Exploring Aesthetic Medical Device Sales Opportunities

Navigating the medical sales industry can be challenging, especially when it comes to deciphering its wide array of professional opportunities. With an increasingly lucrative potential, aesthetic medical device sales is a sector that promises substantial rewards; in fact, nearly half of representatives earn more than $200,000 yearly.

Our blog post will guide you through this flourishing field by elaborating on job roles, salaries and future growth prospects within the sector.

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Key Takeaways of Aesthetic Medical Device Sales

  • Aesthetic medical device sales is a growing field with good pay.
  • This work sells tools that help people feel and look better.
  • You can start as a Sales Rep and move up to roles like Manager.
  • Good jobs in this area need skills in science, tech, money, and talking.

What is Aesthetic Medical Device Sales

Aesthetic medical device sales refers to the marketing and selling of devices used in aesthetic treatments such as skin tightening, body contouring, hair removal, facial rejuvenation among others.

This sector focuses on a diverse range of products aimed at enhancing physical appearance and well-being non-surgically, targeting a market that includes dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical spas and other healthcare professionals in the beauty industry.

Overview of the industry

The aesthetic medical device sales field is big. It’s getting even bigger each day. The market keeps growing fast. There are more jobs in this field now than ever before. This industry sells tools that make people look better.

These items help fix skin problems and change how the body looks and feels. More women work in this field today. They sell these devices to hospitals, doctors, and nurses all over the world.

Types of products sold

In Aesthetic Medical Device Sales, many products are sold. This list includes:

  1. Orthopedics
  2. Joint reconstruction
  3. Replacement items
  4. Trauma tools
  5. Items for extremities
  6. General healthcare products
  7. Various surgical equipment.

Target market

The target market for aesthetic medical device sales is wide and varied. This includes the global aesthetics injectables market and the aesthetic medical devices market. Professionals in the medical spa industry also make up a big part of this market.

Consumer demand for beauty treatments drives this market too. Many people want to look good or younger, so they seek products and procedures that can help them do this. These are all important customers in our field of work.

This section examines common job titles in the aesthetic medical device sales sector ranging from Medical Device Sales Engineer, Pharmaceutical Field Sales Representative to Territory Manager, Clinical Sales Associate, and Inside Sales Representative – all pivotal roles that drive business growth within this industry.

Medical Device Sales Engineer

A Medical Device Sales Engineer spends time talking to health care staff. They sell medical devices and explain how these tools work. These devices help doctors in hospitals and clinics keep people healthy or help them feel better.

A Sales Engineer needs skills in science, tech, and sales. This is because they sell complex items like hospital machines and surgical tools. It’s a tough job that keeps you on your toes due to constant changes in the field of medicine.

Pharmaceutical Field Sales Representative

Pharmaceutical Field Sales Representatives play an important role in the medical field. They sell new drugs and medical items to doctors. This job needs a mix of skills for success.

To do this job, they talk with doctors both face-to-face and on the internet. Some other names for this job include Medical Device Sales Representative or Physician Liaison. There are many jobs like this in aesthetic medical device sales.

These sales reps help launch new products in the market. They forge strong bonds with healthcare providers to promote their goods. With so many roles available, there’s ample space for growth in aesthetic medical device sales if you’re a Pharmaceutical Field Sales Representative.

Territory Manager

A Territory Manager plays a key role in aesthetic medical device sales. They work with the Business Development Manager. Together, they look for new ways to sell more products in their area.

The United States pays this job an average of $72,760 per year. It’s possible to learn this job quickly too. Nate Kipping says he can teach it in less than 90 days.

Clinical Sales Associate

Clinical Sales Associates have a key role in medical device sales. These workers show how to use the tools correctly. They chat with doctors and nurses about the best ways to work with these products.

This job asks for people who can listen well and solve problems quickly. They must also bring joy while working under stress. Many times, Clinical Sales Associates will have meetings inside an operating room (OR).

There, they show how their product works during real-life surgeries. With time and great work, this role can lead you to make more than $200,000 each year!

Inside Sales Representative

An Inside Sales Representative is key in aesthetic medical device sales. They work with doctors like dermatologists and plastic surgeons. They also help medspas. Their job is to sell medical devices used for looks or health.

These reps talk to healthcare pros in a certain area of land. A person doing this job can make over $200,000 each year on average! Most have at least a college degree before they start this kind of work.

Salaries in Aesthetic Medical Device Sales

The aesthetic medical device sales sector offers competitive salaries, with entry-level positions making a decent average. Higher compensation packages are influenced by factors such as experience, geographic location, and the company’s size; on top of this is the potential for commission and bonuses based on individual performance.

Average salary for entry-level positions

The base pay for new workers in aesthetic medical device sales is about $67,563 each year. This sum is just the start! On top of their regular pay, these workers can make an extra $20,090 from commissions.

These numbers come from a 2021 survey. It talks about what people earn in their first two years on the job. The total yearly amount that entry-level workers take home, however, isn’t known yet.

Factors that contribute to higher salaries

Aesthetic medical device sales reps can earn good money. A few things can push earnings even higher:

  1. Base salary: The starting pay for sales reps is $94,918 a year.
  2. Bonus commission: Sales reps get extra money from sales they make. This bonus adds up to $60,440 per year.
  3. Selling in the operating room: Reps who sell devices used in the operating room earn more. As many as 41% of these reps take home over $200k each year.
  4. Industry growth: The aesthetic industry is getting bigger every day. Pay has gone up by 2.64% just this year.
  5. Good at selling: Reps who sell a lot of devices can see their earnings go up much faster.

Potential for commission and bonuses

Sales reps in the aesthetic medical device field can make a good deal of money. They don’t just earn a flat rate. A big chunk of their pay comes from commissions and bonuses. If they sell lots of products, they get more money.

This is called performance-based pay or sales bonuses. It’s a key part of the job’s reward system and boosts income potential a lot for these workers. For example, an entry-level rep could start at $65,000 but see that number grow fast in two to five years with high sales numbers under their belt.

Growth Prospects in Aesthetic Medical Device Sales

Exploring the increasing demand for aesthetic treatments, let’s dive deeper into the promising growth prospects of Aesthetic Medical Device Sales and how it opens up a myriad of career advancement opportunities.

Expected growth of the industry

The industry is growing fast. It could be worth US$ 35,000 million soon. More people want to look good and feel good about themselves. This makes them buy more aesthetic medical devices.

The market may grow by 14.7% from 2023 to 2030. People will spend more money on these items in the coming years too. Research says that sales of injectables like Botox could rise by 12-14% per year over five years.

Factors driving growth

The aesthetic medical device sales market is growing fast. Here are some factors that fuel this growth:

  1. Market expansion: The field is getting bigger. Many firms are stepping in.
  2. Rising demand: More people want to look good and feel great about their body.
  3. Technological advancements: New gadgets are made all the time. They can do things better and faster.
  4. Increasing disposable income: People have more money to spend on looking good.
  5. Aging population: As people get older, they want treatments to look young.
  6. Growing awareness: More people know about these devices now.
  7. Profitable beauty standards: Notions of beauty change with time, which means new sales chances.
  8. Medical tourism: People travel to get treatments done, boosting sales.
  9. Regulatory approvals: More products pass safety checks and enter the market.
  10. Increasing preference for noninvasive procedures: Devices that don’t cut skin or cause much pain are well-liked.

Opportunities for career advancement

Moving up in aesthetic medical device sales is real. It does happen! With hard work and the right skills, you can climb higher. There are many chances to level up your job. For example, a sales rep might become a regional manager.

A top-tier sales role may even reach into six figures pay scale! The future looks bright for this field with a strong job outlook and growth on the horizon. This means more high-level jobs will open up for those looking to advance their careers further.

In-Demand Job Categories in Aesthetic Medical Device Sales

The aesthetic medical device sales sector provides a range of lucrative job categories including Regional Sales Manager, Key Account Manager, Sales Representative, Account Development Manager, and Sales Training Director; these roles are critical in driving business growth by engaging with clients and promoting aesthetic medical products.

Regional Sales Manager

Regional Sales Managers play a key role in aesthetic medical device sales. As leaders, they drive the sales team to reach targets in their areas. Their tasks include setting goals and tracking results for their teams.

They also build strong ties with large accounts or customers. This job is among the top picks in this industry because of the key part it plays in success and growth.

Key Account Manager

A Key Account Manager is a vital part of any medical device sales team. This job involves care for big clients. The manager makes plans for these key accounts and finds ways to grow.

They make sure every client gets great service. To do well in this job, one needs good skills in talking, making deals, and solving problems. This role helps build strong ties with main customers which can boost the company’s success rate.

Sales Representative

A sales representative in the aesthetic industry is a key job. The pay is high and there’s also a bonus commission to earn. This job needs hard work but if you do well, the rewards are big.

There can be no cap on your income as a sales rep. As you get more experience, your pay will go up too. Late-career reps with 20 years of being in the field have seen high raises in their earnings.

Account Development Manager

An Account Development Manager is a key job in the field of aesthetic medical device sales. They play a vital role in growing and managing client relationships. Their tasks include finding new clients, showing them how devices work, and talking about their benefits.

This job has high earning potential. In fact, total pay for medical device sales reps can reach over $150,000 per year. This includes base pay and bonus commission. Account Development Managers also enjoy flexibility in their jobs which makes it an appealing career choice within the industry.

Sales Training Director

A Sales Training Director is a vital job in aesthetic medical device sales. This person makes sure the sales team knows everything about the product. They teach how to sell it and who will want to buy it.

They also show how to handle questions from buyers. The Director keeps track of what works and what doesn’t in selling, then shares this with the team. They work with new people and help them get good at their jobs fast.

Top Cities for Aesthetic Medical Device Sales Jobs

The aesthetic medical device sales industry sees thriving job markets in major cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Dallas due to their high demand for beauty enhancement procedures.

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA is an excellent place for aesthetic medical device sales jobs. This city has a big market with 226 open jobs right now. Many companies want to hire new workers. You can make good money too.

The average pay here is $21.69 per hour! Alongside that, the Los Angeles area also offers 29 more job spots in this field. So if you are looking for a great city to start or grow your career in aesthetic device sales, LA could be your perfect match!

New York, NY

New York, NY stands as a main hub for aesthetic medical device sales jobs. With 307 current job offers and an average yearly pay of $68,978, it sure is a city to watch out for in this field.

The New York City metropolitan area alone boasts 69 open spots right now.

This city always seeks new talent to sell and market medical devices. An astounding number of 2941 total jobs exist in New York! This shows the high demand for skilled employees here.

Make your way into this growing market with a rewarding career choice that’s well worth it!

Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL is a key city for aesthetic medical device sales jobs. With over 2,900 job openings in the field, it’s clear that this place has a lot of chances to work. Many companies are hiring right now! In fact, there are 214 positions open at this time.

You will find specific roles too, with 110 medical aesthetic sales jobs up for grabs. Jobs focusing on aesthetic medical device sales number around 58 in the Windy City alone. Salary? It’s good here! A person working in this field can make about $71,654 per year on average.

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA shines as a top city for aesthetic medical device sales jobs. It holds 50 job spots in this field on websites like Indeed.com. Sellers can make an average of $59,909 per year or $28.80 per hour in Atlanta! This city loves cosmetic medical devices and equipment, making it great for career growth.

Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX shows promise for aesthetic medical device sales jobs. Many companies are hiring right now. There are 202 job slots in Dallas alone and 76 more in the wider area of Dallas-Fort Worth.

This city also offers good pay rates for this field. Workers get an average wage of $24.53 per hour or about $51,022 each year. Sales jobs here run from fields like sales reps to more senior roles such as regional managers and directors of training.

Top States for Aesthetic Medical Device Sales Jobs

The leading states for aesthetic medical device sales jobs encompass California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Illinois owing to their substantial medical hubs and high demand for aesthetic treatments.


Many jobs in aesthetic medical device sales are available in California. The state is one of the top places for these jobs! In Los Angeles, you make about $25.04 an hour or $52,080 a year.

With 2941 jobs ready right now, it’s easy to find work here. You might get between $13 and $41 each hour as a sales rep! Plus, more people want these devices all the time. This means you have good chances to move up in your job later on.


Texas is a hot spot for aesthetic medical device sales jobs. Many companies seek skilled workers in this state, offering good wages and many chances to grow. As of 2023, the average wage for these jobs in Dallas, Texas is $24.53 an hour or $51,022 each year.

Right now, there are 399 positions ready to be filled by able sales people across the state. In fact, there’s a specific need for 304 workers in medical aesthetic sales alone. This means if you have the skills and want to earn well while growing your career, Texas might be perfect for you!


Florida is a hot spot for aesthetic medical device sales jobs. This state pays well, with an average hourly rate of $25.57 or yearly salary of $53,186. But you can earn even more in Boca Raton.

Part-time and full-time sales people in this city make anywhere from $97,445 to $265,214 extra! Right now, there are 229 job spots open across the state. In total, Florida boasts 135 medical aesthetic sales jobs ready for you to apply today!

New York

New York ranks high for aesthetic medical device sales jobs. The city offers 2,941 job openings in this field. This means a lot of chances to get hired! If you land a job here, expect good pay too. In fact, the average yearly pay is $68,978.

But it’s not only about quantity or money in New York. Quality matters too! The state is also famous for higher paying medical device sales careers. Here, these jobs give an average yearly income of $74,730.

So if you aim for top dollar with your skills and experience in selling beauty devices this could be your spot!

There are more options too: specifically 803 aesthetic medical sales jobs ready to be filled right now! With such rich choices and superb pay scales – New York indeed shines as one of the best states in America for people looking at employment opportunities in aesthetic medical device sales.


Illinois ranks high for aesthetic medical device sales jobs. The state boasts 277 openings in this field right now. Jobs range from aesthetics sales roles to medical aesthetic sales representative positions.

Appeal of the industry is growing fast in Illinois, making it a top place for such careers. You won’t want to miss these chances if you aim to join this field!

How to Land a Job in Aesthetic Medical Device Sales

Acquiring a job in Aesthetic Medical Device Sales requires specific education, relevant experience, and development of key skills. Prospects may need to obtain a degree in marketing or related fields and have experience in sales or the healthcare sector.

Important qualities to cultivate can include communication aptitude, relationship-building abilities, negotiation expertise, and problem-solving skills. Implementing efficient networking strategies can also be instrumental for finding opportunities – attending industry trade shows or joining professional associations are effective methods.

Also crucial is the use of various job search techniques such as leveraging online platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed to discover open positions within aesthetic medical device companies.

Required education and experience

Getting a job in Aesthetic Medical Device Sales needs certain education and experience. Here’s what you need:

  1. A degree: One should have a bachelor’s degree to work in this field. The degree can be in science or business.
  2. Field of study: Degrees related to health, medicine, or science are helpful.
  3. Relevant coursework: Classes about medical devices and sales techniques add value.
  4. Industry knowledge: Knowing the medical device industry is important for the job.
  5. Sales experience: Having some sales experience can give you an edge over others.

Important skills and qualities

To get a job in Aesthetic Medical Device Sales, you need certain skills and qualities. These include:

  1. Sales skills: You should know how to sell. This means knowing what the client wants and giving it to them.
  2. Relationship building: You have to make friends with your clients. This can help your sales.
  3. Client satisfaction: Making sure the client is happy is key. Happy clients come back and buy more.
  4. Time management: A good sales person knows how to use their time well.
  5. Product knowledge: You must know all about what you are selling. This can help answer any questions your client may have.
  6. Problem-solving: If any sales issues come up, you need to know how to fix it fast.
  7. Negotiation skills: A good sales person can get the best deal for themselves and for their client.
  8. Analytical skills: Understanding numbers can help you sell better and reach targets faster.
  9. Adaptability: The medical device market changes often, so being able to change with it helps keep sales high.
  10. Presentation skills: Being able to show off a product in the best light will lead to more sales.

Networking and job search strategies

Finding a job in Aesthetic Medical Device Sales is easier with solid networking and job search strategies. Here are some tips:

  1. Build strong professional connections. These ties can open doors to new jobs.
  2. Use trust – building techniques with healthcare professionals. Trust can help you get referred for a job.
  3. Develop good relationships – building skills. They help form bonds in the medical field.
  4. Use networking in the aesthetic industry to gain more contacts.
  5. Try referral – based job opportunities. Almost 85% of jobs come from networking.
  6. Upgrade your sales strategies in the aesthetic medical device industry to earn better jobs.
  7. Make use of referral – driven job searches, they speed up the process.
  8. Strengthen your network in the medical device sales field, it can lead to higher positions.

Finding Job Openings in Aesthetic Medical Device Sales

When you’re ready to start applying for sales positions in the aesthetic medical device field, knowing where to look can help streamline your job search. Many companies post openings on general job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn, so checking there frequently can uncover new opportunities.

You may also find listings on more specialized sites like MedReps.com which focus specifically on medical sales jobs. Trade publications and industry associations sometimes list openings as well. Attending conferences and trade shows is another great way to network and hear about sales openings directly from device companies.

When you locate a promising job posting, pay close attention to the qualifications and experience required. Look for specifics like:

  • Outside sales experience
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Track record of driving and closing deals
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred

The job description will also provide key details about the position itself, including:

  • Responsibilities like managing an existing book of business, generating new leads, and conducting product demonstrations
  • The sales territory or geographic region you would cover
  • Base salary and commission structure
  • Benefits package

Before applying, make sure you match the required skills and abilities as closely as possible. Highlight any previous medical device sales work on your resume, as well as your success with consultative sales. Follow up on your application and use your network to find connections to the hiring manager. With persistence and a thorough search, you can break into the growing aesthetic device sales field.

Frequently Asked Questions about Aesthetic Medical Device Sales

1. What Jobs are Available in Aesthetic Medical Device Sales?

Jobs in aesthetic medical device sales include roles like a sales representative, regional manager, and product specialist.

2. How Much Money Can I Earn by Selling Aesthetic Medical Devices?

The pay varies based on the role, company size, experience level but a sales rep can often earn a good salary plus commission.

3. Can This Industry Provide Growth for My Career?

Yes, there is potential for job growth and advancement opportunities within the aesthetic medical device field.

4. Do I Need Any Special Training to Sell Medical Devices?

While not always necessary, having some knowledge of biology or anatomy and previous sales experience can be beneficial.

5. Does This Job Involve Traveling Often?

In many cases yes travel is part of meeting with clients and showing them how your products work.

Conclusion and Summary of Exploring Aesthetic Medical Device Sales Opportunities

The aesthetic medical device sales field provides a lucrative and fast-growing career path for driven, personable professionals. As our exploration has shown, this industry is expanding rapidly as demand for non-invasive aesthetic treatments surges. Companies need talented salespeople to promote their innovative devices to doctors’ offices, med spas, and clinics.

With a relevant educational background and some sales experience, you can gain a foothold as a sales rep or associate. Excellent communication and relationship-building abilities will serve you well in this client-focused role. With a proven track record, you can then advance to management positions and earn an excellent income. Geographic areas like Los Angeles, New York, and Texas offer plentiful job opportunities.

Networking is invaluable for learning about openings at device manufacturers. By regularly checking job boards and connecting with healthcare professionals, you can find the right fit. With hard work and persistence, a job in aesthetic medical device sales promises great rewards, from unlimited earning potential to a dynamic, fast-paced environment. This growing industry has much to offer driven professionals seeking a rewarding sales career.

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