Meet Dr. Anil Kashyap of Mia Aesthetics in Austin, Texas

Dr. Anil Kashyap is a respected member of the Mia Aesthetics team, sharing his expertise in plastic surgery with residents of Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. With a unique background that includes an advanced degree in Immunology and a doctorate in dental surgery, Dr. Kashyap extends a comprehensive approach to aesthetic procedures, emphasizing patient care and meticulous attention to detail. 

His dedication to head and neck reconstruction reflects his commitment to restoring both function and appearance, which is fundamental in all his work.

Mia Aesthetics’ clinic in Austin stands as a testament to the company’s vision of combining beauty and affordability. The clinic prides itself on offering a wide array of cosmetic procedures, ensuring that patients receive high-quality care without compromising on cost-effectiveness. 

From popular options like the Brazilian butt lift to personalized mommy makeovers, the team at Mia Aesthetics, led by surgeons like Dr. Kashyap, is equipped to meet diverse plastic surgery needs. Dr. Kashyap’s specialties contribute significantly to the clinic’s reputation for sterling service and patient satisfaction.

Patients seeking plastic surgery in Austin can turn to Dr. Kashyap for a variety of needs. His training and practice encompass a broad spectrum of plastic and reconstructive procedures, and his work has garnered positive reviews from patients who appreciate his skill as well as his caring demeanor. The dedication of Dr. Kashyap and the support of Mia Aesthetics ensures a supportive environment for patients throughout their aesthetic journey.

Key Insights of Dr. Anil Kashyap of Mia Aesthetics

  • Dr. Anil Kashyap’s diverse medical background enriches the plastic surgery options available at Mia Aesthetics.
  • The Mia Aesthetics clinic in Austin offers a range of affordable cosmetic procedures maintaining high-quality care.
  • Positive patient reviews highlight Dr. Kashyap’s expertise and compassionate approach to plastic surgery.

Why Choose Dr. Kashyap for Your Plastic Surgery Needs?

Dr. Anil Kashyap, a board-certified plastic surgeon at Mia Aesthetics in Austin, Texas, has a unique medical journey that contributes to his expertise in the field. His career began with a master’s degree in Immunology, followed by a doctorate in dental surgery. He furthered his training in head and neck reconstruction and then earned his medical degree, specializing in general surgery and plastic and reconstructive surgery. He completed a fellowship in reconstructive breast microsurgery at Johns Hopkins University in 2014.

Dr. Kashyap is particularly renowned for his work in reconstructive breast surgery for cancer patients and is credited with performing the first lymphatic surgery in Oklahoma. Before joining Mia Aesthetics, he was an assistant professor at the University of Oklahoma, inspiring students to pursue surgery. In his personal life, Dr. Kashyap enjoys cooking, riding his motorcycle, and indulging in EDM music and TV series like “Parks and Recreation” and “Stranger Things.” He appreciates Austin’s unique culture and is committed to treating all patients equally, believing in performing surgery only with the utmost confidence.

For more information, visit Dr. Anil Kashyap’s bio.

Dr. Anil Kashyap’s Background and Expertise

Education and Medical Training of Dr. Kashyap

  • Undergraduate & Research: Doctor Kashyap embarked on his medical career with a robust foundation in research, obtaining a master’s degree in Immunology.
  • Dental & Medical School: Following his passion for surgery, he received a doctorate degree in dental surgery then continued his schooling and earned his medical degree, trained in general surgery.
  • Advanced Training: Completing his education, Dr. Kashyap pursued further specialization in head and neck reconstruction, which complements his work in plastic surgery.

Dr. Kashyap’s Board Certifications

Dr. Kashyap is a board-certified plastic surgeon, affirming his expertise and commitment to maintaining the highest standard of practice in the plastic surgery field. This certification indicates rigorous training and a dedication to continuing education.

Professional Affiliations

He has established professional ties with various medical institutes. Most notably, he is a fellow with Johns Hopkins University, signifying his involvement in key medical communities.

Notable Accomplishments and Awards Dr. Kashyap Has Received

Dr. Kashyap’s excellence in the field of plastic surgery has been recognized by peers and institutions alike, highlighting his dedication to patient care and medical innovation.

Throughout his career, Dr. Kashyap has adhered to a patient-centric approach, ensuring that his surgical expertise translates into compassionate and effective care for all his patients. His work in cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery at Mia Aesthetics combines the latest techniques with an individualized approach.

Introduction to Mia Aesthetics in Austin, Texas (TX)

Mia Aesthetics Austin, located in Texas, offers top-tier plastic surgery services. The facility boasts modern medical technology and a highly experienced team of surgeons, ensuring safe and positive surgical experiences. Procedures available include tummy tucks, Brazilian butt lifts, and mommy makeovers, with a focus on affordability without compromising quality. The clinic is known for its efficient operations, providing competitive pricing and comprehensive care, including online consultations and post-operative assistance.

The Philosophy of Mia Aesthetics and Dr. Kashyap

Mia Aesthetics Austin follows a patient-centered philosophy that focuses on tailoring each procedure to the individuals’ unique goals and making plastic surgery accessible to a broader audience. 

This approach is spearheaded by the expertise of Dr. Anil Kashyap, who blends scientific rigor with an artistic touch to achieve optimal results for patients. His extensive training and patient-first mindset stand at the core of the clinic’s philosophy.

Meet Dr. Kashyap’s Team at Mia Aesthetics

Mia Aesthetics Austin, Dr. Kashyap is supported by a skilled and dedicated team. This team plays a crucial role in ensuring that each patient receives comprehensive and personalized care. They are instrumental in creating a welcoming and supportive environment, assisting with various stages of the surgical process, from initial consultations to post-operative care. This collaborative effort ensures the highest standard of service and patient satisfaction.

Dr. Anil Kashyap’s Plastic Surgery Specialty Areas

Dr. Anil Kashyap is a renowned figure within the Mia Aesthetics Plastic Surgeons community. His expertise spans a range of specialty areas in plastic surgery, distinguishing him as a versatile and skilled practitioner. It includes:

  • Reconstructive breast surgery, particularly for cancer patients.
  • First in Oklahoma to perform a lymphatic surgery.
  • Expertise in head and neck reconstruction.

His dedicated work is supported by a background in General Dentistry and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, adding depth to his surgical capabilities. These intersect with his plastic surgery practices by providing comprehensive facial aesthetic and reconstruction services.

Dr. Kashyap’s commitment to patient care and surgical excellence makes him an asset to both his patients and the plastic surgery field. With his affiliation to esteemed medical facilities and a talent for multi-lingual communication, he delivers his services with a friendly touch, focusing on patient comfort and satisfaction.

Comprehensive Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Procedures Offered at Mia Aesthetics

Mia Aesthetics offers a range of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, organized into categories. These include:

  • Body Procedures: Brazilian Butt Lift, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Mommy Makeover, Arm Lift, Thigh Lift, Vaginal Rejuvenation.
  • Breast Procedures: Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Breast Lift, Male Breast Reduction.
  • Facial Procedures: Brow Lift, Buccal Fat Removal, Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Lift), Facelift, Neck Lift, Otoplasty (Ear Pinning), Rhinoplasty (Nose Job).

Preparing for Your Surgical or Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedure

Patients at Mia Aesthetics can expect thorough guidance in preparing for plastic surgery or non-surgical cosmetic procedures. It begins with a comprehensive evaluation of health history and goals, followed by a Free Virtual Consultation to discuss available options.

 Preparing for surgery at Mia Aesthetics involves personalized advice on necessary pre-operative steps, ensuring optimal outcomes for procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, and facial rejuvenation.

Post-Operative Surgery Care and Patient Support

After undergoing surgery, patients receive detailed post-operative care instructions, emphasizing the importance of follow-up visits and proper wound care. The patient support at Mia Aesthetics includes regular check-ins and availability of medical staff to address any concerns during the recovery process. This attention to post-operative care ensures that the patients experience a smooth and comfortable recovery journey.

Austin Plastic Surgery Costs, Insurance, Financing Options Available

The cost of plastic surgery in Austin is made transparent and accessible with clear pricing and available financing options. While most cosmetic surgeries are not covered by insurance plans, Mia Aesthetics provides patients with financing solutions to accommodate their budgets. Interested candidates can learn more about their options, including details about applicable insurance for reconstructive surgery, during their initial consultation.

Dr. Anil Kashyap Reviews and Ratings (Google, Facebook, RealSelf)

When researching for a skilled plastic surgeon, patient reviews and ratings are invaluable resources. Dr. Anil Kashyap has received attention on various platforms, and here we focus specifically on Google and RealSelf.

Google Reviews for Dr. Anil Kashyap – 565 Reviews / 4.0 Star Rating

Dr. Anil Kashyap has been rated highly by patients on Google, boasting a 4.0-star rating from 565 reviews. This impressive statistic reflects the satisfaction of the patients after their surgical procedures, underscoring the positive experiences many have shared. 

Patients frequently mention Dr. Kashyap’s professionalism, the caring nature of his practice, and their satisfaction with the surgical outcomes. To read the detailed patient stories that contribute to Dr. Kashyap’s stellar rating, visiting the review section on Google is recommended.

Dr. Anil Kashyap RealSelf Reviews – 2.6 Stars from 5 Patient Reviews

On RealSelf, a dedicated platform for cosmetic surgery reviews, Dr. Anil Kashyap has a different standing, with a rating of 2.6 stars from 5 patient reviews. This rating indicates varied patient experiences. Some patients have faced challenges or had expectations that were not met, showcasing the importance of individual circumstances and perspectives in patient satisfaction. 

It is crucial for prospective patients to consider a wide range of reviews to form a balanced view of their potential surgery experience with Dr. Kashyap, and the patient experiences shared on RealSelf are a valuable part of this research.

Connect And Follow Dr. Kashyap Online On Social Media

Dr. Anil Kashyap, a well-regarded plastic surgeon from Mia Aesthetics Austin, has a robust online presence, allowing patients and prospective clients to follow his work, interact with him, and stay updated with recent developments in cosmetic surgery. Through various social media platforms, followers can connect with Dr. Kashyap, get insights into his plastic surgery practice, view patient reviews, ask questions, and witness surgery updates firsthand.


With an impressive following, Dr. Kashyap’s Instagram is a visual repository of his surgeries’ before-and-after shots, patient testimonials, and live interactions. To see Dr. Kashyap’s latest updates and engage with his posts, you can follow Mia Aesthetics Austin Instagram.


Dr. Kashyap communicates with his audience on Facebook, where Mia Aesthetics shares updates about procedures and offers a platform for patient reviews and discussions. You can become part of this interactive community at Mia Aesthetics’ Facebook page.


On LinkedIn, professionals and patients alike can connect with Mia Aesthetics, gaining insight into the company’s ethos and services. They boast a growing network of followers interested in the cosmetic surgery field. Discover more about Mia Aesthetics on LinkedIn.

X (Formerly Twitter)

Dr. Kashyap’s does not have presence on X (formerly known as Twitter), with Mia Aesthetics shares updates on Twitter and serves as a space for real-time updates and answers to patient questions.


For more comprehensive and detailed views of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Kashyap can be followed on YouTube where Mia Aesthetics posts informative videos, which include surgical process walkthroughs. Learn and explore various plastic surgery procedures on YouTube with Mia Aesthetics.

Mia Aesthetics Location and Contact Information

Here is the full address, contact information, and driving directions to Dr.Kashyap’s office.

Mia Aesthetics
6929 Airport Blvd #103
Austin, Texas 78752

Call Dr. Kashyap’s office:

Visit the Official Mia Aesthetics Website:

Dr. Kashyap’s Google My Business (GMB) Map Profile

Visit the Google My Business GMB Profile for Mia Aesthetics, Dr. Anil Kashyap’s practice.

Directions to Their Austin Plastic Surgery Office

Driving Directions to Mia Aesthetics’s Location can be found on Google Maps.

Schedule A Consultation With Dr. Kashyap

Patients looking to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kashyap can easily do so. With Free Virtual Consultation, the process is streamlined and patient-friendly. It offers flexibility for those with busy schedules or for patients who prefer to consult remotely before an in-person appointment.

What To Expect During Your Consultation With Dr. Kashyap

During a consultation, patients can expect to discuss their plastic surgery goals and options with Dr. Kashyap. The well-trained staff is ready to answer questions and provide general information to ensure that patients feel informed and comfortable with the planned procedures. It is an opportunity to address any concerns and ensure that all patient expectations are clearly understood.

Conclusion And Summary Of Mia Aesthetics And Dr. Anil Kashyap Plastic Surgery In Austin, Texas

Mia Aesthetics is known for its commitment to patient care and the advancement of the medical field, particularly in plastic surgery. In Austin, TX, Dr. Anil Kashyap stands out within the Mia Aesthetics team, bringing with him both expertise and a caring approach. 

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, he has a multifaceted medical background that includes a master’s degree in Immunology, a doctorate in dental surgery, and extensive training in reconstructive surgery.

Patients seeking cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in Austin can find a combination of advanced medical knowledge and compassionate care under the guidance of Dr. Kasahyap at Mia Aesthetics. 

With an emphasis on safety and personalized results, his approach to surgery aims at enhancing both the aesthetic and functional outcomes. His reputation is complemented by patient reviews about Anil Kashyap, providing insights into their experiences under his care.

Mia Aesthetics stands as a modern facility where patients can receive a broad spectrum of cosmetic surgeries. Dr. Kashyap specializes in transformative procedures that range from subtle changes to significant reconstructive work. The practice ensures that all procedures, whether for beauty enhancement or restorative purposes, are carried out with the utmost precision and care, considering the patient’s well-being above all.

Dr. Anil Kashyap’s affiliation with Mia Aesthetics in Austin reflects a synergistic relationship between a skilled surgeon and a top-tier plastic surgery practice, aimed at delivering exemplary results in the sphere of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

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