Top 10 Best Reviewed Plastic Surgeons in Indianapolis, IN

Welcome to the pinnacle of aesthetic achievement, presenting the “Top 10 Awards Best Reviewed Plastic Surgeons in Indianapolis, IN” Nestled in the heart of Indiana, where innovation meets compassion, we embark on an extraordinary journey to honor the top plastic surgeons in Indianapolis. This prestigious list celebrates the skill, artistry, and unwavering dedication of these exceptional professionals.

In a city known for its welcoming spirit and burgeoning medical community, it’s no surprise that Indianapolis boasts some of the most talented plastic surgeons in the region. These surgeons have not only perfected their craft but have also earned the trust and admiration of their patients through their remarkable transformations and personalized care.

Whether you’re considering a cosmetic enhancement or simply intrigued by the leaders in the field, this guide offers a glimpse into the world of the “Top 10 Best Reviewed Plastic Surgeons in Indianapolis, IN.”

1. Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery: 485 Google Reviews

Dr. Mark Hamilton

Dr. Mark M. Hamilton is a highly esteemed figure in the field of facial plastic surgery. With years of specialized training and practice, he has crafted a strong reputation in Indianapolis and beyond. 

At Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Hamilton leads a team dedicated to providing the highest standard of care. His double board certification and consistent recognition by peers as a leading physician highlight his commitment to excellence within the specialty.

Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery operates with a patient-centric philosophy, ensuring that every individual receives personalized and compassionate care. The practice offers a comprehensive range of procedures focusing specifically on the face, such as rhinoplasty, neck lifts, and eyelid surgery, addressing both aesthetic and reconstructive needs. 

Key Takeaways of Dr. Mark M. Hamilton and Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery:

  • Dr. Hamilton is an acclaimed facial plastic surgeon with a patient-focused approach.
  • His practice offers a comprehensive suite of specialized facial procedures.
  • The team’s expertise ensures high standards of care and patient satisfaction.

Learn more about Dr. Mark M. Hamilton, the #1 Best Plastic Surgeon in Indianapolis, based on 485 Google Reviews, as of January 05, 2024.

2. Robey Plastic Surgery: 179 Google Reviews

Dr. Ashley Robey

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Indianapolis, Indiana, Robey Plastic Surgery offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic and plastic surgery solutions tailored to individual needs. 

At the helm is Dr. Ashley Robey, a highly respected plastic surgeon whose commitment to excellence is evident in her compassionate care and the detailed artistry of her work. Her practice is a place where cutting-edge technology meets personalized treatment plans, ensuring that each patient’s experience is as unique as their aesthetic goals.

Dr. Robey, an Indiana native, has established herself as one of the area’s preeminent plastic surgeons. Her extensive training and multiple board certifications reassure patients that they are in skilled hands. 

Key Takeaways of Dr. Ashley Robey and Robey Plastic Surgery:

  • Robey Plastic Surgery, led by Dr. Robey, is recognized for personalized and advanced plastic surgery in Indiana.
  • Dr. Ashley Robey is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a reputation for detailed artistry and a wide array of specialties.
  • Prospective patients can gain valuable insights and information about her practice and procedures through the practice’s informative blog.

Learn more about Dr. Ashley Robey, the #2 Best Plastic Surgeon in Indianapolis, based on 179 Google Reviews, as of January 05, 2024.

3. SHarper Plastic Surgery: 169 Google Reviews

Dr. Stanley Harper

Dr. Stanley Harper, a board-certified plastic surgeon, is known for his precision and dedication to providing exceptional care in the field of plastic surgery. Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, he has established a reputation for excellence in his practice at SHarper Plastic Surgery, located in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Dr. Harper and his team offer a comprehensive array of services, from surgical enhancements to non-surgical aesthetic treatments, ensuring that patients receive personalized care tailored to their individual needs and aesthetic goals.

SHarper Plastic Surgery serves as a center for aesthetic transformation, where patients can explore a broad spectrum of plastic and reconstructive procedures. With an unwavering commitment to patient welfare and aesthetic excellence, the practice has emerged as a trusted name in the domain of plastic surgery within Indiana. 

Key Takeaways of Dr. Stanley Harper and SHarper Plastic Surgery:

  • Dr. Stanley Harper is a board-certified plastic surgeon at SHarper Plastic Surgery in Indianapolis.
  • The practice offers a full spectrum of plastic and reconstructive procedures for personalized patient care.
  • SHarper Plastic Surgery prioritizes patient satisfaction, safety, and access to the latest advancements.

Learn more about Dr. Stanley Harper, the #3 Best Plastic Surgeon in Indianapolis, based on 169 Google Reviews, as of January 05, 2024.

4. My Plastic Surgery Group: 158 Google Reviews

Dr. John Aker

Dr. John Aker contributes a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to My Plastic Surgery Group, located in Indianapolis, Indiana. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, he is renowned for his artistry and meticulous attention to detail, qualities that have allowed him to forge a reputation for excellence in the field of cosmetic surgery. 

Dr. Aker’s specialization in various cosmetic procedures has not only enhanced the lives of his patients but also has brought innovative surgical techniques to the Indianapolis area.

My Plastic Surgery Group stands as a prominent practice where Dr. Aker, alongside his team, offers a comprehensive suite of plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements. The group’s commitment to ethical and compassionate care underlies its longstanding service since 1996. 

Patients seeking transformation through plastic surgery in Indianapolis have repeatedly turned to Dr. Aker for his professionalism and the personalized care that the practice is known for.

Key Takeaways of Dr. John Aker and My Plastic Surgery Group:

  • Dr. Aker is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a reputation for precision and artistry.
  • My Plastic Surgery Group in Indianapolis provides an extensive range of cosmetic procedures.
  • Personalized care and innovative surgical techniques are hallmarks of Dr. Aker’s practice.

Learn more about Dr. John Aker, the #4 Best Plastic Surgeon in Indianapolis, based on 158 Google Reviews, as of January 05, 2024.

5. Turkle & Associates: 152 Google Reviews

Dr. Janet Turkle

Dr. Janet Turkle, highly regarded in Indianapolis and Carmel, Indiana, is a distinguished plastic surgeon who specializes in enhancing patients’ aesthetics. Her medical journey began with aspirations in primary care, but she soon discovered a passion for cosmetic surgery, driven by its significant impact on patient lives. Her emphasis on the doctor-patient relationship parallels its importance in other medical fields.

Key Takeaways of Dr. Janet Turkle and Turkle & Associates:

  • Dually Board-Certified: Dr. Turkle holds certifications from both the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. 
  • Educational Foundation: She is an alumnus of the University of Kansas School of Medicine, with residencies in general and plastic surgery. 
  • Professional Recognition: Accolades include being named a Top Doc in Cosmetic and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Indianapolis. 
  • Patient-Centric Approach: Testimonials highlight her dedication to understanding and fulfilling patient needs and concerns. 
  • Comprehensive Services: Offers a wide range of cosmetic procedures, enhancing both physical appearance and self-confidence. 

Learn more about Dr. Janet Turkle, the #5 Best Plastic Surgeon in Indianapolis, based on 152 Google Reviews, as of January 05, 2024.

6. Zormeier Cosmetic Surgery & Longevity Center: 132 Google Reviews

Dr. Michele Zormeier

Dr. Michele Zormeier is a trusted name in the realm of cosmetic surgery, leading Zormeier Cosmetic Surgery & Longevity Center, with a strong presence across Indiana and California. 

Through her extensive experience and dedicated approach, Dr. Zormeier offers a range of innovative cosmetic and longevity services. The center’s focus on state-of-the-art technology and personalized care provides a comprehensive experience for those seeking to enhance their aesthetics and overall health.

With over two decades of medical expertise, Dr. Zormeier has established a reputation for delivering exceptional results. Her background in facial plastic surgery and her commitment to a friendly patient rapport underline the philosophy of the center: assisting individuals in achieving their desired appearance through meticulous and considerate care.

By integrating cutting-edge techniques in cosmetic surgery with wellness practices aimed at promoting long-term health, the Zormeier Cosmetic Surgery & Longevity Center stands out as a prime choice for individuals looking to invest in their well-being.

Key Takeaways of Dr. Michele Zormeier and Zormeier Cosmetic Surgery & Longevity Center:

  • Dr. Michele Zormeier is an experienced physician specializing in cosmetic surgery and longevity.
  • Zormeier Cosmetic Surgery & Longevity Center prioritizes personalized care with advanced technology.
  • The center offers a holistic approach to enhance both aesthetic appeal and overall health.

Learn more about Dr. Michele Zormeier, the #6 Best Plastic Surgeon in Indianapolis, based on 132 Google Reviews, as of January 05, 2024.

7. Michelle Jones Singer, MD: 123 Google Reviews

Dr. Michelle Singer

Dr. Michelle Singer is at the forefront of cosmetic surgery in Indianapolis, Indiana, bringing over two decades of experience to her practice at Michelle Jones Singer, MD. Her dedication to patient comfort and satisfaction is evident in her comprehensive approach to treatment. 

Offering a variety of procedures, from labiaplasty to vaginal rejuvenation, she ensures that every patient receives individualized care tailored to their specific needs. Her expertise in cosmetic surgery is not just about enhancing physical appearance but also about improving her patients’ overall well-being and self-esteem.

Key Takeaways of Dr. Michelle Singer and Michelle Jones Singer, MD:

  • Dr. Michelle Singer is a seasoned cosmetic surgeon in Indianapolis, renowned for patient-focused care.
  • Michelle Jones Singer, MD caters to a wide spectrum of cosmetic surgery and gynecological needs.
  • The practice is distinguished by Dr. Singer’s 20+ years of healthcare experience and a reputation for high patient satisfaction.

Learn more about Dr. Michelle Singer, the #7 Best Plastic Surgeon in Indianapolis, based on 123 Google Reviews, as of January 05, 2024.

8. Christopher Jones MD: 122 Google Reviews

Dr. Christopher Jones

Dr. Christopher Jones is a prominent figure in the realm of plastic surgery, offering a range of comprehensive services at his practice, Christopher Jones MD, located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Spearheaded by a surgeon with extensive expertise in the field, his clinic is a one-stop destination for those seeking to enhance their appearance through plastic surgery. 

Dr. Jones provides an array of specialized procedures tailored to meet the individual needs and expectations of his patients, ensuring that each person receives personalized care and attention.

The choice to undergo plastic surgery is a significant one, and selecting the right surgeon is paramount. Dr. Jones is not only known for his professional skills but also for his compassionate approach, which resonates well with his clientele. 

Prospective patients typically seek out a practitioner with a vast array of surgical capabilities alongside a trustworthy and welcoming demeanor which is precisely what one would find at this clinic. Reviews and ratings from past patients often highlight Dr. Jones’s ability to combine technical proficiency with a warm patient-doctor relationship.

Key Takeaways of Dr. Christopher Jones and Christopher Jones MD:

  • Dr. Jones offers expertise in personalized plastic surgery services in Indianapolis.
  • Choosing Dr. Jones for plastic surgery needs compassionate and professional care.
  • Patient reviews reflect the quality and satisfaction with Dr. Jones’s surgery results.

Learn more about Dr. Christopher Jones, the #8 Best Plastic Surgeon in Indianapolis, based on 122 Google Reviews, as of January 05, 2024.

9. Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery: 80 Google Reviews

Dr. Gregory Chernoff

Dr. Gregory Chernoff has established a reputable position in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery, particularly in Indianapolis, Indiana. With a career spanning over three decades, he combines extensive experience with advanced techniques to help patients achieve their desired aesthetic outcomes. 

His practice, Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery, is known for offering a comprehensive range of both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient.

Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery stands out in the Midwest not just for the breadth of services offered, but also for the personalized care and expertise at its core. The practice takes pride in maintaining high standards of patient safety and satisfaction, an ethos that Dr. Chernoff himself endorses and reflects in his work. His specialized knowledge in facial and body rejuvenation has not just won him a loyal patient base, but also recognition within the medical community.

Key Takeaways of Dr. Gregory Chernoff and Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery:

  • Dr. Chernoff brings over 30 years of plastic surgery experience.
  • Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery provides individualized treatments in Indianapolis.
  • The clinic offers an array of advanced cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

Learn more about Dr. Gregory Chernoff, the #9 Best Plastic Surgeon in Indianapolis, based on 80 Google Reviews, as of January 05, 2024.

10. Emily Hrisomalos MD, Facial Plastic Surgery: 63 Google Reviews

Dr. Emily Hrisomalos

Dr. Emily Hrisomalos is a distinguished practitioner in the field of facial plastic surgery with a thriving practice located in the heart of Indianapolis, Indiana. As a double board-certified surgeon, she brings a depth of expertise and precision to her work, which includes both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. 

Patients seeking improvements and solutions for the face and neck will find that Dr. Hrisomalos’s comprehensive training and dedicated approach to surgical excellence offer a pathway to aesthetically pleasing and functionally restorative results.

In an industry where experience and specialized knowledge count, Dr. Hrisomalos’s background and years of experience make her a trusted choice for those considering facial surgery. To ensure the best possible outcomes for her patients, she employs a philosophy that integrates a keen understanding of facial anatomy with personalized care. 

This approach is evident not only in the surgical results she achieves but also in the positive experiences reported by her patients, who attest to the caring environment and professionalism found at her clinic.

Key Takeaways of Dr. Emily Hrisomalos and Emily Hrisomalos MD, Facial Plastic Surgery:

  • Dr. Emily Hrisomalos is a highly skilled facial plastic surgeon in Indianapolis.
  • Her practice emphasizes personalized patient care and surgical precision.
  • Prospective patients can expect a professional and supportive experience.

Learn more about Dr. Emily Hrisomalos, the #10 Best Plastic Surgeon in Indianapolis, based on 63 Google Reviews, as of January 05, 2024.

Recap of the Top 10 Ranked Plastic Surgeons in Indianapolis, Indiana

  1. Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery
    -Dr. Mark M. Hamilton
  2. Robey Plastic Surgery
    -Dr. Ashley Robey
  3. SHarper Plastic Surgery
    -Dr. Stanley Harper
  4. My Plastic Surgery Group
    -Dr. John Aker
  5. Turkle & Associates
    -Dr. Janet Turkle
  6. Zormeier Cosmetic Surgery & Longevity Center
    -Dr. Michele Zormeier
  7. Michelle Jones Singer, MD
    -Dr. Michelle Singer
  8. Christopher Jones MD
    -Dr. Christopher Jones
  9. Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery
    -Dr. Gregory Chernoff
  10. Emily Hrisomalos MD, Facial Plastic Surgery
    Dr. Emily Hrisomalos
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