Content Strategist for Hire

Finding the right talent for your content needs can be a daunting task. With an average national salary of $72,742 in the United States, a Content Strategist can be a significant investment but one that brings substantial returns.

Process of hiring an expert Content Strategist who can deliver impactful strategies which resonate with your target audience and bolster your brand’s online presence.

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Key Takeaways of Content Strategist for Hire

  • A content strategist is good at making and sharing plans. They can bring a brand’s story to life on many paths.
  • It costs less to hire a content strategist than it does for traditional ads. This makes them a smart pick for businesses.
  • You can find top content strategists by posting jobs on online sites like Upwork or LinkedIn.
  • Good content strategists have skills in research, thinking creatively, and knowing their audience well.
  • Hiring a good content strategist helps get more customers, helps people trust your business more, and improves your website’s ranking online.
  • Speak clearly with the person you hire about what your goals are. Give them all they need to do great work.

Why Hire a Content Strategist?

Hiring a Content Strategist brings immense value to companies as it presents an opportunity to tap into the expert’s ability in developing winning content strategies, attracting and engaging the right audience, saving time and resources while providing a cost-effective solution for businesses.

Expertise in Developing Successful Content Strategies

A content strategist is good at making plans. They can plan, run, and use a brand’s story on many paths. This makes them experts in shaping successful ways to share content. Their role is to set up and use a plan that meets the needs of the business and the user.

The right words can spark joy and draw people in. A content strategist knows how to make this happen. They craft ideas into words that help your company grow.

Ability to Attract and Engage Target Audience

A good content strategist can pull in the right people. They know how to get the eyes and ears of a company’s ideal group. This skill is key to guiding these people through what is called the funnel stages.

The goal is to keep them locked in from start to finish.

How does a content strategist do this? They use smart ways,  like lead generation and engagement strategy. These are part of what we call content marketing. It’s not just about talking or writing, it’s about knowing how to make people want to listen and react.

Cost-Effective Solution for Businesses

Hiring a content strategist is a smart move for businesses. It’s not as costly as traditional advertising. In fact, it often costs less but brings in more leads. This makes it a cost-effective business solution.

You can pay the strategist by retainer fees each month. These are usually between $2500 and $5000. For this price, you get long-form and daily content which helps your marketing strategy grow stronger day by day.

Saves Time and Resources

A content strategist is a smart pick for your business. They know where to find the best content. They also know how to make it look and work better. Their job stops you from wasting time and money on bad content choices.

This lets you use that saved time and money somewhere else in your business. Content planning, design, analysis, management, all get easier with them around.

How to Hire a Top Content Strategist

Unlock the potential of your business by hiring a top content strategist. Explore popular freelance platforms, narrow down your options with careful consideration to their qualifications, and pen an engaging job post that will attract high-quality candidates.

Posting a Job on a Freelance Platform

Take your needs to the web. Try using a site like Upwork. It’s easy to post a job there. Upwork lets businesses from all over, even in the United States, find help. They have many content strategists waiting for work.

Here’s how you do it. First, make an account on Upwork. Then click Post a Job. Write about what you need from your content strategist in this post. You’ll soon get bids from freelancers ready to do the work for you. Review each one and pick who suits best for your project.

Shortlisting Qualified Candidates

To find the best content strategist, you’ll need to shortlist qualified candidates. This step needs careful thought and time. You start by looking at all the people who put in for the job.

Take out those who do not have what your job post asked for. Then, look more closely at those left on the list. Use a score system to narrow down who fits best with your company’s needs and goals.

Shortlisting helps keep you from wasting time on wrong picks and gets you closer to finding an expert content strategist fit for your company’s vision.

Writing an Effective Job Post

Crafting a good job post is key to attract top content strategists. Start with clear job requirements. Highlight the need for strong research and creative thinking skills. Don’t just look for a past job title.

Look at what skills they bring to the table. Mention that you value knowledge about your industry too. Talk about skill clusters that fit well with your company’s goals and needs. Reach out on professional networks or at industry events for more exposure.

Collaborating with the Chosen Candidate

You have picked your top content strategist. Now, working together starts. This step may feel big. For a good start, be clear about rules and jobs. The content strategy needs clear goals from you.

It helps the strategist to design plans that work for your business. Share every detail with them about what you want and how you want it done. A good flow of words between both sides is key to a great work bond too. So talk often, ask questions, and share ideas for a winning content marketing plan.

Qualities to Look for in a Content Strategist

A top-notch content strategist should possess strong research and analytical skills, creative thinking abilities, a deep understanding of the target audience and industry dynamics, as well as have a proven expertise in developing effective content.

Strong Research and Analytical Skills

A good content strategist digs deep into facts. They use strong research skills to find data about the market and audience. With this, they know what type of content works best. They also have keen analytical skills.

These help in understanding patterns and trends in the data gathered. Critical thinking comes up here as they use it to solve any issues found during their work process. This way, they make sure your business gets the most from its online content efforts.

Creative Thinking

Creative thinking tops the list of skills for a content strategist. This skill means coming up with fresh ideas. A content strategist uses this to create interesting posts and stories.

They use their originality and imagination in making strategies that hook people. Their creativity can turn even boring facts into a thrilling read. It’s how they solve problems and think out-of-the-box.

With creative thinking, they make your brand stand out from others.

Understanding of Target Audience and Industry

A good content strategist knows your market well. They use strong research skills to figure out who your audience is and what they need. They do a deep dive into the buzz in your industry.

This means staying on top of trends, popular keywords, and hot topics that matter to your customers. This helps them plan the right kind of content for you – material that speaks to your audience directly.

A sound grasp of target markets shapes how they split up these audiences too, making sure people see things relevant to them. It is not just about knowing their job but also being savvy with what’s going on around them.

Experience in Creating Effective Content

Good content strategists have spent years in the field. They may work as web writers, digital content managers, or content editors first. This long time helps them to know how to make great content.

Making great content means they must plan it well and create it right. It also involves knowing how and where to share that piece of information.

A key part of their job is setting goals with the client and sticking to them while creating the content. This requires a deep understanding of who will read or use the rubric’s audience, content crafted in this way makes people interact more with it.

Benefits of Hiring a Content Strategist

With the right content strategist on board, companies can effectively attract more leads, boost brand recognition and credibility, enhance their online presence and SEO ranking.

Attract More Leads and Customers

A good content strategist can make your business shine. They use their skills to bring more people to you who may want what you offer. This step is called lead generation. Once the leads are in, they turn them into buyers, which we call customer acquisition.

But it does not stop there. The work of a content strategist helps keep customers coming back for more. It’s all part of a strong sales funnel that keeps your business growing.

Boost Brand Recognition and Credibility

A content strategist helps your company’s name stick in people’s minds. They shape the tone and style of your brand content. This makes you stand out from others. People start to trust you more when they see this happen over time.

Quality content also puts your firm on the map online. You become easier to find with SEO optimization. The right words bring more people to your website, social media or blog post.

When all these channels speak in one voice, it gets stronger every time it is heard. Having a skilled storyteller working for you can do wonders too. They design how the story of your brand unfolds and ties together on various platforms. It doesn’t just boost recognition, it gives credibility that wins over hearts and minds for good.

Improve Online Presence and SEO

A content strategist knows how to make your company shine online. They use tricks and tools to boost your place in search results. This task is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short.

A content strategist uses strong keywords to draw people in. Placing these words in the right spots on a site helps search engines find you.

One big job of a content strategist is making sure users have a good time on your site. They look at how easy it is for people to find what they need, and how well things work overall.

Changes can help attract more visitors who stay longer, visit more pages, and choose you over competitors. These tweaks can put you higher on result pages too. So hiring one not only improves your website but also its visibility online.

How to Collaborate Effectively with a Content Strategist

To ensure productive collaboration with a content strategist, it’s vital to establish clear goals and expectations, provide necessary resources and information for them to work effectively, and maintain regular communication while also offering constructive feedback about their work.

Clearly Define Goals and Expectations

Firms should list their goals and expectations. This helps the content strategist know what to do. It makes sure both sides are on the same page. A clear goal might be to get more people to visit your website.

An expectation could be having a blog post every week. When you hire, ask for these things in your job description. The right person will know how to turn goals into a plan.

Provide Necessary Information and Resources

Give your content strategist all they need to do their job well. Share key facts about your business and customers. Tell them what you want from the work they do for you. This might be more visits to your website or more people buying your product.

Let them know how their success will be measured. These details make a clear roadmap for the content strategy. A good plan helps get better results for you and your team.

Communicate Regularly and Provide Feedback

Talk often with your content strategist. This will help both of you be on the same page. You give them what they need to make great work. It helps if you say how their job is going and if it meets your needs.

Do not hold back any thoughts about what they are delivering. Share all ideas you have about your audience needs or content goals. This way, they can shape the strategy in a better way for both of you to enjoy success.

Cost of Hiring a Content Strategist

The cost of hiring a Content Strategist can vary depending on their expertise and project requirements, but it often proves to be an investment that pays off in the long run through effective, lead-generating content strategies.

Dive deeper into this topic to understand how strategic content planning can be both affordable and profitable for your business.

Freelance Rates Vary, But Can Be Cost-Effective

Freelance rates for content strategists can change a lot. They are set by things like skills, years on the job, where they live, and how the market is doing. Still, hiring one can be good for your money.

A strategist may ask for $1,500 to $3,000 each month based on your project size and kind. If they have worked seven or more years in their field, they might want between $81 and $100 every hour for making content.

Others with even more know-how might seek from $125 to $150 per hour. On average though people who do this work freelance make about $71,000 each year. The rate changes based on what jobs need done and how much past work they have done).

Can Save Money in the Long Run Through Successful Strategies

Hiring a content strategist is a good move. They can help save money over time. This happens when they develop strong, useful strategies. The right plan helps you reach more people with less effort and funds.

If your business does not have a clear marketing strategy, you may spend too much on ads that do not work well. A content strategist uses their skills to avoid poor results like this.

This could mean big savings for any company looking to get the most out of their budget.

Success Stories of Hiring a Content Strategist

Discover how hiring a content strategist paved the way for success in numerous businesses. Uncover unique strategies that yielded impressive results, and read first-hand testimonials from gratified clients.

Examples of Successful Strategies and their Results

Emily Galeano is a top content strategist. She used her skills to make great content plans. These plans brought simple and quality results for businesses. Kim Gillick is another expert.

She knows what the audience wants. Her work made companies grow fast and strong. Jessie Beck also did well as a strategist, earning $124,000 in one year. She worked full-time for an eCommerce marketplace and went beyond their goals.

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

You will find words from happy clients on sites like Upwork. These are people who got help from a content strategist. They tell their stories of the good work done by these experts.

Reading them can show you that it was worth it to hire a content strategizer. It also shows how they use clever plans and keep projects moving forward without any trouble.

How to Get Started with Hiring a Content Strategist

Launching your search for a content strategist begins with pinpointing your business’s specific needs and objectives. It requires careful research to find the most suitable platform for recruiting, along with crafting a comprehensive job description that attracts top-notch candidates.

Identify your Business’s Needs and Goals

To start hiring a content strategist, first know what your business needs and goals are. This helps to find the right person for the job. For example, you may want more people to buy your goods or services online.

Or perhaps you wish to get your brand known by more people on social media sites.

A clear vision of these needs and goals also guides the work of the content strategist once hired. They use them to build a good strategy for your company’s content marketing efforts.

Research and Choose the Best Platform for Hiring

Picking the best place to hire is key. Look for a platform with many people to choose from. You want one with good content strategists. Try Mayple or Upwork. They are online places you can use to find top-rated content strategists.

These places make it easy to check skills, not just job titles. With these sites, you can find the right person for your needs fast and easy.

Create a Detailed Job Description

A job description paints a clear picture of the role. For a Content Strategist, it should list tasks like content planning and development. It will mention putting great ideas into action to grab the attention of the target audience.

Also, working toward boosting company profits should be in there too. The job’s core is to shape and send out key messages across different content channels. Goals and objectives of a company also decide what kind of content is made or edited.

Excellent speaking skills, creative mind, smart thinking are some qualities that are needed for this work area. Use of tools for managing content is also important. Lastly, state clearly about your company culture and skill requirements to find the best fit for your organization.

Core Digital Marketing Services Offered

Our full-service digital marketing agency provides specialized expertise across key areas including:

  • Content marketing strategy – Developing data-driven plans to create and distribute high quality content that engages your target market
  • Content creation – Producing compelling written, visual, and video content by leveraging our in-house content team
  • Social media marketing – Managing your brand’s presence by creating engaging social content and campaigns
  • Search engine optimization – Optimizing website content and architecture to improve organic ranking and increase leads
  • Search engine marketing – Developing paid search and display ad campaigns on Google Ads to drive engagement
  • Email marketing – Building and managing email nurture campaigns to convert subscribers into customers
  • Marketing automation – Streamlining repetitive tasks using platforms like HubSpot to focus on strategy
  • Website optimization – Enhancing website user experience to convert visitors and boost inbound traffic

With our specialized expertise and proven track record, we become an extension of your team to achieve your business goals and marketing objectives. Our data-driven strategies help you connect with more customers and outpace industry leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions about Content Strategist for Hire

1. What Does a Content Strategist Do?

A content strategist plans, creates, and manages useful and engaging content for businesses.

2. Why Should I Hire a Content Strategist?

Hiring a content strategist can help to boost your business’s online presence and engage more customers.

3. Does a Content Strategist Need to Know About My Industry?

Yes, it is helpful if the content strategist has knowledge of your industry as this will allow them to create relevant and targeted content.

4. Can I Hire a Part-Time or Freelance Content Strategist?

Yes, you have the option of hiring either a part-time or freelance Content Strategist depending on your needs.

5. How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Content Strategist?

The cost depends on their experience level, workload demand, and whether they are full time or freelancers.

Conclusion and Summary of Content Strategist for Hire

An effective content strategy is the fuel that drives business growth in today’s digital landscape. But shaping that strategy requires specialized expertise and a keen understanding of your brand story.

Partnering with a content strategy agency unlocks access to these specialized skills. With their blend of consulting, content creation, and technical know how, agencies become trusted stewards of your digital presence.

Whether optimizing organic visibility through SEO or building engagement across social channels, agencies take a holistic approach to fortifying your brand. Their robust services remove creation barriers so you can focus on high-level marketing.

While outcomes vary, the right agency brings strategy to life through resonant content experiences. They light the path forward so you can achieve key marketing objectives from increased traffic to stronger lead generation. When in-house resources fall short but ambitions run high, agencies deliver the bridge to content marketing success.

Marty Stewart