find the business first. Organic searches often lead to sales, so this is key when a company is growing fast.

SEO takes time and skill, but an expert knows what works best for a quick rise up the ranks.

Fills empty CMO seats

A Fractional SEO Manager fills vacant CMO seats in a snap. For mid-sized firms, getting a full-time CMO can burn a hole in the pocket. But not to worry! A part-time marketing leader is there for the rescue.

These are expert marketers who work on projects or jobs that don’t need full time help. This way, companies get top-level skills without the big cost of a full salaried job. It’s like having an ace up your sleeve, round-the-clock. With their seasoned skills and flexible services, they turn every stone to make your business boom.

Helps scale the business at the right time

A Fractional SEO Manager boosts business growth. They use optimization skills to raise search engine visibility. This helps a company grow at the right pace. At the same time, it saves money because you don’t need a full-time staffer with a high salary.

Using this expert part-time is both cost-effective and smart for scaling up your firm’s web presence when needed. The flexibility and strategic marketing that they offer give businesses an edge in a competitive market landscape.

Brings expertise to expand into new markets

A Fractional SEO Manager uses their skills for your company’s growth. They can spearhead efforts to reach new markets. They know how to do market research and use search engine optimization.

These key skills help in reaching out to more customers.

This manager does not work full time. But, they provide high-level insights like a full-time chief marketing officer (CMO). Your company gains from their knowledge without the cost of a CMO salary.

Using their advertising expert skills, they make sure your business booms in new areas.

Takes on time-bound redesigns and refreshes

A Fractional SEO Manager is great for time-bound redesigns and refreshes. They bring new life to your website, brand, or campaign in a short amount of time. Your site can look fresh and up to date with their help.

Brand revivals make you stand out from the crowd once more. Even campaign makeovers can be done in no time by these experts. Whether it’s quick refreshes or massive upgrades, they have the skills to do it fast and well.

A Fractional SEO Manager ensures your company looks its best always.

The Role of SEO in Digital Marketing and Sales

SEO is a key tool in digital marketing. Its main job is to make websites rank high on search engine results pages. Higher rankings mean more people can see and visit the site. Many of these visitors could turn into buyers or clients.

A good SEO Manager knows how to use certain words on your website. These are called keywords and they help search engines like Google understand what your site is about. For example, if you sell hats online, an SEO Manager might use words like best winter hats or summer hat sale. This helps bring people who are looking for hats to your website.

SEO also involves making sure that all parts of the website work well together. It must be easy for both users and search engines to find and read everything on the website. This will boost its ranking even more.

In short, SEO helps any company get noticed in digital places where lots of buying happens nowadays search engines.

The Demand and Salary of SEO Roles

The demand for SEO roles in the business industry continues to surge due to the heightened significance of digital presence and visibility. The salary spectrum varies greatly depending on the job title, with an SEO analyst’s average pay being substantially different from that of an SEO manager or director.

Not only does it differ by position, but also by geography and level of experience, reflecting the complexity and scope of responsibilities encapsulated within each role.

Average SEO salary by job title in the U.S.

In the United States, SEO job pay varies due to the title. An SEO specialist makes around $55,398 each year. With more work and years spent in this field, a person can grow into an SEO Manager role.

Then, they stand to earn about $92,981 every year.

For those just starting out in SEO roles as an associate or analyst, they might make less money at first. An entry level SEO Associate could expect about $30,000 per year while an SEO Analyst usually earns around $40k annually.

The most cash comes from working part-time though. As a Fractional SEO Manager, yearly earnings average at a handsome sum of over $120k.

Average SEO salary by job title around the world

In the U.S., SEO experts earn good money. An SEO specialist makes $55,398 on average. An SEO manager gets even more. They make about $120,000 per year in the U.S. ZipRecruiter says that all sorts of SEO pros make an average of $53,394 each year across America.

The world looks at these numbers too. Other countries may pay less or more for SEO jobs based on their own economy and need for such roles. Now, there’s a clear rise in this field as the salary for an SEO specialist has gone up by 28%.

This shows that companies around the world value what they do and are willing to pay well for it.

Average SEO specialist salary by experience

The pay for SEO experts can change with experience. A beginner may get a smaller amount of money. But, more skilled workers can earn better. In the US, an SEO expert gets $55,398 to $60,548 each year on average.

This sum is not fixed and it may be bigger if the person has worked in this field for many years or has special skills. So your firm should plan how much you are ready to spend when hiring an SEO pro.

The cost depends on their skill level and past work record.

Must-Have Skills for SEO Marketers

In the ever evolving landscape of digital marketing, SEO Marketers must possess key skills such as strong analytical abilities to interpret data effectively, knowledge of link-building techniques for boosting site visibility, thorough research skills to stay ahead in this competitive field, and a robust understanding of technical SEO for optimizing website performance and user experience.

Analytical skills

Analytical skills are key for a SEO manager. Using data, they must plan and make choices. They have to see what works well and what does not. The results of their tests guide them.

A good skill is knowing how to read stats or graphs. A SEO manager needs to think hard about the info they get from these tools. This helps them change their plans when needed. It also keeps them on track with goals set by the company they work for.

With strong problem-solving skills, a SEO manager can learn from mistakes fast and adjust strategy as needed. They use this same approach in all areas of an SEO campaign – finding which keywords work best, seeing if backlinks help rank better, and more.

They check every detail to ensure nothing goes wrong with their SEO efforts. This attention to all parts of an SEO project shows why analytical thinking matters much in this field.

Please note that cognitive skills are also under analytical skills for a successful Fractional SEO Manager, such as logical reasoning and decision making which play huge roles too.

Link building is a key skill for SEO marketers. They must know how to get more inbound links from other sites. High-quality links can help boost search rankings. It’s an off-page SEO move that search engines like Google really look at.

Backlinks, or links from other websites, play a big part in your site’s rank in search results too. A good link building plan can make your website or page pop up higher when someone does a search.

Research skills

Research skills make a big difference in SEO work. They help find useful data and details, study the needs of customers, and inspect what other firms are doing. These skills urge an SEO manager to keep learning all the time.

The SEO job also asks for sharp thinking to use facts well and solve problems as they arise. Finding new ways to win over others is key too. A strong grip on these skills can give great results in your SEO efforts.

Technical SEO knowledge

You need a person with good technical SEO knowledge for your company. This skill is about making a website ready for search engines like Google. It uses things like mobile optimization, user experience, and content creation.

With this knowledge, the person can help your site get seen more on Google. They will do tasks such as keyword research and backlink building to improve your site’s rank. It’s not just about adding words or links.

They also think critically to solve hard problems and make smart plans for SEO strategy and rank tracking. So, someone with strong skills in technical SEO can play a big role in improving web traffic and sales through digital marketing.

When to Consider Hiring an SEO Manager

Hiring an SEO manager can boost your online business. They improve your website’s visibility. They also make it rank higher in search engine results. A good time to hire one is when you need better results from your SEO efforts.

If six months pass and you see no real gain, think about bringing in an expert.

An SEO manager knows how to get a site noticed by the right people on the internet. They use strategies that work best for your type of business and audience. Think about hiring an SEO specialist if you want the top spot on search pages quicker.

Finding and Hiring the Right Fractional SEO Manager

In this critical step, businesses can leverage freelancer platforms like MarketerHire to source and vet for high-quality SEO talent, ensuring the perfect alignment of their specific marketing goals with the hired expert’s skills set.

Using freelancer platforms like MarketerHire

MarketerHire is a great place to find your next Fractional SEO Manager. It’s a unique site for marketing jobs. Here, you can meet many skilled marketers ready to help your business grow.

They know how to boost awareness of your brand and drive sales up! With their smart ideas, they can put your company on the map in new markets. Do not worry about time bound tasks either, these experts have it all under control.

Defining SEO marketing and vetting for high-quality talent

SEO marketing is a key way to boost your website’s rankings. It uses many methods like keyword research, content creation, link building and technical audits. These tools make your site show up more often in search engine results.

But it’s not enough to just know what SEO is. You also need someone who knows how to use these tools well for the job. That person should have sharp research skills and deep knowledge of SEO methods.

They should also be good at making links and studying data. Hiring the right talent takes care because you want the best results for your online presence and search rankings.

SEO manager salaries have seen some interesting shifts in recent years. Anonymous salary data from seo manager employees on leading online tech communities like Salary share insight into compensation at innovative companies.

The average base salary for a seo manager at a tech startup in San Francisco is now $150k. Additional cash compensation brings the average total to $185k.

However, this varies across locations. The average seo manager salary in Chicago is lower, around $135k base. The average additional cash compensation is $20k, making the total $155k.

Senior marketing managers make more on average. Data from a leading online ticket marketplace shows their average salary at $165k base pay. Additional compensation averaged $40k, so total pay was $205k.

The median seo manager salary reported on Salary was $140k base salary in 2022. This reveals how much a typical seo manager makes.

Factors like job title, location, and experience affect seo manager salaries. But the demand for their skills at tech companies and startups continues to drive pay up. SEO managers make good money as these professionals globally.

Their expertise in organic growth and marketing is an ultimate partner for any innovative company. The only platform to find startup jobs and connect tech professionals remains Salary. Here, tech users and companies can inspire human connections and keep pace with tech news and trends.

Frequently Asked Questions about SEO Manager Salary

1. What Does a Fractional SEO Manager Do?

A fractional SEO manager works part-time to improve a website’s ranking on search engine results.

2. Why Hire a Fractional SEO Manager?

Hiring a fractional SEO Manager can be cost-effective as they provide expert services only when needed.

3. How can I Find the Right Fractional SEO Manager for my Business?

You need to look for someone who has proven experience in optimizing websites like yours and understands your industry well.

4. How Much will it Cost to Hire this Kind of Service?

The price changes based on how much work is required and the type of strategies used, but it is typically less than hiring a full-time worker.

5. Can I Expect Fast Results from this Service?

SEO takes time, usually, noticeable changes occur within three to six months after implementation of strategies.

Conclusion and Summary of Fractional SEO Manager Less Salary Search Engine Optimization

A Fractional SEO Manager is a smart choice for businesses. It helps to boost online presence without the big cost of a full-time hire. This can save money and help a business grow in new ways.

A good Fractional SEO Manager brings value, skill, and growth to any company.

This article has explored the world of fractional SEO managers. We learned how they provide expert SEO services on a part-time, as-needed basis. This flexible arrangement saves money compared to hiring full-time while still getting access to top skills.

Fractional SEO managers are in high demand due to the value they offer. They can provide strategy during growth phases, fill empty CMO seats, aid scaling at the right pace, and take on time bound website projects. Core skills like analytics, research, link-building, and technical knowledge are key for success in these roles.

Recent data reveals seo manager salaries are rising, with averages of $150k base pay in tech hubs like San Francisco. With digital marketing more crucial than ever, these marketing professionals continue to see their compensation grow. For any firm needing an SEO boost without the high cost of a full hire, a fractional SEO manager is the smart route. They deliver the visibility and organic growth today’s companies need to stay competitive.

Marty Stewart