Meet Dr. Etai Funk of Funk Facial Plastic Surgery in Houston, Texas

Dr. Etai Funk, the founder of Funk Facial Plastic Surgery in Houston, Texas, is a highly accomplished and award-winning facial plastic surgeon. His exceptional expertise is evident in his dedication to achieving the most aesthetic, natural, and pleasing results for his patients. Dr. Funk’s commitment to excellence in facial plastic surgery is underlined by his numerous top honors and awards in the field. 

Key Insights of Dr. Etai Funk and Funk Facial Plastic Surgery:

  • Dr. Funk is deeply rooted in Houston, having completed his medical education and residency in the city.
  • He holds an impressive double board certification in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery.
  • His training includes a prestigious fellowship focused on rhinoplasty and cosmetic facial surgery.
  • Dr. Funk has received the highest score in the nation on the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery exam.
  • He is multilingual, offering services in both English and Spanish.

As a dedicated professional, Dr. Funk’s journey in medicine began with his education at Tulane University, followed by medical school at the University of Texas at Houston. He graduated in the top percentile of his class, receiving multiple outstanding student awards. His extensive training includes a residency at Baylor College of Medicine and a coveted fellowship under Dr. Peter A. Adamson in Toronto.

Throughout his career, Dr. Funk has been actively involved in clinical research and education, contributing to the field through numerous publications and presentations at national medical conventions. His professional affiliations further underscore his commitment to maintaining the highest standards in patient care and safety.

For more detailed insights into Dr. Funk’s professional journey and his approach to facial plastic surgery, visit Funk Facial Plastic Surgery.

Why Choose Dr. Funk for Your Plastic Surgery Needs?

Choosing Dr. Etai Funk for your plastic surgery needs means entrusting your care to a highly skilled and renowned facial plastic surgeon. His practice, Funk Facial Plastic Surgery, stands out for several key reasons:

  • Expertise and Specialization: Dr. Funk’s focus on facial plastic surgery ensures that he brings a deep and nuanced understanding to each procedure. His specialization in this area translates into refined skills and a keen aesthetic eye, vital for procedures such as rhinoplasty, facelifts, and eyelid surgeries.
  • Comprehensive Training and Education: His education journey, starting from Tulane University through the University of Texas at Houston Medical School, followed by a prestigious fellowship in Toronto, highlights his comprehensive training. This background provides him with a solid foundation in both the technical and artistic aspects of facial plastic surgery.
  • Double Board Certification: Being double board-certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, Dr. Funk meets and exceeds the rigorous standards set by these governing bodies. This certification is a testament to his commitment to excellence in his field.
  • Recognition and Awards: Dr. Funk’s achievements, including the highest score nationally on the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery exam and receiving numerous awards, speak to his expertise and dedication to his craft.
  • Patient-Centric Approach: His approach to patient care focuses on achieving natural and aesthetically pleasing results, tailored to the individual needs and goals of each patient. This personalized approach is central to his philosophy of patient care.
  • Multilingual Services: Offering services in both English and Spanish, Dr. Funk ensures effective communication with a broader patient base, enhancing the patient experience and understanding.

For more information on Dr. Funk’s qualifications and approach to facial plastic surgery, visit Dr. Etai Funk’s professional profile. His expertise and dedication to patient satisfaction make him a top choice for those seeking quality facial plastic surgery in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Etai Funk’s Background and Expertise

Education and Medical Training of Dr. Funk

Dr. Etai Funk’s educational background and medical training are foundational to his expertise in facial plastic surgery. His academic journey began at Tulane University, where his academic excellence was consistently recognized on the Dean’s Honor List. This strong undergraduate performance paved the way for his medical studies.

He then pursued his medical degree at the University of Texas at Houston Medical School. His time there was marked by notable academic achievements, including his election to the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society as a junior medical student. Graduating in the top one percent of his class, Dr. Funk was honored with several Outstanding Student Awards, highlighting his proficiency in key medical areas.

Following his medical degree, Dr. Funk embarked on his surgical training. He completed his general surgery internship and then underwent residency in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. During his residency, he received awards like the J. Charles Dickson Resident Clinical Research Award, underscoring his commitment to both clinical excellence and research.

The culmination of Dr. Funk’s training was a prestigious fellowship in Toronto, focusing on rhinoplasty and cosmetic facial surgery. This fellowship was instrumental in refining his surgical techniques and enhancing his aesthetic sensibilities, crucial for a successful career in facial plastic surgery.

Dr. Funk’s Board Certifications

Dr. Etai Funk’s Education and Medical Training is a cornerstone of his proficiency as a facial plastic surgeon. His medical journey began at the University of Texas – Houston Health Science Center, where he pursued his medical degree. Post-graduation, Dr. Funk engaged in a General Surgery internship at the Department of Surgery, Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.

He further specialized in Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery through a residency at the Bobby R. Alford Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, Baylor College of Medicine. His dedication to facial plastic surgery was further honed during his Fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Toronto under Dr. Peter A. Adamson.

In addition to his educational achievements, Dr. Funk’s commitment to his field is reflected in his active participation in various Professional Societies. He holds positions in the Texas Medical Association, Harris County Medical Society, American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and several other esteemed organizations.

Dr. Funk’s educational path and medical training, combined with his professional involvement, have equipped him with a deep understanding and skill in facial plastic surgery, underscoring why he is a trusted choice for patients seeking aesthetic enhancement.

Professional Affiliations

Dr. Etai Funk’s Professional Affiliations reflect his commitment to maintaining the highest standards in the field of facial plastic surgery. He is actively involved in several esteemed medical organizations, underlining his dedication to continual learning and contribution to the medical community.

His affiliations include memberships in the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery. These memberships indicate his ongoing commitment to stay at the forefront of advancements in facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology.

Dr. Funk holds a significant role as a delegate to the Texas Medical Association and serves as Secretary-Treasurer for the Harris County Medical Society Central Branch. His involvement in these societies demonstrates his leadership and active participation in shaping the future of medical practice in his field. 

Through these professional affiliations, Dr. Funk ensures that he remains up-to-date with the latest techniques and research, guaranteeing the highest level of care and expertise for his patients.

Notable Accomplishments and Awards Dr. Funk Has Received

Dr. Etai Funk’s list of Notable Accomplishments and Awards is a testament to his expertise and dedication in the field of facial plastic surgery. He has been recognized as one of Houston’s top surgeons in rhinoplasty, facelift, and eyelid surgeries. Among his distinguished awards are:

  • The Doctor’s Choice Award for Otolaryngology and Cosmetic/Reconstructive Surgery from Health and Fitness Magazine of Houston.
  • The ABFPRS Jack R. Anderson Award for achieving the highest national score on the facial plastic and reconstructive board exam.
  • The J. Charles Dickson Resident Clinical Research Award.

These awards highlight not only his surgical skill but also his contribution to clinical research and medical education. Dr. Funk’s accolades demonstrate his commitment to excellence in both patient care and the advancement of his field.

Introduction to Funk Facial Plastic Surgery in Houston, Texas (TX)

Funk Facial Plastic Surgery in Houston, Texas, established by Dr. Etai Funk, is a premier destination for those seeking expert care in facial plastic surgery. Dr. Funk, a top doctor in Houston, specializes in rhinoplasty, septoplasty, facelifts, and blepharoplasty for both cosmetic and functional purposes. These procedures rank among the most commonly performed at his clinic.

Dr. Funk’s approach is centered on delivering natural, aesthetic results to enhance youthfulness and beauty, with a focus on long-term outcomes and minimal downtime. His fluency in both English and Spanish allows him to cater to a diverse patient base in Houston and its surrounding areas like Katy, Memorial City, and The Woodlands.

Patients choose Funk Facial Plastic Surgery for Dr. Funk’s recognized expertise, as evidenced by multiple accolades from prestigious organizations. His commitment to patient satisfaction and high-quality care makes his clinic a top choice for those seeking facial plastic surgery in Texas.

The Philosophy of Funk Facial Plastic Surgery and Dr. Funk

The philosophy of Funk Facial Plastic Surgery, led by Dr. Etai Funk, is grounded in a commitment to providing natural and aesthetically pleasing results for patients. Dr. Funk’s approach is focused on enhancing the inherent beauty of each individual, aiming for outcomes that are not only visually appealing but also harmonious with the patient’s overall appearance.

This patient-centric philosophy ensures that every procedure, from rhinoplasty to facelifts, is tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each patient, reflecting a blend of artistry, precision, and advanced surgical techniques. Dr. Funk’s dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes for his patients, with minimal downtime, is very important to his practice.

Meet Dr. Funk’s Team at Funk Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Funk’s practice is supported by a team of professionals who share his commitment to excellence in facial plastic surgery. This team likely includes skilled medical practitioners, knowledgeable administrative staff, and dedicated patient care specialists, all working together to provide the highest level of care.

Each member of Dr. Funk’s team plays a vital role in ensuring that every patient’s experience is comfortable, informed, and meets the highest standards of medical care and customer service.

Dr. Etai Funk’s Plastic Surgery Specialty Areas

Dr. Etai Funk’s Plastic Surgery Specialty Areas at Funk Facial Plastic Surgery encompass a wide range of both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Here is a summary of the procedures listed on their website:

Surgical Procedures:

  • Nose:
    • Rhinoplasty, including Bulbous Tip, Crooked Nose, and specific processes for rhinoplasty.
    • Revision Rhinoplasty.
    • Ethnic Rhinoplasty, such as Asian and African American Rhinoplasty.
    • Male and Teen Rhinoplasty.
    • Septoplasty and Sinus Surgery, including Turbinate Reduction.
  • Face:
    • Facelift, including the specific facelift process.
    • Mini Facelift.
    • Neck Lifts.
    • Facial Implants, including Cheek and Chin Implants.
    • Forehead & Brow Lifts.
    • Neck Liposuction.
  • Eyelid Surgery:
    • Lower and Upper Eyelid Surgery.
    • Detailed Eyelid Surgery process.
  • Ears:
    • Otoplasty.
    • Earlobe Reduction.
    • Earlobe Repair.
  • Reconstructive:
    • Scar Revision.
    • Facial Reconstruction.
    • Facial Trauma.

Non-surgical procedures are also offered at Funk Facial Plastic Surgery, providing a comprehensive range of options for those seeking facial aesthetic enhancements. These typically include treatments like facial fillers, Botox, and non-surgical rhinoplasty, among others, aligning with Dr. Funk’s expertise in facial aesthetics.

Comprehensive Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Procedures Offered at Funk Facial Plastic Surgery 

At Funk Facial Plastic Surgery, the range of comprehensive plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures offered is diverse and extensive, catering to various aesthetic needs. These procedures are meticulously performed under the skilled guidance of Dr. Etai Funk and his team.

Surgical Procedures:

  • Nose:
    • Rhinoplasty (including Bulbous Tip, Crooked Nose)
    • Revision Rhinoplasty
    • Ethnic Rhinoplasty (including Asian and African American Rhinoplasty)
    • Male Rhinoplasty
    • Teen Rhinoplasty
    • Septoplasty
    • Sinus Surgery (including Turbinate Reduction)

Non-Surgical Procedures:

  • Facial Fillers
  • Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty
  • Botox & Dysport
  • Lip Augmentation
  • RF Micro-Needling
  • Facial Resurfacing
  • Prolonging Botox & Fillers
  • Kybella Chin Injections
  • Topical Skin Care

These procedures, whether surgical or non-surgical, are performed with precision and care, ensuring that each patient receives a tailored approach that aligns with their individual goals and expectations. Dr. Funk’s expertise in facial aesthetics is evident in the breadth and depth of services offered, aimed at enhancing and rejuvenating the appearance while maintaining natural and harmonious results.

Patients seeking plastic surgery or cosmetic enhancements at Funk Facial Plastic Surgery can expect high-quality care, advanced techniques, and a commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes.

Preparing for Your Surgical or Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedure

Preparing for a surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedure at Funk Facial Plastic Surgery involves several key steps to ensure that you are well-informed and ready for the experience. While specific preparation details might vary depending on the procedure, here are some general guidelines:

  1. Consultation: Your journey starts with a detailed consultation to discuss your goals, expectations, and any concerns. This is an opportunity to ask questions and understand the specifics of your chosen procedure.
  2. Medical History Review: Providing a complete medical history, including any medications, allergies, and previous surgeries, is crucial for your safety and the success of the procedure.
  3. Procedure-Specific Instructions: Depending on whether you are undergoing a surgical or non-surgical procedure, you will receive specific instructions. These may include guidelines on eating and drinking, medication adjustments, and what to bring on the day of the procedure.
  4. Recovery Planning: Understanding the recovery process is essential. This includes information on post-procedure care, potential side effects, and the expected recovery timeline.
  5. Financial Arrangements: Funk Facial Plastic Surgery accepts various payment methods and offers financing options through CareCredit for cosmetic procedures. It’s important to understand and arrange the financial aspects beforehand.

Each patient at Funk Facial Plastic Surgery receives personalized care and attention throughout the preparation process, ensuring a comfortable and informed experience.

Post-Operative Surgery Care and Patient Support

At Funk Facial Plastic Surgery, the commitment to patient care extends beyond the operating room. Post-operative surgery care and patient support are integral aspects of the practice, ensuring that each patient’s journey towards recovery is smooth and well-supported.

Post-Operative Care: Following surgery, patients receive detailed care instructions tailored to their specific procedure. This may include guidance on managing discomfort, wound care, medication protocols, and activity restrictions to promote healing.

Patient Support: The clinic’s team is available to answer any queries and provide support throughout the recovery process. Regular follow-up appointments are scheduled to monitor healing progress and address any concerns.

The emphasis at Funk Facial Plastic Surgery is on providing comprehensive care before, during, and after the procedure, ensuring that all patients feel well taken care of and supported every step of the way.

Houston Plastic Surgery Costs, Insurance, Financing Options Available

Understanding the costs associated with plastic surgery is an important aspect of the decision-making process for patients considering procedures at Funk Facial Plastic Surgery in Houston. 

Cost Considerations: Each patient’s medical situation is unique, and costs can vary depending on several factors, including the type and complexity of the surgery or procedure being performed. 

Insurance Coverage: It’s important to note that insurance may not cover cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures, except under specific conditions. This is because insurance policies vary among carriers. 

Financing Options: For patients requiring financial assistance, Funk Facial Plastic Surgery offers alternative financing options. CareCredit, a popular choice for financing healthcare services, is accepted at the clinic. 

It is always advisable for patients to discuss cost, insurance, and financing options with the clinic staff, who can provide detailed information based on the individual’s specific circumstances.

Dr. Etai Funk Reviews and Ratings (Google, Facebook, RealSelf)

Google Reviews for Dr. Etai Funk – 373 Reviews / 4.8 Star Rating

Dr. Etai Funk’s expertise and patient care at Funk Facial Plastic Surgery are reflected in the impressive feedback he has received online. With 373 Google Reviews, Dr. Funk has earned a remarkable 4.8 Star Rating. This high rating, based on a substantial number of reviews, indicates a consistent level of satisfaction among his patients.

These reviews often highlight the quality of care, professionalism, and the positive outcomes of the surgeries and treatments conducted by Dr. Funk and his team. For prospective patients, these reviews can be a valuable source of information and reassurance. To read these patient experiences and feedback, you can explore the Google Reviews about Dr. Funk and his practice.

Dr. Etai Funk RealSelf Reviews – 4.7 Stars from 145 Patient Reviews

In addition to the Google Reviews, Dr. Etai Funk also has a strong presence on RealSelf, a well-known platform for patient reviews and information on cosmetic procedures. He has garnered 145 RealSelf Reviews, achieving a 4.7 Star Rating. This rating, based on a considerable number of reviews, further reinforces the positive experiences patients have had under Dr. Funk’s care.

These reviews on RealSelf offer prospective patients an additional resource to gain insights into the quality of care and patient satisfaction at Funk Facial Plastic Surgery. For those interested in exploring more patient perspectives, you can Read the RealSelf Reviews about Dr. Funk’s treatments and patient care.

Connect and Follow Dr. Funk Online on Social Media


Dr. Etai Funk extends his professional presence to social media, engaging with a wider audience on platforms like Instagram. His Instagram account, Funk Facial Plastic, offers an insightful look into his practice. Followers can expect to see a range of content, from educational posts about facial plastic surgery to before-and-after photos showcasing transformative results.


Dr. Etai Funk also maintains an active presence on Facebook, providing another platform for engagement and connection. His Facebook page, Funk Facial Plastic Surgery, serves as a hub for sharing information about his services, patient testimonials, and educational content related to facial plastic surgery. It’s a valuable resource for those looking to learn more about cosmetic procedures, get updates on the latest advancements in the field, and engage directly with the clinic.


For those interested in the professional aspect of Dr. Etai Funk’s practice, LinkedIn is another valuable platform for connection. However, as of now, it appears that Dr. Funk does not have a LinkedIn profile dedicated to his practice.

X (formerly Twitter)

Dr. Etai Funk extends his online presence to X (formerly known as Twitter), providing another platform for engagement with patients and those interested in facial plastic surgery. On his X profile, EtaiFunkMDFACS, followers can find updates, insights, and information related to his practice.


​​Dr. Etai Funk also engages with an audience on YouTube, offering a more visual and in-depth perspective on facial plastic surgery. On his YouTube channel, Funk Facial Plastics, viewers can access a variety of videos that provide valuable insights into his practice. This includes procedural explanations, patient testimonials, and educational content about various aspects of facial plastic surgery.

It’s a great resource for those wanting to learn more about specific procedures, understand the surgical process, and witness the transformative results achieved by Dr. Funk and his team.

Funk Facial Plastic Surgery Location and Contact Information

Here is the full address, contact information, and driving directions to Dr. Funk’s office.

Funk Facial Plastic Surgery
952 Echo Ln #140
Houston, Texas 77024

Call Dr. Funk’s office:

Visit the Official Funk Facial Plastic Surgery Website:

Dr. Funk’s Google My Business (GMB) Map Profile

Visit the Google My Business GMB Profile for Funk Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Etai Funk’s practice.

Directions to Their Houston Plastic Surgery Office

Driving Directions to Funk Facial Plastic Surgery’s Location can be found on Google Maps.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Funk

For those considering facial plastic surgery and seeking expert consultation, scheduling an appointment with Dr. Etai Funk is a straightforward process. Interested individuals can Contact Dr. Funk’s office to set up a consultation.

During this initial meeting, patients have the opportunity to discuss their aesthetic goals, learn more about potential procedures, and get answers to any questions they may have.

Dr. Funk’s team is dedicated to providing personalized care and detailed information, ensuring that each patient feels informed and comfortable with their treatment plan.

What to Expect During Your Consultation with Dr. Funk

During your consultation with Dr. Etai Funk at Funk Facial Plastic Surgery, you can expect a thorough and professional experience. The consultation will focus on understanding your individual needs and aesthetic goals. Dr. Funk will provide a comprehensive evaluation and discuss various options tailored to your specific requirements. This session is an excellent opportunity to ask questions and express any concerns you may have.

The goal is to ensure you are fully informed and comfortable with the potential procedures and outcomes. Dr. Funk’s approach is patient-centric, emphasizing clear communication and personalized care.

Conclusion and Summary of Funk Facial Plastic Surgery and Dr. Etai Funk Plastic Surgery in Houston, Texas

Funk Facial Plastic Surgery, led by the esteemed Dr. Etai Funk in Houston, Texas, represents the pinnacle of care in facial plastic surgery. Dr. Funk’s expertise, underscored by his extensive education and impressive array of both surgical and non-surgical procedures, ensures that every patient receives personalized and highly skilled care. His approach combines state-of-the-art techniques with a deep understanding of facial aesthetics to deliver natural, pleasing results.

The clinic’s commitment to patient satisfaction is evident from the initial consultation through post-operative care. Dr. Funk and his team provide comprehensive support, ensuring patients are well-informed and comfortable throughout their journey. With a focus on achieving individual aesthetic goals while minimizing downtime, Dr. Funk tailors each treatment plan to the specific needs of his patients.

The positive feedback from hundreds of patients, reflected in high ratings on Google and RealSelf, attests to the exceptional level of care and satisfaction provided at Funk Facial Plastic Surgery. Furthermore, Dr. Funk’s active engagement on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter), along with informative content on YouTube, highlights his commitment to patient education and transparent communication.For those considering facial plastic surgery in Houston, Dr. Etai Funk emerges as a top choice. His dedication to excellence, combined with a compassionate approach to patient care, makes Funk Facial Plastic Surgery a premier destination for those seeking to enhance their appearance with natural and harmonious results. Those interested in exploring the possibilities of facial plastic surgery are encouraged to contact Dr. Funk’s office for a consultation, where they can embark on a transformative journey with one of Houston’s most revered facial plastic surgeons.

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