Meet Dr. Robert Burk of Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery Expert Care in Jacksonville, Florida

Dr. Robert Burk is a renowned plastic surgeon based in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. At Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery, Dr. Burk offers a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, tailoring each one to meet the unique needs and aesthetic goals of his patients. 

His commitment to providing high-quality care is evident in his personalized approach and the excellent results his patients enjoy. With board certification and a vision for creating balanced body aesthetics, he has become a leading choice for those seeking expert surgical care in Northeast Florida.

The practice of Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery itself stands as a testament to the sophistication and success of modern plastic surgery techniques. It serves a diverse clientele in the Jacksonville area, offering comprehensive services from initial consultation to post-operative care. The staff at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery, together with Dr. Burk, ensure that patients receive the highest standard of treatment in a welcoming and professional environment.

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Key Insights of Dr. Robert Burk and Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery:

  • Dr. Robert Burk is a board-certified plastic surgeon offering customized surgical care in Florida.
  • Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery provides a full spectrum of plastic and reconstructive procedures.
  • The practice emphasizes expertise, patient-centered care, and high-quality results.

Why Choose Dr. Burk for Your Plastic Surgery Needs?

When considering plastic surgery, choosing the right surgeon is paramount to receiving safe and high-quality care. Dr. Robert Burk of Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery stands out for his considerable expertise and talent in the field.

  • Board Certification: Dr. Burk is a board-certified plastic surgeon, a testament to his comprehensive training and adherence to rigorous standards in plastic surgery.
  • Patient Satisfaction: His commitment to patient care is reflected in his high ratings, with many patients citing their trust in his abilities and the quality of the outcomes they’ve achieved.
  • Experience: With years of dedicated practice, Dr. Burk has not only honed his technical skills but also his aesthetic judgment, ensuring results that complement each patient’s individuality.
  • Affiliations: He is affiliated with respected institutions like Ascension St. Vincent’s Southside Hospital and Baptist Health, which speaks to his standing in the medical community.

For those seeking a plastic surgery experience characterized by artistry, skill, and compassionate care, Dr. Robert Burk is a choice worth considering. He embodies the professional excellence and patient-centered approach essential for any cosmetic or reconstructive surgery journey.

Dr. Robert Burk’s Background and Expertise

Education and Medical Training of Dr. Burk

Dr. Burk honed his medical skills and knowledge, where he earned his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1988. This period of training equipped him with the necessary hands-on experience to excel in the demanding field of plastic surgery.

Dr. Burk’s Board Certifications

Dr. Burk’s commitment to excellence in plastic surgery is highlighted by his board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This certification signifies his adherence to the highest standards of practice and his dedication to ongoing education in the evolving field of plastic surgery.

Professional Affiliations

A testament to his professional standing, Dr. Burk is affiliated with multiple reputable hospitals. His associations with esteemed medical facilities underline his depth of experience and respect within the healthcare community.

Notable Accomplishments and Awards Dr. Burk Has Received

Although specific awards and accomplishments are not listed, Dr. Burk’s years of experience in the medical field underscore a career marked by dedication to his practice and patients. His recognized vision of balanced body aesthetics speaks volumes to his professional achievements.

Introduction to Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville, Florida (FL)

The Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville, Florida, led by Dr. Robert Burk, is a renowned facility offering a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Dr. Burk, a board-certified plastic surgeon, has extensive training and experience in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. 

The center emphasizes safety and patient satisfaction, using advanced surgical techniques. Dr. Burk’s education includes prestigious institutions like the University of Virginia and Duke University, and he has a strong commitment to ongoing learning and excellence in patient care.

For more detailed information, please visit Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery’s blog.

The Philosophy of Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery and Dr. Burk

The core philosophy of Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery centers on delivering cutting-edge surgical techniques and stunning results while prioritizing patient safety. Dr. Burk and his team stay abreast of medical advancements to ensure that they offer the most effective procedures. Their approach integrates the latest in plastic surgery with compassionate care to create personalized treatment plans for each patient, reflecting their commitment to the highest standards of excellence.

Meet Dr. Burk’s Team at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery

The team at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery, led by Dr. Robert Burk, comprises highly skilled professionals including surgeons, nurse practitioners, and aestheticians. These experts, such as Dr. Hollie Hickman, Dr. Erez Sternberg, Dr. Christopher Bates, and Ashley Michaux, APRN, contribute to the center’s commitment to providing top-notch plastic and cosmetic services.

Each team member brings unique expertise and dedication, ensuring comprehensive and personalized care for every patient.

Dr. Robert Burk’s Plastic Surgery Specialty Areas

Dr. Robert Burk, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Northeast Florida, specializes in a variety of plastic and reconstructive surgeries with a commitment to delivering aesthetic enhancements that emphasize natural and balanced results. His practice areas intricately blend the art and science of plastic surgery to address individual patient needs.

In the realm of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Burk is known for his expertise in:

  • Facial procedures: Maximizing symmetry and harmony, he offers facelifts, eyelid surgeries, and nose reshaping.
  • Breast surgery: Dr. Burk provides augmentation, lift, reduction, and reconstructive techniques post-mastectomy.
  • Body contouring: He performs surgeries like liposuction and tummy tucks to refine and sculpt the figure.

For those seeking reconstructive surgery, Dr. Burk applies his skills to restore form and function following trauma, illness, or congenital anomalies. His extensive experience ensures that aesthetic considerations are integrated into the reconstructive process for holistic patient care.

At Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery, Dr. Burk is renowned for fostering a warm and professional environment where patients feel supported throughout their surgical journey. His approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the unique physical and emotional considerations that accompany a decision to undergo plastic surgery.

Comprehensive Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Procedures Offered at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery

Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery offers a comprehensive range of procedures, categorized into body, face, breast, skin, and non-surgical treatments. Specific procedures include liposuction, tummy tucks, facelifts, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and various laser treatments. 

They also offer injectables like BOTOX and dermal fillers. For a complete list of services, please visit Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery’s website.

Preparing for Your Surgical or Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedure

Prior to undergoing any cosmetic procedure, whether surgical or non-surgical, patients at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery are provided with detailed preparation guidelines to ensure their safety and optimize results. 

The clinic emphasizes the importance of understanding the intricacies involved in procedures such as facelifts, liposuction, or Botox injections. Patients receive comprehensive consultations to discuss their objectives, the steps of the chosen procedure, potential risks, and the expected outcomes. For more information on procedure preparation, explore Jacksonville FL Surgery details.

Post-Operative Surgery Care and Patient Support

After surgery, patient care and support are paramount at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery. The facility’s dedicated staff provides attentive follow-up care, including managing any discomfort, monitoring the recovery process, and ensuring proper healing. 

They prioritize the patient’s health and satisfaction by offering a robust support system, addressing all concerns, and guiding them through the post-operative phase towards successful recovery. Detailed post-operative care information can be found on Dr. Robert Burk’s profile.

Jacksonville Plastic Surgery Costs, Insurance, Financing Options Available

Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery provides clarity on the costs associated with plastic and cosmetic surgery. They help patients navigate payment options including insurance coverage details and any available financing plans. 

The financial team at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery is dedicated to offering solutions that make cosmetic enhancements accessible. They work with patients to determine if insurance can cover part of the surgery costs and to structure payment plans that fit individual financial situations.

Dr. Robert Burk Reviews and Ratings (Google, Facebook, RealSelf)

Dr. Robert Burk has garnered patient testimonials and online reviews which reflect his reputation in the field of plastic surgery.

Google Reviews for Dr. Robert Burk – 123 Reviews / 4.9 Star Rating

Patients seeking insights into the quality of care provided by Dr. Robert Burk often turn to Google Reviews. These reviews typically include ratings and detailed accounts of personal experiences with his plastic surgery procedures. Prospective patients might find it useful to consider this collective feedback.

Dr. Robert Burk RealSelf Reviews – 4.6 Stars from 9 Patient Reviews

Over at RealSelf, Dr. Robert Burk is featured with reviews that focus specifically on his work within the realm of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Patient satisfaction and outcomes are highlighted here, with individuals often sharing before-and-after situations, emphasizing the changes attributed to Dr. Burk’s expertise. Each review contributes to an overall picture of his professional standing and patient care philosophy.

For those interested in further exploring Dr. Burk’s patient ratings and reviews in plastic surgery, you can find additional information through patient testimonials on platforms like RealSelf and comprehensive feedback in Google Reviews about plastic surgeons in the Jacksonville, FL area.

Connect and Follow Dr. Burk Online on Social Media

Engaging with Dr. Robert Burk’s online presence provides an opportunity for individuals to connect with the surgeon and learn more about plastic surgery in Florida. Whether you are looking for updates, post-procedure care tips, or insights into cosmetic enhancements, Dr. Burk’s social media channels are a resource for patients and those interested in the field.


On Instagram, visuals of successful surgeries and patient transformations highlight Dr. Burk’s expertise. Follow Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery’s Instagram for a closer look at before-and-after photos and the latest advancements in aesthetic procedures.


Dr. Burk and his practice have a robust presence on Facebook, where they share updates on services and connect with the community. The team at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery keeps followers informed about the latest trends in plastic surgery and skin care.


LinkedIn is the platform to follow Dr. Burk’s professional journey and achievements. By connecting with him on LinkedIn, one can stay informed about his contributions to plastic surgery in Northeast Florida and beyond, as well as opportunities for collaboration and learning.


Dr. Burk’s YouTube channel could potentially serve as a repository for educational content, featuring detailed explanations of procedures, technology used in plastic surgery, and patient testimonials, providing a comprehensive view of his practice.

X (formerly Twitter)

By following Dr. Burk across these various platforms, individuals can gain a better understanding of his work and the procedures offered at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery. This modern way of interaction allows for a deeper connection between surgeon and patient, fostering a community of those passionate about aesthetic enhancement and well-being.

Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery Location and Contact Information

Here is the full address, contact information, and driving directions to Dr. Burk’s office.

Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery
11512 Lake Mead Ave UNIT 513
Jacksonville, Florida 32256

Call Dr. Burk’s office:

Visit the Official Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery Website:

Dr. Burk’s Google My Business (GMB) Map Profile

Visit the Google My Business GMB Profile for Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery, Dr. Robert Burk’s practice.

Directions to Their Jacksonville Plastic Surgery Office

Driving Directions to Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery’s Location can be found on Google Maps.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Burk

For those considering plastic surgery, scheduling a consultation with Dr. Burk can be done through Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery’s contact page. Here, potential patients can request a personalized consultation to discuss their needs.

What to Expect During Your Consultation with Dr. Burk

During the consultation, Dr. Burk will address any questions and outline the most suitable procedures. Patients will learn about their options and receive information tailored to their surgical goals, ensuring they are well informed before choosing to proceed.

Conclusion and Summary of Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery and Dr. Robert Burk Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville, Florida

Dr. Robert W. Burk III operates at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery, manifesting a vision for balanced body aesthetics through his work in plastic surgery. In Jacksonville, Florida, his services are well-regarded as patients trust him for both cosmetic procedures and reconstructive surgeries. With over three decades of medical experience, Dr. Burk’s craftsmanship is underpinned by a deep commitment to patient satisfaction and safety.

At Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery, patients receive comprehensive care, with procedures ranging from facial rejuvenation to body contouring. The clinic’s affiliation with several hospitals in the area. The American Board of Plastic Surgery recognizes Dr. Burk, further solidifying the clinic’s esteemed reputation.

Florida’s scenic Northeast boasts Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery as a beacon for those seeking enhancements or restorative procedures. The team, led by Dr. Burk, lays out a path to desired outcomes through personalized treatment plans. For insights and updates on the latest trends and techniques in this field, their Blog offers valuable information.

Renowned for his expertise, Dr. Burk received his medical degree from Duke University School of Medicine, which laid a foundation for a career built upon rigorous standards and innovative practices. Patients opting for Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery not only step into an environment equipped with state-of-the-art facilities but also into the capable hands of professionals dedicated to artistry and excellence in plastic surgery.

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