Meet Dr. Rod J. Rohrich of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is an internationally recognized authority in the field of plastic surgery, boasting a decorated career that reflects his commitment to the advancement and education of plastic surgery practices. 

As a board-certified plastic surgeon with a global clinical practice at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, Dr. Rohrich is distinguished not only by the mastery of his craft but also by his innovative approaches to plastic surgery. His extensive educational background and dedication to patient care make him a sought-after surgeon for those looking for high-quality plastic surgery in Dallas.

The Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, where Dr. Rohrich’s practice is based, stands as a excellence in the world of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Featuring a myriad of surgical and nonsurgical procedures tailored to the specific needs and desires of his patients, Dr. Rohrich’s commitment to providing comprehensive care is evident. 

Patient experience, safety, and results are at the core of the institute’s ethos, coinciding with Dr. Rohrich’s philosophy of individualized patient care. With a profound understanding that choosing plastic surgery is a personal and life-enhancing decision, patients seek Dr. Rohrich for his top-tier expertise and the artisanal skill he brings to each procedure. 

His well-established reputation is further solidified by the positive reviews and ratings from those who have trusted him with their plastic surgery journeys. For individuals considering plastic surgery, connecting with Dr. Rohrich online offers a convenient entry point into exploring the options available for aesthetic enhancement.

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Key Insights of Dr. Rod J. Rohrich and Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute:

  • Dr. Rohrich is a highly respected plastic surgeon with a practice at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.
  • His institute is known for excellent patient care and offers a wide range of plastic surgery services.
  • Reviews highlight his expertise, enhancing his reputation as a top choice for potential patients.

Why Choose Dr. Rohrich for Your Plastic Surgery Needs?

When selecting a plastic surgeon, board certification is a critical factor to consider, and Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the only board acknowledged and approved by the National Board of Medical Specialties that certifies plastic surgeons. His extensive educational background and instrumental role in peer education make him stand out in the field of cosmetic surgery.

  • Expertise and Education: Dr. Rohrich is an acclaimed expert in plastic surgery, serving as a Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at the Baylor College of Medicine. His leadership positions in academic plastic surgery further emphasize his commitment to excellence in this specialty.

Patients who place a high value on quality and safety tend to choose Dr. Rohrich for their procedures due to his adherence to rigorous standards for patient safety. His renowned clinical practice, located at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, is a destination for patients seeking top-tier plastic surgical care coupled with an emphasis on individual well-being.

His practice is not just about providing surgical interventions; it’s a testament to his lifelong commitment to educating both patients and peers about the importance and nuances of plastic surgery. This educational approach ensures informed decisions and fosters trust between the surgeon and patient. It’s Dr. Rohrich’s friendly demeanor and profound expertise that make him a trusted choice for anyone considering plastic surgery.

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich’s Background and Expertise

Education and Medical Training of Dr. Rohrich

Dr. Rohrich’s educational journey began with an undergraduate and postgraduate degree from North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota. He then completed his medical degree at Baylor University College of Medicine.

Dr. Rohrich’s Board Certifications

As a testament to his expertise, Dr. Rohrich holds board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, ensuring that he meets the rigorous standards of education, ethics, character, and examination.

Professional Affiliations

Dr. Rohrich’s leadership and service in the field of plastic surgery are reflected in his active participation in several professional organizations. He has served as president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and is currently involved with numerous societies dedicated to the advancement of plastic surgery.

Notable Accomplishments and Awards Dr. Rohrich Has Received

In recognition of his clinical excellence and contributions to education in plastic surgery, Dr. Rohrich has received numerous accolades. He has been honored as one of the best plastic surgeons in America by peer reviews and various national and local publications. Dr. Rohrich has leveraged his expertise as the editor-in-chief of the prestigious Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal, influencing practitioners worldwide.

Introduction to Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas (TX)

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, based in Dallas, Texas, is a distinguished plastic surgeon with an international reputation. He holds a clinical practice at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and serves as a Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Rohrich’s achievements include leadership roles in major plastic surgery organizations and recognition as one of the most influential surgeons in the field. 

He has contributed significantly to academic publications, and his philanthropic efforts include supporting medical students and breast cancer survivors.

The Philosophy of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and Dr. Rohrich

At DPSI, the philosophy hinges on providing patient-centered care that focuses on safety, outcomes, and the overall patient experience. Emphasizing the importance of individualized treatment plans, the institute believes in enhancing patients’ natural beauty through state-of-the-art surgical techniques.

Meet Dr. Rohrich’s Team at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute

The team at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, led by Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, comprises dedicated professionals, each bringing unique expertise to the practice. Angela Martinez, the Office Manager, offers over 20 years of marketing and customer service experience. Diane Sinn, the Executive Assistant, manages Dr. Rohrich’s academic activities and travel schedule. 

David Weir MSN, APRN, NP-C, a nurse practitioner, specializes in noninvasive beauty procedures. Leticia Rodriguez, a skilled Medical Assistant, focuses on post-surgical care. Joni Dunsmore, the Surgery Coordinator, ensures streamlined scheduling for patients. Together, they form a cohesive team committed to excellence in patient care and service. For detailed information about each team member, please visit Dr. Rohrich’s Staff page.

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich’s Plastic Surgery Specialty Areas

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, renowned at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, offers a myriad of specialized procedures in the realm of plastic surgery. His expertise and innovative contributions to the field have established him as a top-tier plastic surgeon, particularly noted for his work in rhinoplasty and facial rejuvenation techniques.

  • Rhinoplasty: Dr. Rohrich is recognized for his exceptional skill in rhinoplasty, an area where he champions the art and science of nasal reshaping. His ability to enhance facial harmony through rhinoplasty is sought after, and he is well-known for chairing the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting, a significant educational conference for surgeons in this specialty.
  • Facelift: In the area of facial rejuvenation, facelift procedures performed by Dr. Rohrich are tailored to combat signs of aging and to re-establish a more youthful and natural appearance. His results reflect a deep understanding of the complex facial anatomy and the aging process.
  • Reconstructive Surgery: Dr. Rohrich also applies his extensive surgical skills to reconstructive surgery, restoring form and function to areas affected by congenital defects, traumatic injuries, or disease processes.

By combining meticulous technique with an artistic eye, Dr. Rohrich has distinguished himself not only through his educational endeavors but also through his clinical practice. Each surgery is approached with the individual patient’s goals and physiology in mind, ensuring results that are both beautiful and uniquely suited to the individual.

To learn more about Dr. Rohrich and his approach to these plastic surgery services, please visit his company website.

Comprehensive Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Procedures Offered at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute

The Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, led by Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, offers a wide range of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. These include various types of facelifts, rhinoplasty (including revision procedures), eye lift surgeries, breast augmentation and lifts, arm lift surgery, liposuction, gynecomastia treatment, tummy tucks, body lifts, lip augmentation, and more. 

They also offer non-invasive treatments such as skin resurfacing, cosmetic fillers, neuromodulators like Botox, and various advanced radiofrequency and microneedling treatments. For a complete list and details of these procedures, please visit their website.

Preparing for Your Surgical or Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedure

At the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, patient preparation is given utmost priority to ensure successful outcomes. Patients are provided with detailed pre-operative instructions, which may include guidelines on nutrition, medication adjustments, and what to expect during and after the surgery. For specific procedures such as rhinoplasty or facelifts, tailored recommendations are offered to prime patients for optimal results.

Post-Operative Surgery Care and Patient Support

Post-operative care is critical in achieving the desired results of plastic surgery. Dr. Rohrich and his team offer comprehensive support following surgery, including pain management, wound care instructions, and scheduled follow-up appointments. They ensure that patients receive individualized care plans for a smooth recovery, whether they undergo body contouring or breast augmentation procedures.

Dallas Plastic Surgery Costs, Insurance, Financing Options Available

Understanding the costs and financing options for plastic surgery is essential. DPSI provides transparent pricing and multiple financing options to accommodate patients’ financial situations. While most cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance, the institute guides patients through available payment plans and third-party financing, making the process as stress-free as possible. For detailed financing assistance, visit Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute webpage.

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich Reviews and Ratings (Google, Facebook, RealSelf)

When considering cosmetic surgery, potential patients often look to reviews and ratings to gauge the reputation and quality of care provided by a surgeon. Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, based in Dallas, has established a notable presence in the field, with patient reviews and star ratings reflecting his experience in plastic surgery.

Google Reviews for Dr. Rod J. Rohrich – 267 Reviews / 4.9 Star Rating

Dr. Rohrich’s practice in Dallas is represented on various platforms, and patients have taken the time to leave their feedback on his services. For recent and comprehensive reviews regarding his practice, patients often visit Google Reviews, where one can find comments on everything from the consultation process to post-operative care. The star rating on Google provides a quick visual representation of his overall patient satisfaction.

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich RealSelf Reviews – 4.8 Stars from 245 Patient Reviews

On RealSelf, a community-driven website dedicated to honest reviews about cosmetic procedures, Dr. Rod J. Rohrich has also amassed numerous patient testimonials. RealSelf provides both positive and critical perspectives, with many patients sharing detailed accounts of their experiences, accompanied by before and after photos, when applicable. 

The star rating on this platform is indicative of Dr. Rohrich’s commitment to patient care and his skill in plastic surgery. For a comprehensive look at past patient experiences with Dr. Rohrich, one might want to visit Rod J. Rohrich, MD on RealSelf to explore a broad range of reviews.

Each review, whether on Google or RealSelf, contributes to the prospective patient’s understanding of Dr. Rohrich’s practice, providing insights into his approach to plastic surgery and patient satisfaction.

Connect and Follow Dr. Rohrich Online on Social Media

In today’s digital age, staying connected with professionals in the field of plastic surgery is easier than ever. Dr. Rod J. Rohrich embraces the power of social media to share insights, updates, and connect with patients and colleagues.


Dr. Rohrich shares a mixture of educational content, personal insights, and updates from his practice on Instagram. Followers can expect an engaging blend of professional posts, showcasing his work and contributions to the field of plastic surgery.


On Facebook, Dr. Rohrich maintains a presence where he posts about various topics related to plastic surgery, interacts with followers, and provides a glimpse into his seminars and lectures.


LinkedIn showcases Dr. Rohrich’s professional accomplishments, including his role as a board certified plastic surgeon and his extensive work in medical education. Visiting his LinkedIn profile offers a comprehensive look at his career and contributions to plastic surgery.


For those interested in video content, Dr. Rohrich’s YouTube channel features surgical techniques, educational resources, and personal interviews, allowing viewers to learn from his expertise in rhinoplasty, facelifts, and more.

Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute Location and Contact Information

Here is the full address, contact information, and driving directions to Dr. Rohrich office.

Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute
Suite, 9101 N Central Expy #600
Dallas, Texas 75225

Call Dr. Rohrich’s office:

Visit the Official Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute Website:

Dr. Rohrich’s Google My Business (GMB) Map Profile

Visit the Google My Business GMB Profile for Rod J Rohrich, MD, Dr. Rod Rohrich’s practice.

Directions to Their Dallas Plastic Surgery Office

Driving Directions to Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute’s Location can be found on Google Maps.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Rohrich

Individuals interested in consulting with Dr. Rohrich can easily submit a request via the Contact form on his website. The form is straightforward and allows patients to indicate their preferred procedures and their primary concerns.

What to Expect During Your Consultation with Dr. Rohrich

Dr. Rohrich’s team is dedicated to providing a seamless consultation process. Patients can expect a response within the next working business day, alongside pertinent information about the requested cosmetic surgery procedures.

Conclusion and Summary of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and Dr. Rod J. Rohrich Plastic Surgery in Dallas, Texas

In the heart of Dallas, the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute has become synonymous with excellence in the field of plastic surgery. At the helm of this esteemed institution is Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, an internationally acclaimed surgeon whose expertise has not only shaped thousands of lives but also the very discipline of plastic surgery itself.

Dr. Rohrich’s contributions to plastic surgery are multifaceted. His roles extend beyond clinical practice to include education as he shares his knowledge and skills through the chairmanship of the prestigious Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting.

As a former professor and chair at the UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dr. Rohrich’s academic contributions are significant and include being the first plastic surgeon to be appointed as a Distinguished Teaching Professor. His dedication to research and development in plastic surgery is further exemplified by his role as the Editor-in-Chief of PRS Global Open, North America’s first open access peer-reviewed plastic surgery journal.

Patients seeking to restore their youthful appearance or enhance their features will find in Dr. Rohrich a surgeon commended for his artistry and precision. His approach to patient care at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is informed by both his extensive experience and his ongoing contribution to plastic surgery education and research.

Throughout his years of practice, Dr. Rohrich’s reputation as a top-tier plastic surgeon has been consistently recognized. His approach to patient care is comprehensive, combining technical skill with personalized attention to detail qualities that have earned him the distinction of being named one of America’s best plastic surgeons.

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